Nor slow to swell the gladness

Of Thy salvation's day,
And tell a world of sadness
Its curse is rolled


1217 There shall come a star ort of Jacob.

Numb. 24. 17.
1 IGHT of the lonely pilgrim's heart,

Arise, and with Thy morning beams

Chase all our griefs away.
2 Come, blessed Lord, bid every

And answering island sing
The praises of Thy royal name,

And own Thee as their King.
3 Bid the whole earth, responsive now

To the bright world above,
Break forth in rapturous strains of joy

In memory of Thy love.
4 Jesus, Thy fair creation groans,

The air, the earth, the sea,
In unison with all our hearts,

And calls aloud for Thee.
5 Thine was the cross, with all its fruit

grace and peace Divine;
Be Thine the crown of glory now,
The palm of victory Thine.

E. DENNY. 1848.

L.M. 1218 L, I am with you alway.—Matt. 28. 20. 1 EAD of the Church and Lord of all,

Hear from Thy throne our suppliant call: We come,


promised grace to seek, Of which, aforetime, Thou didst speak.


2 “Lo, I am with you”—that sweet word,

Lord Jesus, meekly be it heard,
And stamped with all-inspiring power,

On our weak souls, this favoured hour! 3 Without Thy presence, King of saints,

Our purpose fails, our spirit faints;
Thou must our wavering faith renew,

Ere we can yield Thee service true. 4 Thy consecrating might we ask ;

Or vain the toil, unblest the task:
And impotent of fruit will be

Love's holiest effort wrought for Thee. 5 “Lo, I am with you ; even so,

Thy joy our strength we fearless go :
And praise shall crown the suppliant's call,
Head of the Church, and Lord of all!


L.M. 1219 The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit Thou at

My right hand.-Ps. 110. 1.
SCEND Thy throne, almighty King!

And spread Thy glories all abroad;
Let Thine own arm salvation bring,

And be Thou known the gracious God. 2 Let millions bow before Thy seat,

Let humble mourners see Thy face,
Bring daring rebels to Thy feet,

Subdued by Thy victorious grace.
3 Oh! let the kingdoms of the world

Become the kingdoms of the Lord !
Let saints and angels praise Thy name,
Be Thou through heaven and earth adored !

B. BEDDOME. 1810.

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1220 How amiable are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of

Hosts !--Ps. 84. 1.
1 Tow lovely are Thy dwellings, Lord,

From noise and trouble free!
How beautiful the sweet accord

Of souls that pray to Thee!
2 They pass refreshed the thirsty vale,

The dry and barren ground,
As through a verdant, fruitful dale,

Where springs and showers abound.
3 They journey on from strength to strength,

With joy and gladsome cheer;
Till all before our God at length

In Zion do appear.
4 For God the Lord, both sun and shield,

Gives grace and glory bright:
No good from them shall be withheld,
Whose ways are just and right.


L.M. 1221 O come, let us sing unto the Lord.—Ps. 95. 1. 1 O

Loud thanks to our Almighty King, For we our voices high should raise

When our salvation's rock we praise. 2 Into His presence let us haste,

To thank Him for His favours past;
To Him address, in joyful songs,
The praise that to His name belongs.

3 For God, the Lord, enthroned in state,

Is with unrivalled glory great ;
The hills' great strength is in His hand,

He made the sea, He fixed the land. 4 O let us to His courts repair,

And bow with adoration there;
Low on our knees, devoutly all

Before the Lord our Maker fall.
5 For He's our God, our Shepherd He,

The flock of His rich pasture we;
To-day, then, like His flock draw near,
To-day—if you His voice will hear.


1222 come, let us Worship and bow down.

Ps. 95. 6. 1

WORSHIP the Lord in the beauty of

holiness! Bow down before Him, His glory proclaim; With gold of obedience, and incense of lowli


Kneel and adore Him, the Lord is His name ! 2 Low at His feet lay thy burden of carefulness,

High on His heart He will bear it for thee, Comfort thy sorrows and answer thy prayer


Guiding thy steps as may best for thee be. 3 Fear not to enter His courts in the slenderness

Of the poor wealth thou wouldst reckon as

thine. Truth in its beauty, and love in its tenderness,

These are the offerings to lay on His shrine.

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4 These, though we bring them in trembling

and fearfulness, He will accept for the name that is dear, Mornings of joy give for evenings of tearfulness,

(fear. Trust for our trembling, and hope for our 5 ( worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness !

Bow down before Him, His glory proclaim ; With gold of obedience, and incense of lowli

ness, Kneel and adore Him, the Lord is His Name.

J. S. B. MONSELL. 1865. 1223


1 Kings 8. 22—54.
1 THEN the weary, seeking rest,

To Thy goodness flee,
When the heavy-laden cast

All their load on Thee :
When the troubled, seeking peace,

On Thy name shall call;
When the sinner, seeking life,

At Thy feet shall fall :
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,

In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.
2 When the worldling, sick at heart,

Lifts his soul above;
When the prodigal looks back

To his Father's love;
When the proud man from his pride

Stoops to seek Thy face;
When the burdened brings his guilt

To Thy throne of grace;
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the

In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

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