Ṛig-Veda-sanhitá: A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, Volum 2

N. Trübner, 1854 - 348 sider

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Side 235 - He who as soon as born is the first of the deities, who has done honour to the gods by his deeds ; he at whose might heaven and earth are alarmed and who is known by the greatness of his strength ; he, men, is Indra. 'He who fixed firm the moving earth, who spread the spacious firmament ; he, men, is Indra.
Side 206 - Body), thy poison, as maidens, with pitchers, carry away water. 15. May the -insignificant mungoose b (carry off) thy venom, (Poison): if not, I will crush the vile (creature) with a stone : so may the poison depart (from my body), and go to distant regions. 16. Hastening forth at the command (of AGASTYA), thus spake the mungoose: The venom of the scorpion is innocuous ; scorpion, thy venom is innocuous.
Side 174 - Penance has not been practised in vain : since the gods protect us, we may indulge all our desires : in this world we may triumph in many conflicts, if we exert ourselves mutually together. 4. Desire, either from this cause or from that...
Side 32 - INDRA, the Soma juice, that has been expressed by the stones, and sprinkled with the sacred grass, as a thirsty ox or a thirsty man hastens to a well...
Side 218 - Varga xxiu. 6. In regard of our good deeds, Day and Night, perpetually reverenced, are interweaving in concert, like two famous female weavers/ the extended thread, (to complete) the web of the sacrifice, liberal yielders (of rewards), containers of water.
Side 125 - The horse proceeds to that assembly which is most excellent : to the presence of his father and his mother, (heaven and earth). Go, (Horse), to-day rejoicing to the gods, that (the sacrifice) may yield blessings to the donor.
Side 116 - India. other (part of the harness) ;" and the grass that has been put into his mouth ; may all these be with thee, (horse), amongst the gods. 9. Whatever the flies may eat of the raw flesh of the horse; whatever (grease) is smeared upon the brush or upon the axe...
Side 204 - I deposit the poison in the solar orb, like a leather bottle in the house of a vender of spirits...
Side 1 - I praise him who, with his heroic (followers), as (with shafts) from a quiver, expelled (the Asuras) from heaven: and (I praise) the Maruts, (who abide) between heaven and earth.b 2. Animated by our diversified praise, hasten, Morning and Night, to attend to our first invocation, as a wife (to the first call of her husband) ; and may the Dawn, beautiful with the lustre of the (rising) Raghu-manyavah, of light or little wrath...
Side 138 - He who has made (this state of things) does not comprehend it : he who has beheld it, has it also verily hidden (from him) : he, whilst yet enveloped in his mother's womb, is subject to many births, and has entered upon evil.

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