To die in Thee is life to me,

In my eternal home.
3 Whether to live or die,

I know not which is best;
To live in Thee is bliss to me,

To die is endless rest.
4 Living or dying, Lord,

I ask but to be Thine:
My life in Thee, Thy life in me,
Makes heaven for ever mine.

H. HARBAUGH. 1860.


I will pay my vows unto the Lord now.

Ps. 116. 18.


1 Y God! accept my heart this day,

And make it always Thine,
That I from Thee no more may stray,

No more from Thee decline.
2 Before the Cross of Him who died

Behold I prostrate fall;
Let every sin be crucified,

And Christ be All in all.

3 On me outpour Thy heavenly grace,

And keep me for Thine own;
That I may see Thy glorious face,

And dwell before Thy throne.
4 Let every thought and work and word

To Thee be ever given;
Then life shall be Thy service, Lord !
And death, the gate of heaven,


S.M. 1133 That Christ may dwell in your hearts by

faith. —Eph. 3. 17.
I GUVE my heart to Thee,

O Jesus most desired!
And heart for heart the gift shall be,

For. Thou my soul hast fired :
Thou hearts alone wouldst move,

Thou only hearts dost love;
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,

O Jesus most desired!
2 What offering can I make,

Dear Lord, to love like Thine ?
That Thou, the Word, didst stoop to take

A human form like mine!
“Give Me thy heart, My son :

Lord, Thou my heart has won ;
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,

0 Jesus most desired!
3 Here finds my heart its rest,

Repose that knows no shock,
The strength of love that keeps it blest

In Thee, the riven Rock:
My soul, as girt around,

Her citadel hath found :
I would love Thee as Thou lov'st me,
O Jesus most desired !


S.M. 1134 This is love, that we walk after His com.

mandments.—2 John 6.
1 BLEShabtaught us this sweet way,

Only to love Thee for Thyself,

And for that love obey.

2 O Thou, our soul's chief hope,

We to Thy mercy fly;
Where'er we are Thou canst protect,

Whate'er we need, supply.
3 Whether we sleep or wake,

To Thee we both resign ;
By night we see, as well as day,

If Thy light on us shine.
4 Whether we live or die,

Both we submit to Thee;
In death we live as well as life,
If Thine in death we be.

J. AUSTIN. 1668.

7s. 1135 Peace through the blood of His cross,

Col. 1. 20.
1 EVER further than Thy cross,

Never higher than Thy feet:
Here earth's precious things seem dross,

Here earth's bitter things grow sweet.
2 Gazing thus, our sin we see,
Learn Thy love while gazing

thus ; Sin, which laid the cross on Thee,

Love, which bore the cross for us. 3 Here we learn to serve and give,

And, rejoicing, self deny;
Here we gather love to live,

Here we gather faith to die. 4 Symbols of our liberty

And our service here unite;
Captives, by Thy cross set free,

Soldiers of Thy cross, we fight. 5 Pressing onwards as we can,

Still to this our hearts must tend;


Where our earliest hopes began,

There our last aspirings end.
6 Till amid the hosts of light

We in Thee redeemed complete,
Through Thy cross made pure and white,
Cast our crowns before Thy feet.

MRS. E. CHARLES. 1865.

1136 Leaning on Jesus bosom.—John 13. 23.
1 THO, as Thou, makes blest,

Jesus, sweetest rest!
Choicest good, all good outvying,
Life of sinners lost and dying,

And their light so blest,

Jesus, sweetest rest!
2 Life, that tasted death

In this world beneath,
Me from dying to deliver,
Of new life to be the giver,

Life in God by faith,

Life that knows no death.
3 Light ordained for man

Ere the world began,
Then, in flesh the glory veiling,
Thou didst shine the light unfailing ;

Brightness none may scan,

Light revealed to man.
4 Leader of Thine host,

I Thy triumphs boast,
Over sin, death, hell, victorious,
Thou hast won salvation glorious,

Thine own blood the cost,
Leader of Thine host.


5 Prophet, Priest, and King,

I my homage bring,
Let Thy loving-kindness reach me;
Place me at Thy feet and teach me;

Lowly praise I sing,

Prophet, Priest, and King. 6 Let Thy grace be shown,

Take me for Thine own,
Make me see and feel Thy glory;
Let my heart burn with the story

Of Thy love alone;

Make me all Thine own. 7 Keep me near Thy side,

Free from wrath and pride ; Stamp Thy lowliness and meekness On my heart, that in weakness,

Meek, I

IIumble at Thy side. 8 Thy good Spirit give,

In Him let me live;
Ever watching, ever praying,
Joyful in Thy presence staying,

Love unfeignèd give,

In it let me live.
9 When in troubles' night,

Surging in their might,
Stormy waves are o’er me rolling,
Let Thy hand, the storm controlling,

Lead me forth to light,
Out of troubles' night.
Make me true and bold,

Firm Thy name to hold;
For Thee yield my life or treasure,
To Thy will give up my pleasure ;

may abide,


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