with double nnd two with triple lights,) including one thousand two hundred dollars for that of an inspector of lights on the upper lakes, one hundred and sixteen thousand one hundred and ninety-eight dollars and thirty-three cents; FloatingHghu. For salaries of thirty-three keepers of floating lights, seventeen thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars;

For seamen's wages, repairs and supplies for thirty-three floating lights, eighty-four thousand three hundred and eightysix dollars and sixty-five cents; Beacons,buoys, For expenses of weighing, mooring, cleansing, and supply~kc- ing losses of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers, twenty-nine

thousand six hundred and seventy-seven dollars and forty-six cents;

Annual exami- For expenses incurred by superintendents in visiting lighthouses annually, and examining and reporting their condition, two thousand dollars; superintendents' For superintendents' commissions, at two and a half per confmusions. cen( on me four hundred and sixty-six thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars and eight cents, appropriated above for lighthouse purposes, eleven thousand six hundred and seventy-three dollars arid twenty-five cents. And the proviso contained in the act making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the year ending the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, and for other purposes, approved August twelfth, eighteen hundred and fortyeight, which proviso is in the following words: "Provided, Thai no part of the sum hereby appropriated shall be paid to any person who receives a salary as an officer of the customs; and from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, the said said disbursements shall be made by the collectors of the customs without compensation," is hereby repealed.

Ughi-houses, For completing the light-house on Brandy wine shoal, Delakc'Brandywine ware ^a-v' twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and two dolstoai. lars and sixty-one cents;

Caiysfort reef, For completing the light-house on Carysfort reef, coast of Florida. Florida, thirty-one thousand five hundred and ninety dollars

and seventy-six cents; Ebenezer war- To pay the balance due to Ebenezer Warner, for constructing Ihe light-house at White Fish point, on lake Superior, three thousand two hundred and ninety-eight dollars; - Minofs rock, For illuminating apparatus for the light-house at Minot's Boston harbor. rocfcf Boston harb«r, Massachusetts, four thousand five hundred dollars;

L«ht-boat at For the reimbursement of the New York, Providence, and u Gn« ahoa,. Boston Railroad Company, and the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, for their expenses in maintaining a light-boat on Eel Grass shoals, in Fisher's island sound, from the month of November, in the year eigteen bundled and thirty-seven, to the present time, ten thousand four hundred and seven dollars.

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For completion of marine hospital at Pittsburg, eleven thousand six hundred and sixty-seven dollars;

For completion of marine hospital at Louisville, eleven thousand six hundred and sixty-seven dollars;

For completion of marine hospitals at Cleveland, six thousand six hundred and sixty-seven dollars;

For completion of marine hospital at Chicago, twenty thousand dollars;

For completion of marine hospital at Paducah, twenty thousand dollars;

For completion of marine hospital at Natchez, twenty thousand dollars;

For completion of marine hospital at Napoleon, Arkansas,

twenty-thousand dollars;

For the purpose of erecting a marine hospital at or near St. Louis, Missouri, in addition to the ten thousand dollars heretofore appropriated by the act approved August third, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, for the same object, twenty thousand dollars, to be expended only when the Government shall have obtained a bona fide tide to the site. And for the purchase of said site the ten thousand dollars heretofore appropriated by the

;act aforesaid, or so much thereof as is necessary, shall be applied;

To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to collect facts and information in relation to marine hospitals an.l the marine hospital fund, and to report to Congress what alterations are necessary and practicable in the administration of the same, one thousand dollars.


For surveying the public lands, in addition to the unexpended balance of former appropriations, viz:

For surveying the public lands, including incidental expenses, to be apportioned to the several districts, according to lic 1»»da>slcthe exigencies of the public service, the part to be applied to the surveys of the mineral regions of Michigan, Wisconsin, and iowa, in the location of private claims in Florida, to be disbursed at augmented rales, one hundred and fifteen thousand ^lollais;

For surveys in the southern part of Missouri, east of the meridian, at five dollars per mile, on account of the difficulties in executing surveys in (hat section of the Slate, owing to lakes, swamps, and marshes, four thousand dollars;

For the correction of erroneous and defective surveys, in small and detached portions) in Illinois and Missouri, at a rate not exceeding six dollars per mile, one thousand two hundred dollars;

For completing surveys of the towns and villages in Missouri, named in the. acts of eighteen hundred and twelve and

Collection of information in relation to matine hospitals.


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eighteen hundred and twenty-four, including office work, two thousand dollars;

Arkansas. por completipg certain surveys in Arkansas, at the increased rates, in consequence of the peculiar difficulties attending the execution of them, eight hundred and fifty dollars.



Mmitters. For salaries of the ministers of the United States to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, sixty-three thousand dollars; and for outfits of said ministers, sixty-three thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary;

secretaries of For salaries of the secretaries of legation to the same places, legation. fourteen thousand dollars; Minister' to For salary of minister resident to Turkey, six thousand dol'lars;

Dragoman. For salary of the dragoman to the legation to Turkey, two

thousand five hundred dollars; outfit ana sai- For the outfit of a minister to the Germanic Confederation,

ary of minister to . i i 11

Germanic Con- nine thousand dollars;

federation- por one yer)r's sniary f0r the said minister, nine thousand dollars;

secretary of ic- For one year's salary for a secretary of legation to the said gaiion. mission, (wo thousand dollars;

outfit ami sai- For oulfit for a minister to the government of Chili, nine

ary oi'minister to ■ , , °

Chin. thousand dollars;

For salary of said minister, nine thousand dollars; Abraham Ren- For Abraham Rencher, late charge d'affaires to Portugal, such sum as ihe Secretary of Slate, upon adjusting his claim, shall allow for his unavoidable, detention abroad from second January, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, to thesixleenlh September following: Provided,such sum shall not exceed the rate of his" official salary; chargesde«af- For salaries of charges des affaires to Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Naples, Sardinia, the Papal States, Chili, Peru, New Grenada, Venezuela, Buenos Ayres, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Ecuador, seventy-six thousaud five hundred dollars; and for outfits for said charges des affaires, sevjenty-six thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof . as may be necessary;

contingencies For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, thirty thou

of foreign inter- 1 i_n

course, saint dollars;

Barbory Pow- For expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, nine crv thousand dollars;

^consulat Lo«- For salary of the consul at London, two thousand dollars;

commiraioner For salary of the commissioner to the Sandwich islands, three "' thousand dollars;

. For payment of the salary of the commissioner to the Sandwich islands, from the commencement of the salary of Mr. Fames to the termination of that of Mr. Ten Eyck, so much as is necessary of the sum of fifteen hundred dollarsj


For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulates at Constantinople,Smyrna,and Alexandria, one thousand five hundred dollars;

For salary of the commissioner to reside in China,including additional compensation, under the act of eleventh August,1 eighteen hundred and forty-eight, six thousand dollars;

For compensation to Peter Parker, secretary of legation and Pet« Parlt"Chinese interpreter at Canton/, for his services as charg6 d'affaires of the United States at said place, from (he twenty-eighth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, to the twentyfirst day of August, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, being the interval between the death of Alexander Everett, late commissioner at Canton, and the actual arrival of John VV. Davis, the present commissioner, after the rate of four thousand five hundred dollars per annum , (deducting his salary as such secretary, and two thousand dollars already paid him towards said service,) the sum of two hundred and ninety-five dollars and ninety-two cents;

For salary of the interpreter and secretary to said mission, interpreterand two thousand five hundred dollars;" secury.

For buoys on and near the bar of Nassau river and on the Buoys on Nmcoasts of Georgia and Florida, in the neighborhood thereof, one MUrven thousand dollars;

For compensation to the consuls at the five Chinese ports, conroii »i tivo

tr L A n L Tvt- i Bl u Chinese porn.

vtz: Kwangchow, Amoy, Fuchow, Ningpo, and bhanghae, five thousand dollars;

For salary of consul general at Alexandria, thtee thousand con.oi general

, ., » ° ' at Alexandria.


For salary of consul at Beiroot, five hundred dollars; nnea> " Bei"

For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign Keiiefof A«ercountries, one hundred thousand dollars;

For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of the office of P',k "jTM, TMd

i ■ r » i ■ • i otnee rem ofcon

the consul of the United Slates at London, two thousand eight »m at London, hundred dollars;

For office rent of the consul at Basle, in Switzerland, one f0°TMfti BMie0f hundred dollars; and for office rent from June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and forty-five, to the close of the current fiscal year, four hundred dollars;

For procuring medals for Indians, twenty-five hundred dol- dj"jfaU for In" tare.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the third section of Head* of de

—.. . . J ,. r ■ ••! i partmcnls may

the act entitled "An act making appropriations lor the civil and continue officeTM diplomatic expenses of government for the year ending the thir- 0"ASgu«»^ tieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, and for other"""tJune17> purposes," approved the tenth of August, eighteen hundred and forty-six, be, and the same is hereby, revived and coniin* tied in force for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

Sec. 3. And be it/urt/ter enacted, That the proviso to the vi£Tm!ii°ngPt£ nineteenth section of the act of the twenty-eighth of January, P^1*** Tt^m eighteen hundred and forty-seven, entitled "An act authorizing ,Ury Department, the issue of treasury notes, a loan, and for other purposes," lie,10'"' and the same is hereby, repealed*

eierk wTecTive Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That no clerk or other uJy'or'head'or°^cct shall receive the salary of any secretary, or head of bubureau while»aid reau, for aclingor having acted in his place or office, while said Tooeivci such aai- secretary, or head of bureau, receives such salary. ary- Sec. 5. And be it further macted, That whenever it shall

of FiciJid^to'be be shown to the President of the United Slates that the State of offi'cVcf8edorVMid Florida has by law provided for the safe custody of the public archives, which were formerly kept by the keepers of archives at St. Augustine and Pensacola, it shall be lawful for him to cause to be delivered to duly authorized officers of the State such of the said archives as do not relate to grants of land which remaiu unconfirmed or unsurveyed: Provided, That the President of the United Stales may suspend the execution of this provision, if in his judgment the public interests requires it. Appropriation or Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the sum of iweaty SuJrcomp^'- thousand dollars be, and is hereby, appropi iaieu"for the payMtUm to certaini merit of a compensation of one-half per centum to each desigpublic money, naled depositary (provided to be appointed, but not provided to be paid, under the act of August sixth, eighteen hundred and forty-six) on all moneys received by him, as such depositary, from the dale of his appointment to the first day or March, rroviso. eighteen hundred and foily-nine: Provided, That no compen

sation shall be allowed, for above services, where the emoluments of the office, of which said designated depositary is in commission, amounts to over two thousand dollars per annum; nor shall the amount allowed to any one of said designated depositaries for such service be at the rale of over fifteen hundred dollars per annum. Three tempo- Sec. 7. Attd be it further enacted, That the Commissioner <3«n.Lan'doffic" °^ lne General Land office be authorized to continue three temto be continued, porary clerks, during the recess of Congress, until the patents for bounty lands shall be issued; said clerks to be paid out of the contingent fund.

Purchase of pa- Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the sum of twenty WaaWngSn'""* thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to be James Monroe, paid out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to enable the Secretary of State to purchase the remaining manuscript books and papers of General George Washington; the said books and papers to be deposited and preserved in the Department of State; and that a like sum be appropriated for the purchase of the manuscript books and papers of the late James Monroe, to be deposited in like manner in the Depart;. ment of Slate.

Approved March 3, 1849. ,

CHAP. 101-—AN ACT making appropriations for the support of the irai for the year ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hundred sj>d


[sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Tnat the following sums be, and the same are hereby,

« ForrigeFortsett »