3 The God of harvest praise ;
Hands, hearts, and voices raise,

With sweet accord.
From fields to garner throng,
Bearing your sheaves along,
And in



the Lord. JAMES MONTGOMERY. 1853.



1244 Arise, O Lord, into Thy rest ; Thou, and the

ark of Thy strength.-Ps. 132. 8. 1 IGHT up this house with glory, Lord ;

Enter, and claim Thine own;
Receive the homage of our souls,

Erect Thy temple-throne.
2 We rear no altar-Thou hast died;

We deck no priestly shrine;
What need have we of creature aid ?

to save is Thine.
3 We ask no bright shekinah-cloud,

To glorify the place;
Give, Lord, the substance of that sign-

A plenitude of grace.
4 No rushing mighty wind we ask;

No tongues of flame desire;
Grant us the Spirit's quickening light,

His purifying fire.


5 Light up this house with glory, Lord

The glory of that love
Which forms and saves a church below,
And makes a heaven above.

JOHN HARRIS. 1859. 1245 Peace be within thy wals. —Ps. 122. 7. 1 ORD of hosts, to Thee we raise

Here a house of prayer and praise :
Thou Thy people's hearts prepare

Here to meet for praise and prayer. 2 Let Thy children here be fed

With Thy word, the heavenly bread:
Here, with richest mercy blest,

May the weary soul find rest ; 3 Here to Thee a temple stand,

While the sea shall gird the land ;
Here reveal Thy mercy sure,

While the sun and moon endure. 4 Hallelujah!

-earth and sky
To the joyful sound reply:
Hallelujah !-hence ascend
Prayer and praise till time shall end.

JAMES MONTGOMERY. 1853. 1246 That thine eyes may be open toward this

house night and day.1 Kings 8. 29. .
THOU, whose hand has brought us

Unto this joyful day,
Accept our glad thanksgiving

And listen as we pray:
And may our preparation

For this day's service be
With one accord to offer

Ourselves, O Lord, to Thee.

2 For this new house we praise Thee,

Reared by Thine own command,
For every generous bosom,

And every willing hand;
And now within Thy temple

Thy glory let us see;
For all its strength and beauty

Are nothing without Thee.

3 And oft as here we gather,

And hearts in worship blend, May truth reveal its power,

And fervent prayer ascend; Here

may the busy toiler Rise to the things above; The young—the old—be strengthened,

And all men learn Thy love.

4 And as the years roll over,

And strong affections twine
And tender memories gather

About this sacred shrine,
May this, its chief distinction,-

Its glory ever be,
That multitudes within it

Have found their way to Thee.

5 Lord God! our fathers' helper,

Our joy and hope and stay,
Grant now a gracious earnest

Of many a coming day:
Our yearning hearts Thou knowest,

We wait before Thy throne,
O come, and by Thy presence
Make this new house Thine own!

F. W. GOADBY. 1872.

It was

in thine heart to build an house wnto

My name.—1 Kings 8. 18.
I NOT for the things of fleeting times

Not for the knowledge earth can give,
We raise this building, but for truths

That through eternity shall live.
2 Its stones may crumble into dust,

Its place by stranger-feet be trod;
But the high themes within it taught

Shall be immortal like their God.
3 God of all grace and boundless love,

Here bless the word Thyself hast given;
Let thousands here commence the course

That leads to Jesus, peace, and heaven.
4 Here condescend to dwell, and make

This temple Thy peculiar shrine,
And then, while endless ages last,

all the praise and glory Thine,

1248 F

For the Lord hath chosen Zion.-Ps. 132. 13.
UR fathers' Friend and God,



Hear Thou their children, Lord, and Thine!

Be near to us this day.
2 Upon this hallowed spot,

Thy face has often shone;
Thy Word been preached, Thy mercy felt,

Thy will with gladness done. 3 In faith we now renew

Our fathers' Sabbath home,
And with the memories of the past,
Link all the years to come.


4 Grant, Lord, with this new house

New grace our hearts to cheer, New life within, new power without,

God of our fathers, hear! 5 And if our joy to-day

Be touched with secret pain,
And thoughts of missing faces blend

With hymns of gladdest strain, 6 O let the eye of faith

That heavenly temple see,
Where, amidst holier, vaster throngs,
They ever worship Thee.

F. W. GOADBY. 1876.

148th. 1249 This is ... the house of God.—Gen. 28. 17. 1 0

KING of glory, come,

And with Thy favour crown
This temple as Thy dome,

This people as Thy own:
Beneath this roof, O deign to show,

How God can dwell with man below. 2 Here may Thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend

All fragrant to the skies :
Here may Thy word melodious sound

And spread celestial joys around. 3 Here


the attentive throng
Imbibe Thy truth and love,
And converts join the song

Of seraphim above,
And willing crowds surround Thy board,
With sacred joy and sweet accord.

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