4 Here, may our unborn sons

And daughters sound Thy praise,
And shine like polished stones,

Through long succeeding days;
Here, Lord, display Thy saving power,
While temples stand and men adore.




Shew piety at home. - 1 Tim. 5. 4.
1 APPY the home when God is there,

And love fills every
Where one their wish and one their prayer,

And one their heavenly rest.
2 Happy the home where Jesus' name

Is sweet to every ear ;
Where children early lisp His fame,

And parents hold Him dear.
3 Happy the home where prayer is heard,

And praise is wont to rise,
Where parents love the sacred word,

And live but for the skies.
4 Lord ! let us in our homes agree

This blessed peace to gain ;
Unite our hearts in love to Thee,

And love to all will reign.



1251 And God blessed them.-Gen. 1. 28.

1 MHE voice that breathed o'er Eden

That earliest wedding-day,

The primal marriage blessing,

It hath not passed away. 2 Still in the pure espousal

Of Christian man and maid, The Holy Three are with us,

The threefold grace is said ; 3 For dower of blessed children,

For love and faith's sweet sake, For high mysterious union

Which naught on earth may break. 4 Be present, awful Father,

To give away this bride,
As Eve Thou gay'st to Adam

Out of his own pierced side. 5 Be present, gracious Saviour,

To join their loving hands, As Thou didst bind two natures

In Thine eternal bands. 6 Be present, Holiest Spirit,

To bless them as they kneel,
As Thou for Christ the Bridegroom

The heavenly Spouse dost seal.
7 O spread Thy pure wings o'er them,
Let no ill power

find place, When onward to Thy footstool

Their daily path they trace,
8 To cast their crowns before Thee,

In perfect sacrifice;
Till to the home of gladness
With Christ's own Bride they rise.

J. KEBLE. 1857.

1252 He that dwelleth in love, dwelleth in God.

1 John 4. 16. 10 O

LOVE Divine and golden,

Mysterious depth and height!
To Thee the world beholden

Looks up for life and light;
O Love Divine and gentle,

The blesser and the blest!
Beneath Thy care parental

The world lies down in rest.
2 O Love Divine and tender,

That through our homes doth move,
Veiled in the softened splendour

Of holy household love.
A throne without Thy blessing

Were labour without rest,
And cottages possessing

Thy blessedness are blest.
3 God bless these hands united !

God bless these hearts made one!
Unsevered and unblighted

May they through life go on;
Here in earth's home preparing

For the bright home above,
And there for ever sharing
Its joy where “ God is Love."

J. S. B. MONSELL. 1875.




I will rise to give thanks to Thee.

Ps. 119. 62.
NOTHER day begun!

Lord, grant us grace that we,


ath is near,

Before the setting of the sun,

Redeem the time for Thee.
2 Another day of toil!

To Thee we yield our powers ;
And let not sin our conscience soil

Through all the passing hours.
3 Another day of fear !

For watchful is our foe;
And sin is strong, and

And short our time below.
4 Another day of hope !

For Thou art with us still ;
And Thine Almighty strength can cope

With all who seek our ill.
5 Another day of grace

To help us on our way!
One step towards the resting-place-
The eternal Sabbath-day.

J. ELLERTON. 1870.

1254 The things which are not seen are eternal.


2 Cor. 4. 18.
1 THE roseate hues of early dawn,


The crimson of the sunset sky,

How fast they fade away ;
O for the pearly gates of heaven,

O for the golden floor;
O for the Sun of Righteousness,

That setteth nevermore!
2 The highest hopes we cherish here,

How fast they tire and faint !
How many a spot defiles the robe

That wraps an earthly saint !

O for a heart that never sins,

O for a soul washed white !
O for a voice to praise our King,

Nor weary, day or night!
3 Here faith is ours, and heavenly hope

And grace to lead us higher;
But there are perfectness and peace

Beyond our best desire.
O by Thy love and anguish, Lord;

O by Thy life laid down;
O that we fall not from Thy grace,
Nor cast away our crown!


1255 ble that keepeth thee, will not slumber.

Ps. 121. 3.

1 MHE radiant morn hath passed away,


The shadows of departing day

Creep on once more.
2 Our life is but a fading dawn;

Its glorious noon how quickly past!
Lead us, O Christ! when all is gone,

Safe home at last.
3 O by Thy soul-inspiring grace,

Uplift our hearts to realms on high,
Help us to look to that bright place

Beyond the sky;
4 Where light and life and joy and peace

In undivided empire reign,
And thronging angels never cease

Their deathless strain.

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