and all vessels so employed, and having the capacity to carry one hundred and fifty such passengers, or more, shall have two such houses; and the stairs or ladder leading down to the aforesaid apartment shall be furnished with a handrail of wood or strong rope: Provided, nevertheless, Boobyhatches may be substituted for such houses in vessels having three permanent decks.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That every such vessel How vessels so employed, and having the legal capacity for more than f^" be ve,ulaone hundred such passengers, shall have at least two ventilators to purify the apartment or apartments occupied by such passengers; one of which shall be inserted in the after-part of the apartment or apartments, and the other shall be placed in the forward portion of the apartment or apartments; and one of them shall have an Exhausting cap to carry off the foul air, and the other a receiving cap to carry down the fresh air; whibh said ventilators shall have a capacity proportioned to the size of the apartment or apartments to be purified; namely, if the apartment or apartments will lawfully authorize the reception of two hundred such passengers, the capacity of such ventilators shall, each of them, be equal to a tube of twelve inches diameter in the clear, and in proportion for larger or smaller apartments; and all said ventilators shall rise at least four feet and six inches above the upper deck of any such vessel, and be of the most approved form and construction: Provided, That if it shall appear, from the report Proviso to be make and approved, as provided in the seventh section of this act, that such vessel is equally well ventilated by any other means, such other means of ventilation shall be deemed, and held to be, a compliance with the provisions of this section.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That every vessel car- vessels to be rying more than fifty such passengers, shall have for their provided with use on deck, housed and conveniently arranged, at least one cooki«gSrang»s0r camboose or cooking range, the dimensions of which shall \ be equal to four feet long and one foot six inches wide for every two hundred passengers; and provision shall be made in the manner aforesaid in this ratio for a greater or less num- # ber of passengers: Provided, hoivever, And nothing herein contained shall take away the right to make such arrangements for cooking between decks, if that shall be deemed desirable.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all vessels employ- Description

i n -iint i f I quantity of provi

ea as aforesaid shall have on board, for the use of such pas- sions and water sengers, at the time of leaving the last port whence such ves- paMeoger1 vessel shall sail, well secured under deck, for each passenger, at *el'least fifteen pounds of good navy bread, ten pounds of rice, ten pounds of oatmeal, ten pounds of wheat flour, ten pounds of peas and beans, thirty-five pounds of potatoes, one pint of vinegar, sixty gallons of fresh water, ten pounds of salted pork, free of bone, all to be of" good quality, and a sufficient supply of fuel for cooking; but at places where either rice,

oatmeal, wheat flour, or peas and beans, cannot be procured of good quality, and on reasonable terms, the quantity of either or any of the other last named articles may be increased and substituted therefor; and in case'potatoes cannot be procured on reasonable terms, one pound of either of said articles may be substituted in lieu of five pounds ot potatoes; and the captains of such' vessels shall deliver to each passenger at least one-tenth part of the aforesaid provisions weekly, commencing on the day of sailing, and daily at least three quarts of water, and sufficient fuel for cooking; and if the passengers on board of any such vessel in which the provisions, fuel, and water herein required shall not have been provided as aforesaid, shall at any time be put on short allowance during any voyage, the master or owner of any such vessels shall pay to each and every passenger who shall have been put on who<ma"bTgut snort allowance the sum of three'dollars for each and every on short' allow- day they may have been on such short allowance, to be reMce to be paid $3. covere(j jn tne circuit or district court of the United States: Provided, nevertheless, And nothing herein contained shall passenger, may prevent any passenger, with the consent of the captain, from 1 """som own furnishing for himself the articles of food herein specified;

•and, if put on board in good order, it shall fully satisfy the provisions of this act so far as regards food: And provided further, That any passenger may, also, with the consent of the captain, furnish for himself an equivalent for the articles of food required in other and different articles; and if, without waste or neglect on the part of the passenger, or inevitable accident, they prove insufficient, and the captain shall furnish comfortable food to such passengers during the residue of the voyage, this in regard to food shall also be a compliance with the terms of this act. Rood discipline Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the captain of any ^"eaniineM1" to sucn vessel so employed is hereby authorized to maintain be maintained good discipline, and such habits of cleanliness among such g«sng p*sa*D" passengers as will tend to the preservation and promotion of health; and to that end, he shall cause such regulations as he may adopt for this purpose to be posted up before sailing, on bpard such vessel, in a place accessible to such passengers, * and shall keep the same so posted up duriug the voyage; and it is hereby made the duty of said captain to cause the apartment occupied by such passengers to be kept, at all times, in a clean, healthy state, and the owners of every such vessel so employed are required to construct the decks, and all parts of said apartment, so that it can be thoroughly cleansed; and they shall also provide a safe convenient privy or water-closet for the exclusive use of every one hundred such passengers. And when the weather is such that said passengers cannot be mustered on deck with their bedding, it shall be the duty of the captain of every such vessel to cause the deck occupied by such passengers to be cleaned with chloride of lime, or some other equally efficient disinfecting agent, and also at 'such other times as said captain may deem necessary.

Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the master and Fenait;-for vioowner or owners of any such vessel so employed, which ws'ions'of lltX shall not be provided with the house or houses over the pas- JjgjJ^w^00* sage-ways, as prescribed in the first section of this act; or with the ventilators, as prescribed in the second section of this act; or with the cambooses or cooking ranges, with the houses over them, as prescribed in the third section of this act; shall severally forfeit ajid pay to the United States the sum of two hundred dollars for each and every violation of, or neglect to conform to the provisions of each of said sections, and fifty dollars for each and every neglect or violation of any of the provisions of the fifth section of this act; to be recovered by suit in any circuit or district court of the United States, within the jurisdiction of which the said vessel may arrive, or from which it may be about to depart, or at any place within the jurisdiction of such courts, wherever the owner or owners, or captain of such vessel, may be found.

Skc. 7. And be it further enacted. That the collector of the Collectors ol customs, at any port in the United States at which any vessel JoSte°xim^l"vre,<l so employed shall arrive, or from which any such vessel shall « ascertain be about to depart, shall appoint and direct one of the inspect- visions of the 1st ors of the customs for such port to examine such vessel, and ^Jf^ this'act to report in writing to such collector, whether the provisions "uJJ^S? com" of the first, second, third, and fifth sections of this act have * 1 been complied with in respect to such vessel; and if such report shall state such compliance, and be approved by such collector, it shall be deemed and held as conclusive evidence thereof. eaoqntf) )£iii I

Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the first section of Act of m Fet>the act entitled "An act to regulate the carriage of passen- regSLJ"?^^ ca'° gers in merchant vessels," approved February twenty-second, £e£em°mePrchL"t eighteen hundred and forty-seven, be so amended that when vessels," amend the height or distance between the decks of the vessels re-edferred to in the said section shall be less than six feet, and not less than five feet, there shall be allowed to each passenger sixteen clear superficial feet on the deck, instead of fourteen, as prescribed in said section; and if the height or distance between the decks shall be less than five feet, there shall be allowed to each passenger twenty-two. clear superficial feet on the deck; and if the master of any such vessel lmyJ^(Tt^"Tio' shall take on board his vessel, in any port of the United visions of 1st sec* States, a greater number of passengers than is allowed by tionolact<" <MTthis section, with the intent specified in said first section of the act of eighteen hundred and forty-seven, or if the master of any such vessel shall take on board, at a foreign port, and bring within the jurisdiction of the United States, a greater number of passengers than is allowed by this section, said master shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished in the manner provided chiMrfn under for the punishment of persons convicted of a violation of the one year old not

r r i » . r ■• . i i- to re counted in

act aforesaid; and m computing the number of passengers computing the on board such vessels, all children under the age of one year, sengen. of p"" at the time of embarcation, shall be excluded from such computation.


when thu act Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That this act shall take than tdke eitect. erjectj jn respect t0 such vessels sailing from ports in the United States, in thirty days from the time of its approval; and in respect to every such vessel sailing from ports in Europe, in sixty days after such approval; and it is hereby made the duty of the Secretary of State to give notice, in the pons of Europe, of this act, in such manner as he may deem proper.

Repmi of pan Sec 10. And be it further enacted, That so much of the JcVof MCtMarc^ first section of the act entitled "An act regulating passenger 'ships and vessels," approved March second, eighteen hundred and nineteen, or any other act, that limits the number of passengers to two for every five tons, is hereby repealed. Approved May 17, 1848.

CHAP. 42.—AN ACT to continue, alter, and amend the charter of the city of


[sec. 1] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the act of May fifteenth, eighteen hundred and twenty, entitled " An act to incorporate the inhabitants of the city of Washington, and to repeal all acts heretofore passed for that purpose," and the act of May twenty-sixth, eighteen of n rattan hundred and twenty-four, entitled " An act supplementary to continue'! in force 'An act to incorporate the inhabitants of the city of Wash"mendmenufkc*' ington,' passed the fifteenth of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, and for other purposes," and the act or acts supplemental or additional to said acts which were in force on the fourteenth day of May, eighteen hundred and forty, or which may, at the passing of this act, be in force, be, and the same are hereby, continued in force for the term of twenty yeaTs from the date hereof, or until Congress shall by law determine otherwise, with the alterations, additions, explanations, and amendments following, that is to say: said corporation Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said corpo«haii hove power ration shall have full power and authority to lay and collect

to lay ai d collect ,

taxes. &c. a tax of not exceeding three-fourths of one per centum per annum upon the assessed value of all stocks which may be owned and possessed by any person whatever in any banking, insurance, or other incorporated or unincorporated company in the city of Washington; and to compel all such banking, insurance, or other incorporated or unincorporated company, to furnish, when so required to do, within ten days thereafter, a full and complete list of the names of the stockholders in such company, and the amount of stock owned by each, under a penalty Hot exceeding fifty dollars for each and every week such company shall neglect or refuse or fail to furnish the same. And, in default of payment of the tax due on said stock by the banking, insurance, or other company, or by the holder or holders of the stock, the said corporation shall have full power and authority to sell the said stock, or so many shares thereof as shall be sufficient to pay the taxes due thereon, and costs of collection, as provided in the case of personal property. The said corporation shall also have power to lay and collect a tax not exceeding threefourths of one per centum per annum on the assessed value of all bonds and mortgages, of stocks of all kinds, and all public and private securities, and on every description of property within the said city, or which may be owned or held by the inhabitants thereof, except the wearing apparel and necessary tools and implements used in carrying on the trade or occupation of any person; and to compel persons to furnish, when required by the assessors, a full and correct list of all property by law taxable, held by them, and to punish with suitable fines and penalties persons refusing or omitting to furnish such lists. The said corporation shall have power to lay and collect a school-tax upon every lree white male citizen of the age of twenty-one years and upwards, of one dollar per annum; to provide for licensing, taxing, and regulating livery stables, . and wholesale and retail dealers, in a ratio according to the annual average amount of the capital invested in the business of such wholesale and retail dealers; to license, tax, and regulate agencies of all kinds of insurance companies; to tax private bankers, brokers, and money-lenders, not exceeding three-fourths of one per centum per annum on the assessed amount of capital employed in the business of said private bankers, brokers, and money lenders; to make all necessary May make reregulations respecting hackney carriages and the rates ofEJj^StaJJFJS fare of the same, and the rates of hauling by cartmen, wagon- drayme», ers, carmen, and draymen, and the rates of commission of s' auctioneers; to regulate and graduate the licenses of nonresident merchants and traders, and the taxes on the same; to regulate and establish fish wharves and docks; to restrain May restrain and prohibit gaming-houses and bawdy houses; to punish "gP^dlbba^ those who may sell intoxicating liquors without having ob- pSSuh'thSTM whS tained license therefor, by fines not less than five dollars; may Mii sntoxicaand in default of the payment thereof, by imprisonment and |JSfucSwT w,th" labor in the workhouse for a term not exceeding ninety days; to provide for the punishing by fines and penalties, and by confinement to labor in the workhouse, any person mu£"paJUcregudand all persons who shall molest or disturb any church or uuoni. other place of worship while the congregation are engaged in any religious exercises or proceedings; to provide for the weighing of all kinds of live stock brought into the city; to cause to be pulled down unsafe, dilapidated, or dangerous buildings; to take up aud relay foot pavements and paved , carriage-ways, and to keep them in repair, and to lay and collect taxes for paying the expenses thereof, on the property fronting on such foot-ways and carriage-ways; to lay and collect taxes for the support of public schools; to cause new

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