published. The whole has been newly arranged under distinct heads, with references from one part to the other, so as, with the tables introduced in the course of the Volume, to facilitate the researches of the student.

In affixing the price to each work, the Compiler has confined himself principally to that at which it was originally published; but it should be observed, that from the fluctuation of the prices of Law Books, the nature of their materials, and continued variation, they cannot always be correct: many articles getting out of print, an increased price immediately takes place in proportion to the scarcity or demand, whilst others become cheap by new editions.

The Publishers of this Catalogue, from the very great variety of Law Books they have constantly on sale, are enabled to supply the Profession with works upon every legal subject at the most reasonable prices.

J. C.
Portugal Street,
Michaelmas Term, 1818.

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