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1262 Thou makest the outgoings of the morning

and evening to rejoice. - Ps. 65. 8. 1

The heat and burden of the toilsome day, Be with me also in the silent night,

Be with me when the daylight fades away. 2 O speak a word of blessing, gracious Lord,

Thy blessing is endued with soothing power ; On the poor heart worn out with toil, Thy word

Falls soft and gentle as the evening shower. 3 How sad and cold, if Thou be absent, Lord,

The evening leaves me, and my heart how dead! But if Thy presence grace my humble board,

I seem with heavenly manna to be fed ; 4 Fraught with rich blessing, breathing sweet

repose, The calm of evening settles on my breast; If Thou be with me when


labours close, No more is needed to complete my rest. 5 Come, then, O Lord, and deign to be my guest,

After the day's confusion, toil, and din;
O come to bring me peace, and joy, and rest,

To give salvation, and to pardon sin ! 6 Bind up the wounds, assuage the aching smart

Left in my bosom from the day just past, And let me on a Father's loving heart Forget my griefs, and find sweet rest at last.

c. J. P. SPITTA. 1843.




1263 I am the Good Shepherd. --John 10. 14. 1 (HEPHERD of tender youth,

Guiding, in love and truth,
Through devious ways;
Christ, our triumphant King,
We come Thy name to sing,
And here our children bring,

To shout Thy praise.
2 Thou art our Holy Lord,
The all-subduing Word,

Healer of strife :
Thou didst Thyself abase,
That from sin's deep disgrace
Thou mightest save our race,

And give us life.
3 () wisdom's Great High Priest,
Thou hast prepared the feast

Of holy love;
And in our mortal pain,
None calls on Thee in vain ;
Help Thou dost not refrain-

Help from above.
4 Be ever near our side,
Our Shepherd and our Guide,

Our staff and song:
Jesus, Thou Christ of God,
By Thy perennial word,
Lead us where Thou hast trod;

Make our faith strong.

5 So now, and till we die,
Sound we Thy praises high,

And joyful sing.
Infants, and the glad throng
Who to Thy Church belong,
Unite, and swell the

To Christ our King.



1264 He shall feed His flock like a shepherd.

ESUS is our Shepherd,

Isa. 40. 11.


Folded in His bosom,

What have we to fear ?
Only let us follow

Whither He doth lead,
To the thirsty desert,

Or the dewy mead.
2 Jesus is our Shepherd ;

Well we know His voice,
How its gentlest whisper

Makes our heart rejoice!
Even when He chideth,

Tender is His tone :
None but He shall guide us;

We are His alone.
3 Jesus is our Shepherd;

For the sheep He bled ;
Every lamb is sprinkled

With the blood He shed;
Then on each He setteth

His own secret sign-
“They that have My Spirit,

These," saith He, are Mine,"

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4 Jesus is our Shepherd;

Guarded by His arm,
Though the wolves may raven,

None can do us harm;
When we tread death’s valley

Dark with fearful gloom,
We will fear no evil,
Victors o'er the tomb.


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FAIR waved the

golden corn

S.M. 1265 In the day of the first fruits ; bring a

new meat offering unto the Lord. --Numb. 28. 26.

waved the

In Canaan's pleasant land,
When full of joy, some shining morn,

Went forth the reaper-band.

To God, so good and great,

Their cheerful thanks they pour,
Then carry to His temple-gate

The choicest of their store.
3 For thus the holy word,

Spoken by Moses, ran-
“ The first ripe ears are for the Lord,

The rest He gives to man.” 4 Like Israel, Lord, we give

Our earliest fruits to Thee,
And pray that, long as we shall live,

We may Thy children be.
5 Thine is our youthful prime,

And life and all its powers;
Be with us in our morning time,

And bless our evening hours.

6 In wisdom let us grow

As years and strength are given,
That we may serve Thy Church below,
And join Thy saints in heaven.

J. H. GURNEY. 1838.

1266 I am the way, the Truth, and the Life.


John 14. 6.

LIGHT, whose beams illumine all

From twilight dawn to perfect day,
Shine Thou before the shadows fall
That lead our wandering feet astray:
At morn and eve Thy radiance pour,

That youth may love, and age adore. 2 O Way, through whom our souls draw near

To yon eternal home of peace,
Where perfect love shall cast out fear,
And earth's vain toil and wandering cease;
In strength or weakness may we see

Our heavenward path, O Lord, through Thee. 3 () Truth, before whose throne we bow,

Thou priceless pearl for all who seek,
To Thee our earliest strength we vow,
Thy love will bless the pure and meek;
When dreams or mist beguile our sight,

Turn Thou our darkness into light. 4 O Life, the well that ever flows

To slake the thirst of those who faint,
Thy power to bless what seraph knows ?
Thy joy supreme what words can paint ?
In earth's last hour of fleeting breath
Re Thou our Conqueror over death.

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