Signed October hands and seals, at the place and on the day and year afore 18th, 1846. said. .

Commissioner on the part of the United States.
Signed and sealed in the presence of us: .

ALBERT G. ELLIS, Sub-agent,
Chas. A. GRIGNON, U. S. Interpreter, -
F. J. BONDUEL, Missionary Priest

among the Menoinonee Indians,
M. L. Martin,
John B. Jacobs.

his x mark. Jau-ma-lau,

his x mark. Waw-kee-che-un, bis x mark. Sage-toke,

his x mark. Wy-lah-sauh,

his x mark. Kee-chee-new,

bis x mark. Chee-cheequon-away,

his x mark. Corron Glaude,

his x mark. Sho-nee-nieu,

his x mark. Lamolle,

bis x mark. Chee-que-lum,

his x mark. Slaw-woll-on,

his x mark. Ah-ko-no-may,

his x maik. Shaw-poa-luk,

his x mark, Wau-po-nan-ah,

his x mark. Sho-na-new, jr.,

his x mark. Pah-maw-po-may,

his x. mark. Naw-kaw-chis-ka,

bis x mark. Show-anno-penesse,

his x mark. Tah-ko,

his x mark. Osh-kish-he-nay-new, his x mark. Little Wave,

his x mark. Muck-atah-penesse, : his x-mark Wa-pee-men-shaw, his x mark. Ab-ke-na-pe-new,

bis x mark. Ah-kaw-mut,' .

his x mark. Kee-she-teu-ke-tau, his x mark. She-pau-na-ko,

his x mark. Naw-kaw-nish-kau-wa, his x mark. Witnesses: WILLIAM Powell,

John B, DUBB,
Louis G. PORAIR,
0. W. F. BRUCE.

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Now, therefore, be it known that I, JAMES K. POLK, Ratified President of the United Slates of America, having seen and83'1849' considered said treaty, do, in pursuance of the advice and consent of the Senate, as expressed in their resolution of the nineteenth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fortynine, accept, ratify, and confirm the same, and every article and clause thereof.

In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed, having signed the same with my hand.

Done at the city of Washington the twenty-third day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand r , eight hundred and forly-nine, and of the inde>■' pendence of the United States of America the seventy-third.


•By the President:

James Bochanan, Secretary of State.



COME, Greeting:

Treaty with the Whereas a treaty was made ami concluded at Stockbridge, fr"nd,TM.e con- >n the State of Wisconsin, on the 24th day of November, in the »cr suit i8«em" year °^ our ^ord one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight, between the United States of America, by their commissioners, • Morgan L. Martin and Albert G. Ellis, on the one part, and

the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, by the sachem, councillors, aud headmen of said tribe, on the other part; which treaty is word for word as follows, to wit:

Whereas by an act of Congress, entitled "An act for the relief of the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, in the Territory of Wisconsin," approved on the 3d day of March, A. D. 1S43, \t was provided that the township of land on the east side of Winnebago lake, secured to said tribe by the treaty with the Menomonee Indians of February 8th, 1831, as amended by (he Senate of the United States, and not heretofore ceded by said tribe to the United Stales, should be divided and allotted among the individual members of said tribe, by commissioners to be elected for that purpose, who were to make report of such division and allotment, and thereupon the persons composing said tiibe were to become citizens of the United Slates:

Ami whereas a portion of said tribe-refused to recognise the validity of said act of Congress, or the proceedings which were had under it, or to be governed by its provisions, and upon their petition a subsequent act was passed by the Congress of the United Stales, on the 6th day of August, 1846, repealing the said act of March 3d, 1S43, and providing, among other things, that such of said tribe as should enrol themselves with the sub-agent of Indian affairs at Green Bay, should be and remain citizens of the United Slates, and the residue of said tribe were restored to their ancient form of government as an Indian tribe. It was also provided that the said township of land should be divided into two districts, one of which was to be known as the "Indian district," the other as the "citizen district;" the former to be held in common by the parly who did not desire citizenship, and the latter to be divided and allotted among such as were citizens and desired to remain so:

And whereas it has been found impracticable to carry into full effect the provisions of the act of August 6th, IS46, by dividing the said township of land in the manner specified in said act, without infringing upon private rights acquired in good faith under the act of 1843 hereinbefore referred to, with a view of relieving both the Indian and citizen, parties of said Stockbridge tribe of Indians, from their present embarrassments, and to secure to each their just rights, articles of agreement and compromise have been entered into, as follows:

Articles of agreement and treaty made and concluded at Stockbridge, in the State of Wisconsin, on the 24th day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight, by and between the undersigned, acting commissioners on the part of the United States of Jlmerica, and the Stockbridge tribe of Indians.

Article I.

The said Stockbridge tribe of Indians renounce all participa- Tt>e »*M Mb*

. - . . a. . r j u renounce all par

tion in any of the benefits or privileges granted or conferred by ucipauon in the the act of Congress entitled "An act for the relief of the Stock- v'sSL' bridge tribe of Indians, in the Territory of Wisconsin," ap- ^acknowledge proved March 3, 1843, and relinquish all rights secured by said themselves under act; and they do hereby acknowledge and declare themselves o^*|uu"sanshl,, to be under the protection and guardianship of the United States, as other Indian tribes.

Article II.

That no misunderstanding may exist, now or hereafter, in Amu or census determining who compose said tribe and are parties hereto, it is d°ete^imfenWhS agreed that a roll or census shall be taken and appended to this compose said agreement, and in like manner taken annually hereafter, and tnbe returned to the Secretary of the War Department of the United States, containing the names of all such as are parties hereto, and to be known and recognised as the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, who shall each be entitled to their due proportion of the benefits to be derived from the provisions made for their tribe by this and former agreements: and whenever any of them shall separate themselves from said tribe, or abandon the country which may be selected for their future home, the share or portion of such shall cease, and they shall forfeit all claims to be recognised as members of said tribe.

Article III.

The said Stockbiidge tribe of Indians hereby sell and relin- Lands ceded»y quish to the United States the township of land on the east side umted states, of Lake Winnebago, (granted and secured to said tribe by the treaty with the Menomonee tribe of Indians of February 8, 1831, as amended by the resolution of the Senate of the United Statee,) and situated in the State of Wisconsin.



were allotted to

tnbe under the act of March 3d,

to them.

$16,500, to enable

their affairs.

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ing the appraised value of their im- 1 provements.

ARTICLE IV. Said land to be The said township of land shall be surveyed into lots, io lots, and such as conformity with the plan adopted by the commissioners elected inembers of said under the act of March 3, 1843, and such of said lands as were

de allotted by said commissioners to members of said tribe who 1843, confirmed have becomie citizens of the United States, (a schedule of which

is hereunto annexed,) are hereby confirmed to such individuals respectively, and patents therefor shall be issued by the United States. The residue of said lands belonging to the United States shall be brought into market, but shall not be sold at less than the appraised value; unless the Senate of the United States shall otherwise determine.

ARTICLE V. In consideration In consideration of the cession and relinquishment hereinbesion, the U. D. to fore made by the said Stockbridge tribe of Indians, it is agreed pay to said tribe that the United States shall pay to said tribe within six months them to settle after the ratification of this agreement the sum of sixteen thou

sand five hundred dollars, to enable them to settle their affairs, obtain necessaries, and make provision for establishing themselves in a new home.

ARTICLE VI. The U. S. also The United States shall also pay to said tribe, within six to said tribe, be- months after the ratification of this agreement, the sum of four

od teen thousand five hundred and four dollars and eighty-five

cents, being the appraised value of their improvements upon the lands herein ceded and relinquished to the United States, and to be paid to the individuals claiming said improvements according to the schedule and assessment herewith transmitted.

ARTICLE VII. Said tibe nay It is further stipulated and agreed that the said Stockbridge lands now occu- tribe may remain upon the lands they now occupy for one year

por after the ratification of this agreement, and that they will reification of this move to the country set apart for them, or such other west of

the Mississippi river as they may be able to secure, where all their treaty stipulations with the Government shall be carried into effect.

ARTICLE VIII. Whenever said Whenever the said Stockbridge tribe shall signify their wish

rate to emigrate, the United States will defray the expenses of their the U. S. to de- removal west of the Mississippi, and furnish them with subsisfray the expenses of their removal, tence for one year after their arrival at their new homes. for one year

ARTICLE IX. 816,560 to be It is further stipulated and agreed, that, for the purpose of

eks; making provision for the rising generation of said tribe, the sum which is to be of sixteen thousand five hundred dollars shall be invested by

the United States in stock, bearing an interest of not less than five per cent. per annum, the interest of which shall be paid annually to said tribe, as other annuities are paid by the United States.

Said tribe nay remain on the

pied by them for one year after rat


tribe signify their wish to emigrate

and subsistence


vested in stoeks, the interest of

paid annually.

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