Nature, Volum 13

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1876

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Side 236 - From the evidence it would appear that the submergence took place at the end of the fourteenth or the beginning of the fifteenth century.
Side 60 - XVIII. The Nature of Light: With a General Account of Physical Optics.
Side 2 - The Abode of Snow : Observations on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, through the Upper Valleys of the Himalaya. New Edition.
Side 63 - It has often been vaguely asserted that plants are distinguished from animals by not having the power of movement. It should rather be said that plants acquire and display this power only when it is of some advantage to them...
Side 251 - This reasoning applies word for word to the development of Bacteria from that floating matter which the electric beam reveals in the air, and in the absence of which no Bacterial life has been generated. There seems no flaw in this reasoning ; and it is so simple as to render it unlikely that the notion of Bacterial life developed from dead dust can ever gain currency among the members of a great scientific profession. A novel mode of experiment has been here pursued, and it may be urged that the...
Side 202 - Imperial l6mo, over 300 pages, 70 Woodcuts, and Specimens of Prints by the best Permanent Processes. Second Edition, with an Appendix by the late Mr. HENRY FOXTALBOT.
Side 258 - Taylor. — SOUND AND MUSIC : A Non-Mathematical Treatise on the Physical Constitution of Musical Sounds and Harmony, including the Chief Acoustical Discoveries of Professor Helmholtz. By SEDLEY TAYLOR, MA, late Fellow of Trinity Colledge, Cambridge.
Side 258 - WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEVER TRUSS is allowed by upwards or 500 Medical Men to be the most effective invention in the curative treatment of Hernia. The use of a steel spring, so often hurtful In its effects, is here avoided ; a soft bandage being worn round the body, while the...
Side 200 - MORELL, JR— Euclid Simplified in Method and Language. Being a Manual of Geometry. Compiled from the most important French Works, approved by the University of Paris and the Minister of Public Instruction.
Side 211 - Hence the rule has been derived, that the number of beats per second is equal to the difference of the number of vibrations per second of the two sounds.

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