2 Sun of our life, Thy quickening ray

Sheds on our path the glow of day;
Star of our hope, Thy softened light

Cheers the long watches of the night.
3 Our midnight is Thy smile withdrawn;

Our noontide is Thy gracious dawn;
Our rainbow arch, Thy mercy's sign:

All, save the clouds of sin, are Thine ! 4 Lord of all life, below, above,

Whose light is truth, whose warmth is love,
Before Thy ever-blazing throne

We ask no lustre of our own.
5 Grant us Thy truth to make us free,

And kindling hearts that burn for Thee,
Till all Thy loving altars claim
One holy light, one heavenly flame!

0. W. HOLMES. 1849.

Ps. 97. 1.

P.M. 1012 The Lord reigneth ; let the earth rejoice. 1 ņHE strain upraise of joy and praise, HalleTHE

To the glory of their King [lujah, Shall the ransomed people sing Hallelujah! 2 And the choirs that dwell on high

Shall re-echo through the sky Hallelujah. 3 They in the rest of Paradise who dwell, The blessed ones, with joy the chorus swell,

Hallelujah. 4 The planets beaming on their heavenly way The shining constellations join, and say Halle

lujah. 5 Ye clouds that onward sweep,

Ye winds on pinions light,

Ye thunders echoing loud and deep,
Ye lightnings wildly bright,

In sweet consent unite your Hallelujah. 6 Ye floods and ocean billows,

Ye storms and winter snow,
Ye days of cloudless beauty,
Hoar frost and summer glow,
Ye groves that wave in spring,

And glorious forests, sing Hallelujah. 7 First let the birds with painted plumage gay, Exalt their great Creator's praise and say

Hallelujah. 8 Then let the beasts of earth with varying strain,

[lujah. Join in creation's hymn, and cry again Halle9 Here let the mountains thunder forth sonorous Hallelujah.

(Hallelujah There let the valleys sing in gentler chorus 10 Thou jubilant abyss of ocean, cry Hallelujah. Ye tracts of earth and continents, reply

Hallelujah. 11 To God, who all creation made,

The frequent hymn be duly paid : Hallelujah. 12 This is the strain, the eternal strain, the

Lord Almighty loves : Hallelujah.
This is the song, the heavenly song, that

Christ the King approves : Hallelujah. 13 Wherefore we sing, both heart and voice

awaking, Hallelujah. And children's voices echo, answer making,

Hallelujah. 14 Now from all men be outpoured

Hallelujah to the Lord :

With Hallelujah evermore
The Son and Spirit we adore.
Praise be done to the Three in One, [Amen.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah ! Hallelujah!

TR. BY J. M. NEALE. 1851.


1013 Opraise the Lord, all ye nations.

Ps. 117. 1.
LL ye nations, praise the Lord,

All ye lands, your voices raise ;
Heaven and earth, with loud accord,

Praise the Lord, for ever praise. 2 For His truth and mercy stand,

Past, and present, and to be,
Like the


of His right hand,
Like His own eternity.
3 Praise Him, ye who know His love;

Praise Him from the depths beneath ;
Praise Him in the heights above;
Praise your Maker, all that breathe.



L.M. 1014 Sing ye praises with understanding.

Ps. 47. 7.
1 CING to the Lord a joyful song,

Lift up your hearts, your voices raise;
To us His gracious gifts belong,
To Him our songs of love and praise.


2 For life and love, for rest and food,

For daily help and nightly care,
Sing to the Lord, for He is good,

And praise His name, for it is fair.
3 For strength to those who on Him wait,

His truth to prove, His will to do,
Praise ye our God, for He is great ;

Trust in His name, for it is true. 4 For joys untold, that daily move

Round those who love His sweet employ,
Sing to our God, for He is love,

Exalt His name, for it is joy.
5 Sing to the Lord of heaven and earth,

Whom angels serve and saints adore,
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
To whom be praise for evermore.

J. S. B. MONSELL. 1862.

C.M. 1015 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord.

Ps. 89. 1.
1 THE mercies of my God and King

My tongue shall still pursue ;
We thank Thee, Lord, that while we sing

Thy love, we share it too.
2 As bright and lasting as the sun,

As lofty as the sky,
From age to age Thy Word shall run,

And chance and change defy.
3 The covenant of the King of kings

Shall stand for ever sure ;
Beneath the shadow of Thy wings

Thy saints repose secure.
4 Thine is the earth, and Thine the skies,

Created at Thy will ;


MY Shepherd is the living Lord ;


The waves at Thy command arise,

At Thy command are still.
5 In earth below, in heaven above,

Who, who is Lord like Thee ?
Oh! spread the Gospel of Thy love
Till all Thy glories see!

H. F. LYTE. 1834.

L.M. 1016

The Lord is my Shepherd ; I shall not want.

Ps. 23. 1. 1 Y

my wants be well supplied ; His providence and holy word

Become my safety and my guide.
2 In pastures where salvation grows

He makes me feed, He makes me rest ;
There living water gently flows,

And all the food divinely blest.
3 My wandering feet His ways mistake,

But He restores my soul to peace,
And leads me, for His mercy's sake,

In the fair paths of righteousness.
4 Though I walk through the gloomy vale,

Where death and all its terrors are,
My heart and hope shall never fail,

For God my Shepherd's with me there. 5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps

Thou art my comfort, Thou my stay ;
Thy staff supports my feeble steps;

Thy rod directs my doubtful way. 6 The sons of earth and sons of hell

Gaze at Thy goodness, and repine
To see my table spread so well
With living bread and cheerful wine.

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