oedings, and that a judgment, or successive judgments, of such court shall be rendered upon the award made pursuant to such submission, ind for payment of fees and costs of the arbitrator or arbitrators. § 2. The parties to such submission may by such submission designate the number of such arbitrators, which number may be one or more as the parties shall agree; the manner in which they may be opointed in the first instance and vacancies caused by the refusal, inocity, or death of an appointee filled; the time and place of the hearing to the rules for the hearing of such controversy, not in conflict with the provisions of this Act; the parties to such submission may include by reference in said written submission the published rules of any organilation or association which rules shall thereby become a part of the outract of submission, provided that before the signing of said submission, said rules shall have been approved by the court that under said submission is authorized to take jurisdiction of said matter. § 3. A submission to arbitration shall, unless a contrary intention is expressed therein, be irrevocable. But any party to any such stomission or adverse award thereon, not fully adjudicated by the court, who may legally claim that there exists in his favor any right o maintain proceedings in bankruptcy, injunction, receivership, attachment, attachment in aid, garnishment, replevin, distress for rent, *cution, or other writ or process for the seizure or sequestration of operty, shall not, because of any such submission or award not fully ojudicated by the court, be barred from maintaining any such remedy, itless the same is waived in such submission, but the remedy in any such case shall extend only to placing the property seized or sequestered in the custody of the law, or to protect the rights of the parties pendof the making of a partial or a final award covering the rights and lities of the parties in respect to such proceedings and the action of the court thereon. § 4. Before any arbitrator shall enter upon his duties as an arbiTator, he shall be sworn faithfully and fairly to hear, examine, and *termine the cause and controversy, according to the principles of olity and justice, and make a just and true award according to the ost of his understanding; which oath may be administered by any or authorized to administer oaths. Said arbitrators or any of them all have the power to administer oaths, subpoena and examine wit**s, to issue subpoenas duces tecum requiring the production of * books, papers, records, and documents as may be evidence of any **ter under inquiry, and to examine and inspect the same; service of such subpoena shall be made by any sheriff or constable or other *son; the fees of witnesses for attendance and travel shall be the * as the fees of witnesses before the Circuit Courts of the State: "I court of this State, having jurisdiction of the subject matter of the submission, or any judge thereof, upon the application of such arolors or any of them, either in term time or vacation, may compel tendance of witnesses, the production of books and papers, and giv* of testimony before said arbitrators by attachment for contempt * otherwise in the same manner as the production of evidence may be "polled before said court.

§ 6. Said submission may be filed in court at any time after it execution, and upon being so filed, and upon at least five days' notic to the parties and arbitrators the court shall take jurisdiction of th parties and subject matter of such submission, without the filing ( any pleadings whatsoever. The arbitrators may, of their own motio and shall by request of a party (a) at any stage of the proceeding submit any question of law arising in the course of the reference fo the opinion of the court, stating the facts upon which the questio arises, and such opinion when given shall bind the arbitrators in th 'making of their award; (b) state their final award as to the whole o part of the reference in the form of a conclusion of fact for th opinion of the court on the questions of law arising and such opinio shall finally conclude the proceedings, except as by this Act otherwis provided.

APPROVED June 28, 1919. .

ARCHITECTS. REGULATION AND LICENSING. § 1. Unlawful to practice without cer- § 11. License to be displayed—seal– tificate of registration. what contain. § 2. What constitutes. § 12. Renewal. § 3. No license to corporations—con- § 13. When license may be revoked ditions under which they may suspended, etc.—notice an operate—partnerships. hearing. § 4. Construction of Act. § 14. Fees. $ 5. Who may qualify. § 15. Department of Registration and - - Education to adopt rules and § 6. Qualifications when licensed un- regulations. der laws of any other state or country. § 16. What constitutes misdemeanor —penalty.

§ 7. Application to be made to Department of Registration and $ 17. Department of Registration and

Education. Education to keep record. $ 8. Examinations—subjects em- § 18. Repeal. braced. § 19. Act may be known as “The Illi$ 9. When license shall issue. nois Architectural Act.”

§ 10. Exempt from provisions of . Structural Engineers' Act.

(SENATE BILL No. 287. Approved JUNE 24, 1919.)

AN ACT to provide for the licensing of architects and to regulate the practice of architecture as a profession and to repeal certain Arlo therein named. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois. represented in the General Assembly: It shall be unlawful for any person to practice architecture or advertise or put out any sign or card or other device which might indicate to the public that he or she is entitled to practice as an architect, without a certificate of registration as a registered architect, duly issued by the Department of Registration and Education under this Act, and as provided for in the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois.

; : Any one, or any combincation, [combination] of the followis notices by a person shall constitute the practice of architecture, toy: The planning or supervision of the erection, enlargement or losion of any building or buildings or of any parts thereof, to be tolded for others. A building is any structure consisting of olitions, floors, walls, columns, girders, beams and roof, or a comon of any number of these parts, with or without other parts. ; 3. No corporation shall be licensed to practice architecture in o State or be granted a certificate of registration under this Act, but all be lawful for a stock company or a corporation to prepare o, plans and specifications for buildings and structures as de* in this Act which are constructed, erected, built, or their conTo supervised by such stock company or corporation, provided that to thief executive officer or managing agent of such stock company or otion in the State of Illinois shall be a registered architect under * Art, and provided further that the supervision of such build15 and structures shall be under the personal supervision of said oted architect and that such drawings, plans and specifications olo prepared. under the personal direction and supervision of such otel architect and bear the stamp of his official seal.

It shall be lawful, however, for one or more registered architects ** a partnership with one or more licensed structural engineers, ord under the laws of this State, for the practice of their proossins.

§ 4. Nothing contained in this Act shall prevent the draftsmen, "ols, clerks of works, superintendents and other employes of those oil practicing as registered architects under the provisions of this * from acting under the instruction, control or supervision of their *Is, or to prevent the employment of superintendents of the cononton, enlargement or alteration of buildings or any parts thereof, * Prevent such superintendents from acting under the immediate *Tal supervision of the registered architect by whom the plans and “ations of any such building, enlargement or alteration were pre! - Nor shall anything contained in this Act prevent persons, me* or builders from making plans, specifications for or supervising **tion, enlargement or alteration of buildings or any parts thereof 's, * ostructed by themselves or their own employes for their own use, o that the working drawings for such construction are signed by * authors thereof with a true statement thereon of their relation to

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*onstruction and that the makers thereof are not architects: Porided nothing in this Act contained shall be held or construed ** any application to any building, remodeling or repairing of **ing or other structure outside of the corporate limits of any "" Village, where such building or structure is to be, or is used for o tial or farm purposes, or for the purposes of outbuildings or oly buildings in connection with such residential or farm prem*: D0s shall said Act apply to any building, remodeling or repairing "o hilling or structure within the corporate limits of any city or o where the total cost of said building, remodeling or repairing * not exceed the sum of seventy-five hundred dollars.


§ 5. Any person who is twenty-one years of age and of good moral character is qualified for an examination for a certificate of registration as a registered architect, provided he or she has graduated from a high school or secondary school, approved by the Department of Registration and Education, or has completed an equivalent course of study as determined by an examination conducted by the Department of Registration and Education, and has subsequently thereto completed such courses in mathematics, history and language, as may be prescribed by said Department, and has had at least three years’ experience in the office or offices of a reputable architect or architects. § 6. Upon payment of the required fee, an applicant who is an architect, registered or licensed under the laws of another state or ter. . ritory of the United States, or of a foreign country or province, Inay, without examination, be granted a certificate of registration as a regis. . tered architect by the Department of Registration and Education in its discretion upon the following conditions: (a) That the applicant is at least twenty-one years of age, of good moral character and temperate habits; and (b) That the requirements for the registration or licensing of . architects in the particular state, territory, country or province were. at the date of the license, substantially equal to the requirements then in force in this State. - § 7. Every person who desires to obtain a certificate of registration shall apply therefor to the Department of Registration and Education in writing, upon blanks prepared and furnished by the Depart: ment of Registration and Education. Each application shall be verified by the applicant under oath and shall be accompanied by the required fee. § 8. The Department of Registration and Education shall hold examinations of applicants for certificates of registration as registered architects at such times and places as it may determine. The examination of applicants for certificates of registration as registered architects shall consist of written tests and shall embrace the following subjects: (a) The planning, designing and construction of buildings. (b) The strength of building materials. (c) The principles of sanitation and ventilation as applied to buildings. (d) The ability of the applicant to make practical application of his knowledge in the ordinary professional work of an architect and in the duties of a supervisor of mechanical work on buildings. The Department of Registration and Education may by rule prescribe additional subjects for examination. § 9. Whenever the provisions of this Act have been complied with by an applicant the Department of Registration and Education shall issue a certificate of registration to the applicant as a registered architect, which certificate shall have the effect of a license to the person to whom it is issued to practice architecture in this State, subject to the provisions of this Act. Any license or certificate of registration heretofore issued under the laws of this State authorizing its holder to practice architecture shall,

during the unexpired period for which it was issued, serve the same purpose as the certificate of registration provided for by this Act. § 10. Any person licensed to practice architecture in this State or registered as an architect under this Act shall be exempt, from the provisions of any and all Acts in force in this State regulating the practice of structural engineering. § 11. Every holder of a certificate of registration as a registered architect shall display it in a conspicuous place in his principal office, place of business or place of employment. Every registered architect shall have a seal, the impression of which shall contain the name of the architect and the words “Registered Architect,” “State of Illinois.” He shall stamp with this seal all working drawings and specifications prepared by him or under his supervision. Any seal heretofore authorized under the laws of this State shall serve the same purpose as the seal provided for by this Act. § 12. Every registered architect who continues in active practice shall, annually, on or before the first day of July, renew his certificate of registration and pay the required renewal fee. Every license or certificate of registration which has not been renewed during the month of July in any year, shall expire on the first day of August in that year. A registered architect whose certificate of registration has expired may have his certificate restored only upon payment of the required restoration fee. Any architect registered or licensed in this State who has retired from the practice of architecture for a period of not more than five (5) Years may have his certificate of registration renewed, at any time within a period of five (5) years after so retiring, upon making applitation to the Department for such renewal and upon payment of all assed annual renewal fees. § 13. The Department of Registration and Education may refuse to renew, or may suspend, or may revoke, any certificate of registration for any one or any combination of the following causes: (a) Gross incompetency. (b) Recklessness in the construction of buildings or their apourtenances. (c) Dishonest practice. (d) When the architect has been twice convicted for a violation of any of the provisions of this Act. (e) A person who has by false or fraudulent representation obtained or sought to obtain a certificate of registration as an architect. The Department of Registration and Education shall not refuse to *new, not suspend, nor shall it revoke any certificate of registration of any of the above causes until the person accused shall have been given at least twenty (20) days’ notice in writing of the charge against him and * Public hearing upon such charge has been had by the Department of *gistration and Education. Upon the hearing of any such proceeding, the Director of Regis"sion and Education, the Assistant Director of Registration and Edu*ion, or the Superintendent of Registration may administer oaths, * the Department of Registration and Education may issue subpoenas

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