Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings: A Symposium from 2334 B. C to Date

Stanley St. Clair, 2006 - 180 sider
Prayers of Prophets, Knights and Kings is all that it implies and much more. It is a fast moving symposium of prayers, blessings, praises and religion. All faiths represented, both polytheistic, and monotheistic, from 2334 B.C. to the present day. It includes petitions of proclaimed prophets of major world religions like Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jesus, Muhammad, Zarathushtra, Baha''u'lla'h, Alma, and Nephi. Prayers are included from Templars, a Knight Hospitalers, Sir Thomas Moore, and the Knights of Columbus. It also has praises and prayers, to the respective divinities, of kings like Solomon, Akhenaten, Constantine, other royals, saints and other noteworthy individuals.

In addition, it is a source book of the history of the prayers, the ideologies which spawned them , the individuals that prayed them, and the empires from which they came. Religions discussed include: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atenism, Egyptian, Babylonian, Zoroastrianism, Roman and Greek paganism, Druidism, Filial Piety, Shintoism, Shan Ti, Mayan, Native American, Hawaiian, Mormonism and the Baha''i Faith. Many of the entries are in both the original language (Latin, Arabic, Gaelic, Mayan, and Hawaiian) or its transliteration, and the English translation.

If you are a student of ancient civilizations, the Knights Templars, religion, spirituality, or prayer, this book is for you!


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