5 Where saints are clothed in spotless white

And evening shadows never fall;
Where Thou, eternal Light of light,
Art Lord of all!

G. THRING. 1866. 1256 The offering of the evening sacrifice.

1 Kings 18. 36. 1 How calmly the evening once more is de

As kind as a promise, as still as a prayer; O wing of the Lord, in Thy shelter befriending,

May we and our household continue to share! 2 The sky, like the Kingdom of heaven, is open;

O enter, my soul, at the glorious gates ; The silence and smile of His love are the token,

Who now for all comers invitingly waits. 3 We come to be soothed with His merciful healing,

[the day; The dews of the night cure the wounds of We come, our life's worth and its brevity feeling,

(pray. With thanks for the past; for the future we 4 Lord, save us from folly ; be with us in sorrow;

Sustain us in work till the time of our rest; When earth's day is over, may heaven's to

[possest. Dawn on us, with homes, long expected,

T. T. LYNCH. 1856.


1257 At evening time it shall be light.

Zech. 14. 7.
1 ņHE sun is sinking fast,

Let love awake, and pay

Her evening sacrifice
2 As Christ upon the Cross

In death reclined,
Into His Father's hands

His parting soul resigned,
3 So now herself


soul Would wholly give Into His sacred charge

In whom all spirits live;
4 So now beneath His eye

Would calmly rest,
Without a wish or thought

Abiding in the breast,
5 Save that His will be done

Whate'er betide;
Dead to herself, and dead

In Him to all beside.
6 Thus would I live; yet now

Not I, but He
In all His power and love

Henceforth alive in me.
7 One sacred Trinity!

One Lord Divine!
Myself for ever His,
And He for ever mine!

TR. BY E. CASWALL. 1849.

I will both lay me down in peace .

Ps. 4. 8. 1 MHOU who hast known the careworn breast,

The weary need of sleep's deep balm,
Come, Saviour, ere we go to rest,
And breathe around Thy perfect calm.


2 Thy presence gives us childlike trust,

Gladness and hope without alloy ;
The faith that triumphs o'er the dust,

And gleamings of eternal joy.
3 Stand in our midst, dear Lord, and say,

“ Peace be to you, this evening hour; Then all the struggles of the day

Vanish before Thy loving power. 4 Blest is the pilgrimage to heaven,

A little nearer every night:
Christ, to our earthly darkness given,
Till in His glory there is light.

G. RAW sox. 1864.

10s. 1259 Thou makese the outgoings of the

evening to rejoice. —Ps. 65. 8. 1 MHE day is gently sinking to a close, [glows;

O brightness of Thy Father's glory, Thou Eternal Light of light, be with us now; Where Thou art present darkness cannot be;

Midnight is glorious noon, O Lord, with Thee. 2 Our changeful lives are ebbing to an end,

Onward to darkness and to death we tend;
O Conqueror of the grave, be Thou our guide,
Be Thou our light in death's dark eventide,
Then in our mortal hour will be no gloom,

No sting in death, no terror in the tomb. 3 Thou who, in darkness, walking didst appear

Upon the waves, and Thy disciples cheer,
Come, Lord, in lonesome days when storms

And earthly hopes and human succours fail;
When all is dark, may we behold Thee nigh,
And hear Thy voice" Fear not, for it is I!”

4 The weary world is mouldering to decay,

Its glories wane, its pageants fade away;
In that last sunset, when the stars shall fall,
May we arise awakened by Thy call
With Thee, O Lord, for eyer to abide
In that blest day which has no eventide.


BISHOP OF LINCOLN. 1865. 1260 The night also is Thine. —Ps. 74. 16.

1 NHE day is past and over :



Thee now that sinless
The hours of dark may be.
O Jesus, keep us in Thy sight,

And guard us through the coming night! 2 The joys of day are over :

We lift our hearts to Thee,
And ask Thee that offenceless

The hours of dark may be.

Jesus, keep us in Thy sight,
And guard us though the coming night!
3 The toils of day are over :

We raise the hymn to Thee;
And ask that free from peril
The hours of dark


be. O Jesus, keep us in Thy sight,

And guard us through the coming night! 4 Be Thou our soul's

O God, for Thou dost know
How many are the perils

Through which we have to go.
O loving Jesus, hear our call,
And guard and save us from them all!

TR, BY J. M. NEALE. 1862.


is all its care,

7.6. 1261 I will lay me down in peace and sleep.

Ps. 4. 8.
1 DENEATH Thy wings, Lord Jesus,

We lay us down to rest,
For in their blessed shadow,

No foe will dare molest.
The evening clouds have gathered,

There is no ray of light,
O Jesus, be our shelter,

And keep us through the night.
2 The toil of day is over,

And in Thee calmly trusting,

We lift our evening prayer.
If we from Thee have fallen

By any act of sin,
O Jesus, now restore us,

And make us pure and clean.
3 From bitter pangs of conscience,

In mercy give release,
Then our poor weary spirits

Shall rest in perfect peace;
And when the morning dawneth,

If such Thy will should be,
O Jesus, be our shelter,

And keep us close to Thee.
4 And as the last night cometh,

And life's short day shall end;
We'll fall asleep in Thee, Lord,

The sinner's only Friend;
And at the throne of judgment,

Where each must take his place,
O Jesus, be our shelter,
Now save us by Thy grace.

W. J. MATHAMS. 1880.

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