7 How I rejoice when on my head

Thy Spirit condescends to rest ! 'Tis a divine anointing shed

Like oil of gladness at a feast. 8 Surely the mercies of the Lord

Attend His household all their days;
There will I dwell to hear His word,
To seek His face and sing His praise.


1017 He shall feed #tis flock like a Shepherd.

Isa. 40. 11.
1 MHE King of love my Shepherd is,

I nothing lack if I am His,

And He is mine, for ever.
2 Where streams of living waters flow

My ransomed soul He leadeth,
And, where the verdant pastures grow,

With food celestial feedeth.
3 Perverse and foolish oft I strayed,

But yet in love He sought me,
And on His shoulder gently laid,

And home, rejoicing, brought me.
4 In death's dark vale I fear no ill

With Thee, dear Lord, beside me;
Thy rod and staff my comfort still,

Thy Cross before to guide me.
5 And so through all the length of days

Thy goodness faileth never ;
Good Shepherd, may I sing Thy praise
Within Thy house for ever!

SIR H. W. BAKER. 1868.

1018 The Lord is my Shepherd ; I shall not want.

112th. The Lord is

; I ,

Ps. 23. 1.
1 THE Lord my pasture shall prepare,

a ,

His presence shall my wants supply,
And guard me with a watchful eye ;
My noonday walks He shall attend,

And all my midnight hours defend. 2 When in the sultry glebe I faint,

Or on the thirsty mountain pant,
To fertile vales and dewy meads
My weary, wandering steps He leads,
Where peaceful rivers, soft and slow,

Amid the verdant landscape flow.
3 Though in a bare and rugged way,

Through devious, lonely wilds I stray,
Thy presence shall my pains beguile;
The barren wilderness shall smile
With sudden green and herbage crowned ;

And streams shall murmur all around. 4 Though in the paths of death I tread

With gloomy horrors overspread,
My steadfast heart shall fear no ill,
For Thou, O Lord, art with me still ;
Thy friendly hand shall give me aid,
And guide me through the dreadful shade.


1019 I will sing of mercy and judgment ; unto

Thee, O Lord, will I sing.—Ps. 101. 1.
shall be of

mercy ;


Who all my life hast hid me

Beneath Thy sheltering wing ;

Who still, in love most patient,

This mortal journey through,
Hast followed me with goodness,

And blessings ever new.
2 My song shall be of judgment :

All-wise and holy God!
Thou makest all Thy children

pass beneath Thy rod;
Thou scourgest whom Thou lovest,

Yet, oh! my soul shall tell
That when Thy stroke is sorest

Thou doest all things well.
3 My song shall be of mercy :

Come, ye who love the Lord,
Who know that He is gracious,

Who trust His faithful Word!
Tell out His works with gladness,

With me exalt His name,
Whose love endures for ever,

To endless years the same.
4 My song shall be of judgment:

Ye who His chastenings feel,
Oh! faint not nor be weary,
He wounds that He


heal !
Yea, bless the hand that smiteth,

And in your grief confess
That all His ways are wisdom,
And truth, and righteousness!

H. DOWNTON. 1845.

Ps. 147. 1.
TE servants of the Almighty King,

In every age His praises sing,
Where'er the sun shall rise or set,
The nations shall His praise repeat.

1020 It is good to sing praises unto our God.


2 Sun of our life, Thy quickening ray

Sheds on our path the glow of day;
Star of our hope, Thy softened light

Cheers the long watches of the night.
3 Our midnight is Thy smile withdrawn;

Our noontide is Thy gracious dawn;
Our rainbow arch, Thy mercy's sign:

All, save the clouds of sin, are Thine! 4 Lord of all life, below, above,

Whose light is truth, whose warmth is love,
Before Thy ever-blazing throne

We ask no lustre of our own.
5 Grant us Thy truth to make us free,

And kindling hearts that burn for Thee,
Till all Thy loving altars claim
One holy light, one heavenly flame !

0. W. HOLMES. 1849.


1012 The Lord reigneth ; let the earth rejoice.

Ps. 97. 1. 1 THE strain upraise of joy and praise, HalleTHE.stmenghory of their King

[lujah, Shall the ransomed people sing Hallelujah ! 2 And the choirs that dwell on high

Shall re-echo through the sky Hallelujah. 3 They in the rest of Paradise who dwell, The blessed ones, with joy the chorus' swell,

Hallelujah. 4 The planets beaming on their heavenly way The shining constellations join, and say Halle

lujah. 5 Ye clouds that onward sweep,

Ye winds on pinions light,

Ye groy

Ye thunders echoing loud and deep,
Ye lightnings wildly bright,

In sweet consent unite your Hallelujah. 6 Ye floods and ocean billows,

Ye storms and winter snow,
Ye days of cloudless beauty,
Hoar frost and summer glow,

that wave in spring, And glorious forests, sing Hallelujah. 7 First let the birds with painted plumage gay, Exalt their great Creator's praise and say

Hallelujah. 8 Then let the beasts of earth with varying strain,

[lujah. Join in creation's hymn, and cry again Halle9 Here let the mountains thunder forth sonorous Hallelujah.

(Hallelujah There let the valleys sing in gentler chorus 10 Thou jubilant abyss of ocean, cry Hallelujah. Ye tracts of earth and continents, reply

Hallelujah. 11 To God, who all creation made,

The frequent hymn be duly paid : Hallelujah. 12 This is the strain, the eternal strain, the

Lord Almighty loves : Hallelujah.
This is the song, the heavenly song, that

Christ the King approves : Hallelujah. 13 Wherefore we sing, both heart and voice

awaking, Hallelujah. And children's voices echo, answer making,

Hallelujah. 14 Now from all men be outpoured

Hallelujah to the Lord :

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