DECEMBER 6, 1915-SEPTEMBER 8, 1916



VOL. 2


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357. Bridge across Wabash River at Silverwood, Ind.

358. To amend law relating to patents.

360. Life buoys on small vessels.

361. Elimination of adult illiteracy in United States.

364. To prohibit use of names of public officials by patent attorneys.

365. Names of soldiers, etc., for Logan memorial.

366. To admit René W. Pintó y Wentworth to Military Academy.

369. Investigation of Aviation Service, Army.

370. Terms of district court, middle district of Tennessee.

371. Manuscript copies of patent office records.

372. Diplomatic and consular appropriation bill, 1917.

373. Disposition of useless papers in Treasury Department.

374. Disposition of useless papers in Post Office Department.

375. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Commerce.

376. Disposition of useless papers in Navy Department.

377. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Labor.

378. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Interior.

379. Jurisdiction over waters of Columbia River and its tributaries.

380. Memorial to heroes of steamship Titanic in District of Columbia.

381. To return record of proceedings to Williamsburg Lodge 6, A. F. A. M.

394. To regulate manufacture, etc., of weights and measures.

395. Memorial to James Buchanan in District of ('olumbia.

404. Water-power bill.

407. Electric light and power service, Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

418. Life-saving medal to Marcus A. Jordan.

424. To establish National Employment Bureau.

425. Bridge across Tennessee River near (Chattanooga, Tenn.

426. Bridge across Susquehanna River near Sunbury, Pa.

427. Bridge across Tombigbee River, Ala.

428. Bridge across West Branch of Susquehanna River at Milton, Pa.

430. Sale of intoxicating liquors to minors on vessels.

431. Crgent deficiency appropriations for military establishment.

442. Conference report on additional deficiency appropriation bill.

443. Amend Revised statutes relating to pensions.

447. To amend Federal reserve act. 2 pts.

448. To increase amount of gold bullion held as reserve.

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