Then of His love, in all its breadth and length, Its height and depth, its everlasting strength, My soul shall sing.




HOLINESS AND CONSECRATION. 1126 Jesus, Master, have mercy on us.

Luke 17. 13.

JESUS, meek and gentle ,
Pitying, loving Saviour,

Hear Thy children's cry!
2 Pardon our offences,

Loose our captive chains,
Break down every idol

Which our soul detains.
3 Give us holy freedom,

Fill our hearts with love,
Draw us, holy Jesus,

To the realms above.
4 Lead us on our journey,

Be Thyself the Way
Through terrestial darkness

To celestial day.
5 Jesus, meek and gentle,

Son of God most high,
Pitying, loving Saviour,
Hear Thy children's cry!

G. R. PRINXE. 1856.

1127 He that avideth in me, and I in him, the

same bringeth forth much fruit.—John 15. 5. 1 il

ONG did I toil, and knew no earthly rest ;

Far did I rove and found no certain home; At last I sought them in His sheltering breast, Who opes His arms, and bids the weary come. With Him I found a home, a rest Divine;

And I since then am His, and He is mine. 2 The good I have is from His store supplied;

The ill is only what He deems the best;
He for my Friend, I'm rich with naught beside;
And poor without Him, though of all possessed.
Changes may come; I take, or I resign:

Content while I am His, while He is mine. 3 Whate'er may change, in Him no change is

seen ;
A glorious sun, that wanes not, nor declines;
Above the clouds and storms He walks serene,
And sweetly on His people's darkness shines.
All may depart; I fret not, nor repine,
While I


am, while Ile is mine. -4 While here, alas ! I know but half His love,

But half discern Him, and but half adore;
But when I meet Him in the realms above,
I hope to love Him better, praise Him more,
And feel and tell, amid the choir Divine,
How fully I am His, and He is mine,

II. F. LYTE. 1839.

L.M. 1128 My heart said unto Thee

, Thy face, Lord, will I scek.-Ps. 27. 8. 1 Y heart, O God, be wholly Thine,

Thce ;

Nor wish to shun the grace Divine,
Which asks this humble gift of me.

2 Oh! take it now, and let Thy love

For evermore within me dwell,
And may Thy Spirit from above

Teach me to serve my Master well. 3 Afar be every thought of sin,

Afar be every wish to stray ;
Let truth and holiness begin

To lead me up the heavenward way. 4 Make this my only aim and care,

To seek Thy praise in all I do ;
To consecrate each act with prayer,

As I my daily work pursue.
5 More like to Thee, my blessed Lord,

I would be, as my days pass by,
With patience, love, and wisdom stored,
Ready to live, and fit to die.

W. J. MATHAMS. 1878.


1129 Unto you who believe

, He is precious.

1 Pet. 2. 7.

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NEED Thee, precious Jesus !

My soul is dark and guilty,

My heart is dead within ;
I need the cleansing fountain,

Where I can always flee,
The blood of Christ most precious,

The sinner's perfect plea. 2 I need Thee, blessèd Jesus,

For I am very poor ;
A stranger and a pilgrim,

I have no earthly store;

I need the love of Jesus

To cheer me on my way,
To guide my doubting footsteps,

To be my strength and stay. 3 I need Thee, blessèd Jesus !

I need a friend like Thee;
A friend to soothe my sorrows,

A friend to care for me;
I need the heart of Jesus

To feel each anxious care,
To tell my every trial,

And all my sorrows share. 4 I need Thee, blessèd Jesus !

And hope to see Thee soon,
Encircled with the rainbow,

And seated on Thy throne:
There, with Thy blood-bought children,

My joy shall ever be,
To sing Thy praise, Lord Jesus,
To gaze, my Lord, on Thee.


148th. 1130 Cast them down at Jesus' feet. —Matt. 15. 30. 1 I BRhe sig y sanantot Toet

The sins I cannot count,
That all may cleansed be

In Thy once opened Fount.
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee,

The burden is too great for me.
2 My heart to Thee I bring,

The heart I cannot read;
A faithless, wandering thing,

An evil heart indeed.
I bring it, Saviour, now to Thee,
That fixed and faithful it may be.

3 To Thee I bring my care,

The care I cannot flee,
Thou wilt not only share,

But bear it all for me.
O loving Saviour, now to Thee

I bring the load that wearies me.
4 I bring my grief to Thee,

The grief I cannot tell ;
No words shall needed be,

Thou knowest all so well.
I bring the sorrow laid on me,

O suffering Saviour, now to Thee.
5 My joys to Thee I bring,

The joys Thy love hath given
That each


be a wing
To lift me nearer heaven.
I bring them, Saviour, all to Thee,

For Thou hast purchased all for me.
6 My life I bring to Thee,

I would not be my own;
O Saviour, let me be

Thine ever, Thine alone.
My heart, my life, my all I bring
To Thee, my Saviour and my King!

F. R. HAVERGAL. 1879.

1131 Whether, therefore

, we live 0; die, we are the


Lord's. -Rom. 14. 8.
1 TESUS! I live to Thee,

The loveliest and best:
My life in Thee, Thy life in me,

In Thy blest love I rest.
2 Jesus! I die to Thee,

Whenever death shall come:


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