3 Wher the stranger asks a home,

All his toils to end;
When the hungry craveth food,

And the poor a friend;
When the sailor on the wave

Bows the fervent knee;
When the soldier on the field

Lifts his heart to Thee :
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,

In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high. 4 When the man of toil and care

In the city crowd;
When the shepherd on the moor

Names the name of God;
When the learned and the high

Tired of earthly fame,
Now on higher joys intent,

Name the blessed name:
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,

In heaven, Thy, dwelling-place on high. 5 When the child with grave, fresh lip,

Youth or maiden fair :
When the aged, weak and gray,

Seek Thy face in prayer;
When the widow weeps to Thee

Sad and lone and low;
When the orphan brings to Thee

All his orphan woe:
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,
In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.


When creation, in her pangs,

Heaves her heavy groan;
When Thy Salem's exiled sons

Breathe their bitter moan;

When Thy widowed, weeping Church,

Looking for a home,
Sendeth up her silent sigh,

Come, Lord Jesus, come!
Hear then, in love, O Lord, the cry,
In heaven, Thy dwelling-place on high.

H. BONAR. 1878.

[blocks in formation]


1224 It was the preparation

, that is, the day before
the Sabbath.-Mark 15. 42.
1 MHIS the old world's day of rest,
At the great

creation blest,
With what deep Divine repose
Would the first sweet Sabbath close!
Ere the working days of man

With their toils and cares began.
2 Ancient Patriarchs to-night

Rested from each solemn rite,
And when dews on Zion's hill
Told the Temple songs were still,
O how calm this evening fell

On happy hosts of Israel !
3 This the night when deepest gloom

Compassed once a wondrous tomb ;-
Though the place be guarded well
By stone, by seal, by sentinel,
Faith may enter! there He lies !
The Mystery of Mysteries !

4 Piercèd side and wounded brow,

Rest without the torture now;
And beside the winding sheet,
At the Sleeper's head and feet,
Waiting angels have their place,

Gazing on the silent face.
5 Friends in heaven! ye found it so,

Through the night we think of you ;
Of the watch the angels keep
O'er your mortal part asleep;
Of your spirits glorified

Through the risen Christ who died.
6 Oh, to join you! when the woes

Of our week of life shall close;
Lord! let faith and hope be bright,
In this dark transition night;
And then grant us in Thy love
Endless Sabbath kept above.

GEO. RAWSON. 1865.


S.M. 1225 Early in the morning, the first day of the

week.—Mark 16. 2.
1 WEETLY the holy hymn

Breaks on the morning air;
Before the world with smoke is dim

We meet to offer prayer.
2 While flowers are wet with dews,

Dew of our souls, descend;
Ere yet the sun the day renews,

O Lord, Thy Spirit send ! 3 Upon the battle-field,

Before the fight begins,
We seek, O Lord, Thy sheltering shield,

To guard us from our sins.

4 Ere yet our vessel sails

Upon the stream of day,
We plead, O Lord, for heavenly gales

To speed us on our way.
5 On the lone mountain side,

Before the morning's light,
The Man of sorrows wept and cried,

And rose refreshed with might.
6 O hear us, then, for we

weak and frail ;
We make the Saviour's name our plea,
And surely must prevail.

C. H. SPURGEON. 1866.


S.M. 1226

Our feet shall stand within Thy gates.

Ps. 122. 2. 1 YOME at the morning hour, Come, let us kneel and

pray: Prayer is the Christian pilgrim's staff,

To walk with God all day. 2 At noon, beneath the Rock

Of Ages, rest and pray;
Sweet is that shelter

from the sun
In the weary heat of day.
3 At evening, in Thy house,

Around its altar, pray ;
And, finding there the house of God,

With heaven then close the day. 4 When midnight veils our eyes,

Oh, it is sweet to say,
I sleep, but my heart waketh, Lord!
With Thee to watch and pray.


1227 This is the day the Lord hath made, we will

rejoice and be glad in it.-Ps. 118. 24.
DAY of rest and gladness,

O day of joy and light,
O balm of care and sadness,

Most beautiful, most bright;
On thee the high and lowly,

Before the eternal throne,
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy,

To the great Three in One!
2 On thee, at the creation,

The light first had its birth;
On thee for our salvation

Christ rose from depths of earth,
On thee our Lord victorious

The Spirit sent from heaven;
And thus on thee most glorious

A triple light was given.
3 Thou art a port protected

From storms that round us rise;
A garden intersected

With streams of Paradise ;
Thou art a cooling fountain

In life's dry dreary sand;
From thee, like Pisgah's mountain,

We view our promised land.
4 Thou art a holy ladder,

Where angels go and come :
Each Sunday finds us gladder,

Nearer to heaven our home:
A day of sweet refection

Thou art, a day of love ;
A day of resurrection

From earth to things above.

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