The life and correspondence of Henry John Temple, viscount Palmerston, Volum 1


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Side 411 - That her Majesty's Ministers do not sufficiently possess the confidence of the House of Commons to enable "them to carry through the House measures which they deem of essential importance to the public welfare ; and that their continuance in office under such circumstances is at variance with the spirit of the Constitution.
Side 229 - We spent them not in toys, or lust, or wine, But search of deep philosophy, Wit, eloquence, and poesy ; Arts which I loved ; for they, my friend, were thine.
Side 410 - President] should understand this, and that the British nation will never permit a British subject to be dealt with as the people of New York propose to deal with McLeod, without taking a signal revenge upon the offenders. McLeod's execution would produce war; war immediate and frightful in its character, because it would be a war of retaliation and vengeance.
Side 183 - Irish affairs have gone on from bad to worse ever since the summer. The Clare election began a new era, and was an epoch in the history of Ireland. O'Connell did not at first mean to stand himself, but no eligible Protestant candidate could be found ; and as all the landholders, with scarcely an exception, were for Fitzgerald, nothing perhaps but the influence of O'Connell as a candidate could have carried the point. The event was dramatic and somewhat sublime. The Prime Minister of England tells...
Side 363 - Turkish empire, if we can procure for it ten years of peace under the joint protection of the five Powers, and if those years are profitably employed in...
Side 47 - That part of the island we had landed on was a narrow ridge, not above musket-shot across, bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by a creek, extending upwards of a mile inland, and nearly communicating with the sea at its head.
Side 67 - Captain and you are also to observe and follow such Orders and Directions as you shall from time to time receive from...
Side 176 - To have been one of the humble instruments, in the hands of Divine Providence, for bringing to reason a ferocious government, and destroying forever the insufferable and horrid system of Christian slavery, can never cease to be a source of delight and heartfelt comfort to every individual happy enough to be employed in it.
Side 6 - I can assure you gave me no small pleasure. Mr. Gaetano, if you remember him, desires to be remembered to you. I can assure you I have by no means left off my Italian, but keep it up every holidays with Mr. Gaetano, who has published a new Italian grammar, which has been very much approved of here in England. I cannot agree with you about marriage, though I should be by no means precipitate about my choice.* Willy is come to Harrow, and sends his love to you.
Side 124 - Tories, and agree ivith them much more ; but still we, the Canningites, if we may be so termed, did not join their government, but they came and joined ours; and whatever regard we may feel for them, we have not enlisted with them, so as to be bound to follow their fate and fortunes, or to make their retention a condition of our remaining; and, indeed, if we had all gone out, I should certainly not have sat with them in the House of Commons, but should have taken an independent and separate position.

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