5 O Light, О Way, 0 Truth, O Life,

O Jesus, born mankind to save,
Give Thou Thy peace in deadliest strife,
Shed Thou Thy calm on stormiest wave;
Be Thou our hope, our joy, our dread,
Lord of the living and the dead!

E. H. PLUMPTRE, 1868.


7.6. 1267 Love is of God. –1 John 4. 7. 1 OW dearly

And this poor world of ours,
To spread blue skies above us,

And deck the earth with flowers !
There's not a weed so lowly,

Nor bird that cleaves the air,
But tells, in accents holy,

His kindness and His care.
2 He bids the sun to warm us,

And light the path we tread;
At night, lest aught should harm us,

He guards our welcome bed;
He gives our needful clothing,

And sends our daily food;
His love denies us nothing

His wisdom deemeth good.
3 The Bible, too, He sends us,

That tells how Jesus came,
Whose word can save and cleanse us

From guilt and sin and shame.

God's mercies moye us
To serve Him with our powers !
For, O how He must love us,
And this poor world of ours

s. W. PARTRIDGE. 1811.

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1268 The holy scriptures

, which are able to make

thee wise unto salvation.—2 Tim. 3. 15.

E love the good old Bible,



The lamp for those who travel

O’er all life's dreary road;
The watchword in life's battle,

The chart on life's dark sea ;
The beautiful, dear Bible,

It shall our teacher be.
2 Who would not love the Bible,

So beautiful and wise ?
Its teachings charm the simple,

And all point to the skies;
Its stories all so mighty,

Of men, so brave to see :
The beautiful, dear Bible,

It shall our teacher be.
3 But most we love the Bible,

For there we children learn
How Christ for us became a child,

Our hearts to Him to turn;
And how He bowed to sorrow,

That we His face might see;
The Bible, yes, the Bible,
It shall our teacher be.

1269 There shall come a star out of Jacob.

Numb. 24. 17.
1 NHE star of morn has risen :

O Lord, to Thee we pray;
O uncreated Light of light,

Guide Thou our way.

Sinless be tongue and hand,

And innocent the mind;
Let simple truth be on our lips,

Our hearts be kind.
3 Let not the flesh prevail,

But all be ruled by good; The gift of temperance bestow

In drink and food. 4

As the swift day rolls on,

Still, Lord, our guardian be; And keep the portals of our hearts

From evil free.
5 Grant that our daily toil

May to Thy glory tend;
And as our hours begin with Thee,
So may they end.


There was no room for them in the inn.

Luke 2. 7.


O room for Thee, dear Jesus


No friendly roof to cover

Thy gentle lowly birth;
Was this the world's reception

Of its Redeemer King,
Who left His throne in heaven

Eternal life to bring ?
2 No room for Thee, dear Jesus—

Nor for Thy mother poor,
No love to bid Thee welcome,

wide the door;

But in a manger-cradle,

Where once the cattle fed,
On Thy first day of sorrow,

Did rest Thy little head.
3 No room for Thee, dear Jesus-

Throughout Thy loving life;
No kindly hand to cheer Thee,

Nor help Thee in the strife;
Alone in God's own armour,

Thou didst maintain the fight,
Didst nobly scorn the shameful,

And didst uphold the right.
4 No room for Thee, dear Jesus-

And so Thy Cross was made;
Men would not love Thy beauty,

So death was on Thee laid :
Room, room they had for evil,

Where it might freely be,
But oh! Thou loving Saviour,

They had no room for Thee.
5 No room for Thee, dear Jesus—

This shall not now be true,
My heart doth bid Thee welcome,

Its portals enter through;
Though all the world despise Thee,

If Thou wilt only come,
With joy beyond expression,
I'll find for Thee a home.



1271 God be merciful unto us and bless us.

Ps. 67. 1.
I NOD bless our native land:

May Thy protecting hand

Still guard our shore !
May peace her power extend,
Foe be transformed to friend,
And Britain's rights depend

On war no more!
2 O Lord, our monarch bless
With strength and righteousness;

Long may she reign!
Her heart inspire and move
With wisdom from above;
And in a nation's love

Her throne maintain.
3 May just and righteous laws
Uphold the public cause,

And bless our isle!
Home of the brave and free,
Thou land of liberty,
May Heaven ne'er cease on thee

With love to smile!
4 Nor on this land alone;
But be God's mercies known

From shore to shore !
And may the nations see
That men should brothers be,
And form one family
The wide world o'er.


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