The Punjab Record, Volum 3


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Side 87 - EF, as such trustees, or their successors, trustees for the time being, or their certain attorney ; for which payment well and truly to be made we jointly and severally bind ourselves, and each of us by himself, our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents sealed with our seals.
Side 39 - ... whether or not the offence be punishable with fine only, and whether or not the sentence direct that, in default of payment of the fine, the offender shall suffer imprisonment.
Side 53 - ... with such department or officer. Any copy or extract made in pursuance of this Act may be in print or in writing, or partly in print and partly in writing. No proof shall be required of the handwriting or official position of any person certifying, in pursuance of this Act, to the truth of any copy of or extract from any proclamation, order, or regulation.
Side 52 - Majesty or by the privy council, of a copy or extract purporting to be certified to l>e true by the clerk of the privy council or by any one of the lords or others of the privy council, and, in the case of any proclamation, order, or regulation issued by or under the authority of any of the said departments or officers, by the production of a copy or extract purporting to be certified...
Side 116 - Where cases are new in their principle, there I admit that it is necessary to have recourse to legislative interposition in order to remedy the grievance : but where the case is only new in the instance, and the only question is upon the application of a principle recognized...
Side 53 - British colony or possession, or tenders in evidence any copy of any proclamation, order, or regulation, which falsely purports to have been printed as aforesaid, knowing that the same was not so printed ; or (2).
Side 52 - Council, of a copy or extract, purporting to be certified to be true by the Clerk of the Privy Council, or by any one of the Lords or others of the Privy Council, and in the case of any proclamation, order, or regulation...
Side 46 - Sheriff think fit), and containing warrant for arrestment, and for poinding and imprisonment when competent, shall be annexed to the summons or complaint, and on the same paper with it, agreeably to the form in Schedule (A) annexed to this Act, or to the like effect ; which decree and warrant, being signed by the clerk, shall be a sufficient authority for instant arrestment, and also for poinding and sale and imprisonment, where competent, after the elapse of ten free days from the date of the decree,...
Side 52 - ... by the production of a copy or extract purporting to be certified to be true by the person or persons specified in the second column of the said Schedule in connection with such department or officer.
Side 94 - Chamber ; and it would be much to be lamented, if a servant, or agent, or clerk, who was dismissed, should be able to say, " I could easily get another situation as good, or better, but I will not do so ; and, instead of claiming the real damage I have sustained by the inconvenience and temporary loss of situation, I will bring an action for every instalment of salary, till the contemplated period is elapsed.

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