Article X>. ■

It is agreed that nothing herein shall prevent a survey of said j^8TM^ lands, at any time after the ratification of this agreement, and m that said tribe shall commit no waste or do unnecessary damage upon the premises occupied by them.

Article XL

The United States will pay the expenses incurred by the»yih« sachem and head men, amounting to three thousand dollars, eipcntcs </me

• i i • e A «t • t iriJO 'sachem and head

in attending to the business of said tribe since the year 1843.

Article XII.

achem and 1 men In attending to the buatBcaaw

said tribe.

This agreement to be binding and obligatory upon the Cor- . Treaty trading parties from and after its ratification by the Gov

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overnment MraUSed bythe

qf the United States.

In witness whereof the said commissioners, and the sachem, Bined Utb councillors, and head men of said tribe, have hereunto set their Not., Iw. hands and seals, the day and year above written Morgan L. Martin, Albert G. Ellis,' Augustin E. duinney, sachem, John Metoxen, John W. Quinney, Samuel Miller, Zeba T. Peters, Peter D. Lillleman, Abram Pye, his x mark,J Joseph M. Q.uinney, Samuel Stephens, Jeremiah Slingerland, Benjamin Pye 2d, his x maik, Simon S. Metoxen, Daniel Metoxen, j Moses Charles, his x x$ark, Benjamin Pye 3d, his x mark, Jacob Jehoiakim, his x mark, David Palmer, his x mark, Ezekiel Robinson, James Joshua, his x mark, Garrett Thompson, his x mark, Laurens Yocron, his x rjjiark, Thomas Schanandoah, his x mark, John W. Quinney, jr., his x mark, Nicolas Paln^ej, bis x m,ark, John P. Q,umney, Washington Quinney, his x mark, Aaron Turkey, his x mark.

In presence of—

Charles A. Grignon, U. S. Interpreter
Lemuel Goodell,
Eleazer Williams,
Charles Poreuninozer.

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Baa or ceaias Roll or census of the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, taken in convoSMedlbr by formity with the provisions of the second article of the within in «niek of Uui 'agreement.


Boll or Census of Stockbridge Indians— Continued.


Ezekiel Robinson and brother

Lawrence Yocum

Moses Doxtater

Lucinda Quinney

Jemima Doxtater

Amelia Quinney

Peter Bennet, sen.

John Bennet

Levi Konkapot

Samuel Stevens

John Killsnake

Lewis Hendricks

Diana Davids

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M. L. MARTIN, ALBERT G. ELLIS, AUSTIN E. QUINNEY. Stockbridge, Nov. 24, 1848. L

John Metoxen.

John VV. Q,uinney.

Samuel Miller.

Ziba T. Peters.

Peter D. Liuleman.

Abram Pye, his x mark.

Joseph M. (iuinney.

Samuel Stephens.

Jeremiah Slingerland.

Benjamin Pye 2d, his x mark.

Simon S. Metoxen.

Daniel Metoxen.

Moses Charles, his x mark.

Benjamin Pye 3d, his x mark.

Jacob Jehoiakim, his x mark.

David Palmer, his x mark.

Ezekiel Robinson,

James Joshua, his x mark.

Garret Thompson, his x mark.

Laurens Yocum, his x mark.

Thomas Schanandoah, his z mark.
Joshua W. Q.uinney, jr., his x mark.
Nicolas Palmer, his x mark,

John P. Quinney.

Washington duinney, his x mark.
Aaron Turkey, his x mark.

to be

4th article of i

Schedule of lands to be patented to individuals under the 4th article of the above agreement.

Names. No. of lot.

Josiah Chicks - 1

Nancy Chicks -' 2

John N. Chicks - 4
Jacob Davids . 5

Harvev Johnson - 8
Hannah P. Chicks - 10
Dindernia, Big Deer
Pnella Jourdain
Jacob Chicks
John N. Chicks
Josiah Chicks
Jacob Chicks
Jos. L. Chicks
Jacob Chicks
John N. Chicks
Moses E. Merrill
John N. Chicks
Jane Dean
Marietta Abrams
Catharine Mills - N.
Joseph L. Chicks
John Dick
John More
Isaac Jacobs
Benjamin Welch
Lucy Jacobs
Daniel Davids

Daniel Davids - N.

John W. Abrams - S.
Louisa Davids
Harry E. Eastman
Eunice Abrams
Daniel Davids
John N. Chicks
Hoel S. Wright - S
Oscar Wright - N

Johri Littleman
Dahiel Davids
Darius Davids
Margaret Davids
Dahiel Davrds
Eraslus Welch, (a strip) E

Richard Fidler - E.

Henry Modlin
Henry Jacobs
Lucy Jacobs
John W. Abrams

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[ Schedule]—Continued.

Names. No. of lot. No. of acres.

John Dick - 70

Eunice Abrams - N. A 76

Mary Hendrick - E. \ 78

Isaac Jacobs and ")

George Bennet 3"

John N. Chicks - 81

John N. Chicks and ^ gg

Jacob Davids 3

Nancy Hunt - W.} 83 31J

Betsy Wyatt - W. ^85&S6 62J

William Gardner - 87

Timothy Jourdain - 90

Timothy Jourdain - S.£91 31.25

Charles Stevens - - 92 & 94

Nancy Homm - 98

Joseph L. Chicks - 102 *

John N. Chicks - 103

John Moore - 105

Josiah Chicks - 106

John N. Chicks - 110

Timothy Jourdain - 111,112

John Littleman - 113

Nathan Goodell - 115

Charles Stevens - S. part 119 50

Catharine Littleman - E. part 128 54.60

John Moore - 129

John W. Abrams. - 130

Jacob Davids - 131

Adam Sheriff - W. \ 132 31.26

Jacob Davids - 133

Joseph L. Chicks - « 134

Catharine Mills - W. half 136

Joseph Doxtater - 144 and 145

Ieaac Jacobs - 151

Alexander Abrams - 154

Jacob Davids - - - 155

Darius Davids - - 156

John Littleman - - 157

Isaac Jacobs - - - 158

Hannah VV. Chicks - - 159

Catharine Mills - - 160

Nathan Goodell - - 170

John N. Chicks : - 173

James N. Lane - - 174

Jacob Davids - - - 175

Job More - - - 176

Thomas J. Chicks - - 179

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