No. of acres.



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[Schedule]—Continued. Names.

No. of lot. Harvey Johnson

. 180 Nancy Gardner

. 181 Abigail Jourdain Abram Chicks .

. 184 Bartholomew Bowman

186 Harriet Jourdain Andrew Chicks

- 188 Sarah Davids

· 189 Job Moore

· 191 William Gardner, S. part of 192 and 221 Mordy Mann,

N. part of 192 and 221 Mary N. Chicks

194 William Gardner

220 Triphane E. Jourdain

222 Caleb Moore

223 Isaac Simmons Isabel Chicks

225 Sophia M. Jourdain

226 Jesse Bowman

227 Catharine Franks

Jonathan Chicks
Jonas Davids -
Adam Davids

232 Linke Jourdain

233 Elizabeth Moore

234 Joseph Doxtater

235 George Bennett

237 Isaac Simmons

240 Abigail Moore

263 Henry Moore

264 William Scott

William Scott
George Bennet
Reuben Johnson

267 Silas Jourdain

268 Jesse M. Jourdain

271 Simon Gardner

274 Hannah Moore Solomon Davids

277 Edward Howell

279 Harriet Johnson Lucinda Gardner

282 Hope Moore

284 Jemison C. Chicks Obadiah Gardner

309 Rachael Davids

313 Julius Davids

314 Elizabeth Bowman

315. Jeremiah Gardner


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[Schedule]—Continued. Names.

No. of lot.

No. of acres.
Mary Jane Bowman -
Nancy Johnson

319 Jason Simmons

320 Betsy Menagre

321 Darius Davids

323 Humble M. Jourdain

325 Stephen Gardner

326 Francis T. Davids .

327 Mary McCallister

328 Mary Hendrick

335 Susannah Hendrick

349 Jacob Moore

355 David Gardner George Gardner

359 Catharine Bowman

360 Serepta Johnson

361 Thankful Stevens

362 William Gardner

364 Joseph Chicks

- 365 John Chicks

.366 Charles Stephens

367, 368 Timothy Jourdain - 369, 370, 371 Jacob Chicks

372, 373 Paul D. Hayward

- 375 State of Wisconsin

School purposes.
Timothy Jourdain . - 384
Jeremiah Johnson

385, 389
American Board of
Commissioners for

386, 390 Foreign Missions.) Jacob Chick.

387, 391 Timothy Jourdain .. . 388 John N. Chicks

392, 396 William Gardner 393, 394, 397, 398 Lemuel Goodell N. end 395

2 acres. . M. L. MARTIN,


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Valuation ofimprovements un

der article 6 of Dollars. this treaty.

Valuation of improvements, (vide art. 6.)

Acreg. Austin E. Quinney

163.3 2,760 63

49.50 718 25 Joseph M. Quinney

30.90 617 15 Samuel Stevens


703 26 Moses Chicks

43.00 980 50 Elizabeth Palmer

29.06 512 41 Samuel Miller

55.62 880 87 Elisha Konkapot


142 50

Acres. Dollars

Peter D. Littleman - - - 3.25 16S 88

John P. Quinney - - - 15.50 267 50

Heirs of J. Yocum - - - 5.78 78 03

Aaron Turkey - - - 6.00 311 00

Benjamin Pye, 2d -. - - 40.00 640 00

John Metoxen - - 50.00 825 00

Mrs. B. Wright - - - 5.00 67 50

Abraham Pye - - 30.00 495 00

Benjamin Pye, 4th - . - - 40 00

Benjamin Pye, sr. - - - - 40 00

Benjamin Pye, 3d - - - 20.00 350 00

Garrett Thompson - - - 30.00 485 00

Ziba T. Peters - - - 10.00 215 00

Betsey T. Aaron - '- - 3.00 85 00

Thomas Skenandoah - - 17.00 349 50

Simon S. Metoxen - - 30.00 535 00

Elizabeth Wilber - - - 41.62 711 87

Ezekiel Robinson - - - 4.00 60 00

J. W. Quinney - - - 60.00 1,315 00

School House - - - - 150 00

$14,504 SS


And whereas the said treaty having been submitted to the Senate of the United States for its constitutional action thereon, the Senate did, on the 1st day of March, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, resolve as follows:

the Senate, Mar! In Executive Session, Senate Of The United States, 1">184»-. March 1st, 1849.

Resolved, (two-thirds of the Senators present concurring,) That the Senate advise and consent to the ratification of the articles of agreement and treaty made and concluded at Stockbridge, in the Slate of Wisconsin, on the 24th day of November, in the year of our Lord 1848, by and between Morgan L. Martin and Albert G. Ellis, commissioners on the part of the United Slates of America, and the Stockbridge tribe of Indians, with the following


Add the following as supplemental articles:

Whereas the Stockbridge and Munsee Indians consider that they have a claim against the United States for, indemnity for certain lands on White river in the State of Indiana, aud for certain other lands in the State of Wisconsin, which they allege they have been deprived of by treaties entered into with the Miamies and Delawares, or to the lands claimed by them in Indiana, and with the Menomonees and Winnebagoes, or to the lands in Wisconsin, without their consent; and whereas the said Stockbridge and Munsee Indians, by their chiefsand agents, have continued to prosecute their said claims during the last twenty years at their own expense, except the sum of three thousand dollars paid them in 1821; and wher**s it is desirable that all ground of discontent on the part of said Indians shall be reriioved, the United States do further stipulate, in consideration of the relinquishment by them of said claims, and all others, except as provided in this treaty, to pay to the sachems or chiefs of said Indians, on the ratification of this article by them, wifch the assent oftheir people, the sum of five thousand dollars, and the further sum of twenty thousand dollars, to be paid in ten annual instalments, to commence when the said Indians Shall have selected and removed to their new homes, as contemplated by the seventh article of this treaty.

The President of (he United States, within two years from the ratification of this treaty, shall procure for the use of said Stockbridge Indians a quantity of land west of the Mississippi river, upon which they shall reside, not less than seventy-two sections, said Indians to be consulted as to the location of said Isrid, and to be holden by the same tenure as other Indian lands.

Now, therefore, be it known that I, JAMBS ff. POLK,2dTMfi9edMareh President of the United States of America, do, in pursuance of the advice and consent of the Senate, as expressed in their resolution of the first day of March, eighteen hundred and fortynine, accept, ratify, and confirm the said treaty, with the amendment set forth in the said resolution.

In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed, having signed the same with my hand.

Done at the city of Washington, the second day of March, ia the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred [l. s.] and forty-nine, and of the independence of the United States of America the seventy-third.


By the President:

James Buchanan, Secretary of State.



Whereas by an act of the Congress of the United States of fTM»»we. the tenth January, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, entitled "An act to extend certain privileges to the town of Whitehall, in the State of New York," the President of the United States, on the recommendation of the Secretary of the Treasury, is authorized to extend to the town of Whitehall the same privileges as are conferred on certain ports named in the seventh

section of an act entitled " An act allowing drawback upon foreign merchandise exported in the original packages to Chihuahua and Santa Fe, in Mexico, and to the British Norti American provinces adjoining the United States," passed third March, eighteen hundred and forty-five, in the manner pre scribed by the proviso contained in said section.

And whereas the Secretary of the Treasury has duly recommended to me the extension of the privileges of the law aforesaid to the port of Whitehall, in the collection district of Cham plain, in the State of New York: '.Privileges of Now, therefore, I, JAMES K. POLK, President of the te'Sded'to'porter United States of America, do hereby declare and proclaim t/»a whii«h»ii,N. Y. the port of Whitehall, in the collection district of Charaplain, in the State of New York, is and shall be entitled to all the privileges extended to the other ports enumerated in the seventh section of the act aforesaid, from and after the date of this proclamation .

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this second day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred [l. S.] and forty-nine, and of the independence of the United States of America the seventy-third.


By the President:

James Buchanan, Secretary of State.

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