To Ruth Bailey and others, on account of salaries as teach

ers in the Illinois School for the Deaf at Jacksonville,
as follows:
Ruth Bailey

Anne Berkeley

52.50 Margaret Brown

66.67 Margaret Byrns

66.67 Laura Carter

50.00 Mary D. Carter

55.00 E. P. Cleary

66.67 Amanda Davis

55.00 Jennie F. Devitt.

60.00 D. W. George

66.67 Alma Gillett

60.67 Josephine Hayden

50.00 Belle Howard ..

66.67 Anne W. Jackson (Librarian)

36.11 Edith Jordon

62,50 Helen Jordon

66.67 Anna Kingsley

52.50 Minnie B. Krueger.

60.00 Louisa Lee

50.00 Phyllis Macomber

52.50 Mary L. Martin.

66.67 Sarah Noves

66.67 Della M. Orr..

52.50 G. H. Putnam..

66.67 Effie J. Race.

66.67 Catherine Russell

50.00 Margaret Russell

66.67 Irene Sandburg

52.50 Laura Sheridan

66.67 Mary J. Sheridan.

66.67 Harry Snyder

60.67 C. Spruit

75.00 Florence Spruit

52.50 Carolyn Taft

60.00 Annie Tanner

66.67 C. W. Tavlor..

75.00 Jean Tavlor

66.67 Mary C. Upham.

66.67 Idella Walton

66.67 C. Wood

66.67 Frances S. Wood..

88.89 Annie Young


$ 2,583.07 To Public Service Company of Northern Illinois on account

of water supplied to the Illinois State Reformatory at Pontiac from January, 1914 to June 30, 1917...


Buchanan-Daly Co., Maple fig. lumber,...
Buck Werden, Cement, lime, etc.,...
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. Co., Freight bills....
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry. Co., Cement and freight bills,..
Graiton & Knight Mfg. Co., Balance invoice,...
Joliet Bridge & Iron Company, Beams, etc...
Joliet Printing Company, Balance of invoice....
Joliet Republican Printing Co., Record cards etc., . .

To Board of Education, School District No. 131, Rochelle,
II., on account of expenses incurred in educating deaf
and dumb in said school....

660.00 To Western United Gas and Electric Company, on account of electricity and gas furnished women's department at Joliet Penitentiary

89.10 To Harry W. Allen and Emma M. Allen, executors of the last will and testament of John W. Allen, deceased, for refund of inheritance taxes erroneously collected and paid into the State treasury.

558.12 Total

.$127.616.23 $ ?. The Auditor of Public Accounts is hereby authorized and directed to draw his warrants on the State treasury for the aforesaid sums of money, payable to the respective parties for the several sums indicated in section 1 of this Act, and the State Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to pay the same out of any money in the State treasury not otherwise appropriated. APPROVED June 28, 1919.

RELIEF-COURT OF CLAIMS. $1. Appropriates $63.263.77

$ 2. signates claimants.

(HOUSE BILL NO. 502. APPROVED JUNE 28, 1919.) As Act entitled, “An Act to make appropriations for certain claims against the State of Illinois, in conformity will awards made by The Court of Claims to certain persons, firms, corporalions and coparnerships named therein."

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That there be and is hereby appropriated the sum of sixty-three thousand, two hundred sixty-three collars and seventy-seven cents ($63,263.77) to pay claims in conformity with awards made by the Court of Claims at its September Term, 1918, to the following named persons, firms, corporations and

ACCOUNT JOLIET PENITENTIARY. Armour & Company, Steers, meats, etc....

.$ 1,724.77 Armour Leather Co., Chicago, Shoe soles and leather,.

508.03 Bickett Coal & Coke Co., Excess coal, etc.,.


23.57 68.75

4.44 371.75

2.05 7.50 2.08 11.90



How drawn.


Ludonica Celador Co., Tile and trimmings,
Hugh P. McPartlin, Butter and mdse.,..
New Jersey Car Spring & Rubber Co., Belting,
National Lead Company, Babbitt and supplies,.
Albert Pick & Co., Soda fountain equipments,
United Shoe Machinery Corporation, Rounding machine..
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Company, Supplies,.
Ernest B. Scagnelli, Auto supplies,.
Silver Cross Hospital, Service,..

49.75 41.04 428.04 39.00 50.15 13.30 55.72 200.52 16.50

Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis R. R. Co., Freight..
Cudahy Packing Co., Meats, etc.,. ..
Jeffersons Printing Company, Books, pens, etc.,.
Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, Staples and merchandise.
Durand & Kasper Co., Beans and cloves,...
Jourdan Packing Co., Chicago, Bacon and hams.
Miller Brvant Pierce Company, Paper,..
Wilson & Company, Chicago, Beef and meats,.
Armour & Co., Hams and meat products,.

2.29 315.17 201.53 11.00 83.33 27.29

3.60 281.03 181.68

Durand & Kasper Co., Flour, mdse.,...
Illinois Lithographing & Label Company, Letterheads.
H. F. Janssen, For coat stolen (Claim $10.00)....


3.41 25.00

Albert Hancock & Company, Tablets and papers,...
Illinois Lithographing & Label Company, Envelopes.
Jeffersons Printing Company, Blotters and tablets,..

966.68 20.85 60.00


Jeffersons Printing Company, Stationery and supplies,...


ACCOUNT WATERTOWN STATE HOSPITAL. Jeffersons Printing Company, Rubber bands, tablets, etc.,..


Bradner Smith & Company, Printing stationery and sup-

Jeffersons Printing Company, Construction paper,
Springfield Coal Co., Switching charges on coal,
Booths Union Market, Chicago, Trout and mackeral.

754.00 115.00 472.00 32.00

ACCOUNT SOLDIERS' ORPHANS' HOME. Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, Inks, glue, etc.,..... Jeffersons Printing Company, Estimate blanks, etc.,. Western Electric Company, Mazdas, screws,..

89.15 39.63 48.02

Jeffersons Printing Company, Tablets and supplies,.
The Fleischmann Company, Yeast and mdse.,..
H. Johnson & Co., Mdse....
P. J. O'Brien & Company, Brick,.

77.76 116.00

52.50 120.00

ACCOUNT KANKAKEE STATE HOSPITAL. Illinois Printing Company, Stationery and supplies,...,


Jeffersons Printing Company, Pencils and mdse....
The Year Book Publishers, Books printed,..
Alice Ahlfed Hess, Service as employee,
Maude Shelton, Service as employee,..

31.00 10.00 97.93 86.73

ACCOUNT ALTON STATE HOSPITAL. Luer Bros. Packing and Ice Co., Ice,. ......


ACCOUNT ILLINOIS SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF. Cudahy Packing Co., Supplies and mdse....


ACCOUNT ILLINOIS SOLDIERS AND Sailors HOME. Chicago, Wilmington & Franklin Coal Co., Coal,.......


American Brass Company, Chair tips and mdse.
Albin-Harve Co., Rope, twine, etc.,. ...
American Steel & Wire Company, Nails and mdse.
Armour Glue Works, White glue and mdse.
Armour Ammonia Works, Ammonia...
E. A. Armstrong Mfg. Co., Busby-maroon,
Abraham Baldwin, Cadet gray clothes,..
Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, Mitering machine,.
Berlin Mills Company, Paper and freight...
Buckie Printing Ink Co., Inks,...
Beardslee Chandelier Mfg. Company, Silk cord,

Cameron, Amberg & Company, Binders,. : H. Channon Company, Oval belting,.

151.51 275.10 659.1.1 565.00 106.31

6.90 1,553.18

240.03 4,700.03

62.75 50.86

2.54 152.80

L. C. Chase & Company, Upholstering,
Chicago & Alton R. R. Co., Freights,
Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Mdse. & supplies,.
Crescent Paper Company, Indian Kraft,.
Casein Mfg. Co., Texet sizing,
Chicago Machinery Exchange, Casting repairs and mdse...
Campbell Holton & Company, Apple butter and mdse..
C. C. Conn, Ltd., Musical instruments,
DeVilbiss Mfg. Company, Electric fans,..
Dearborn Paper Company, Ledger, index, etc.,...
Dennison Mfg. Company, Yellow gauze, etc.,.
Electric Appliance Company, Electric supplies,.
H. 0. Erickson & Son, Cement,.....
The Famous 5 & 10, Hooks and sinkers,.
Flanagan & Co., Inkwells,..
Fibre Grand Company, Cord, fibre,
The Fleischmann Co., Yeast, mdse.,.
Gane Bros & Company, Mdse....
Grand Rapids Wood Finishing Co., Solvent mdse.,
Grand Rapids Varnish Company, Enamel, etc.,.
llowes Bros. Company, Leather goods,..
IIolmon Soap Company, Soap, powder & mdse.,
H. M. Hooker, Turpentine, brushes & mdse.,
Hygrade Lamp Company, Lamp supplies,.
J. F. Humphreys & Company, Flour, mdse.,.
H. Ilalvorsen Company, Woolens, canvass, cloth & mdse.,
IIibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co., Supplies & mdse.,..
Wm. A. Iden Company, Hemp, twine,.
Illinois Central R. R. Co., Freight bills,.
Ideal Pattern & Machine Works, Columns, etc.,..
Ingersoll-Rand Company, Bolts and fittings,.
Kilgore Linotyping Company, Printing,
E. B. Kipp & Son, Cypress, lumber, hard coal, brick, etc.,
A. W. Klaholt, Supplies and mdse.,. .
Lilly Coal Company, Coal,......
Lussky, White & Coolidge, Fabrics, thread,
Latham Machinery Company, Lunch blocks,.
Lyon & Healy, School music,...
Ed Morris, Blacksmith, labor.
The David J. Malloy Company, supplies,
McClurg & Company, Dictionaries, binding,
McCormick-Grant, Seed oats,...,
MiNeill & Higgins Co., Mackerel, fish,....
Vergenthaler Linotype Company, Machinery,.
Moore, Case, Lyman & Hubbard, Insurance,
X. 0. Nelson Mfg. Company, Piping, valves,
National Gum & Mica Company, Glue mica,
O'Neill Oil & Paint Company, Enamel, mdse., .


120.: 4,097.

4.7 360.0 219.1 783.4 91.C

14.5 803.2

44.4 405.8

3.7 4.0

7.61 151.3

12.50 787.51

26.00 533.36 122.07 411.08 475.29

105.30 1,389.35

383.87 1,045.21

43.00 210.19 337.65 861.58 311.65 973.68 376.00 133.96 164.12 13.86

5.23 22.50 16.25 31.90 31.50 21.09 133,49

3.34 172.99 331.50 19.44

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