If any such judge or judges are to be elected in any circuit or territory comprised of only one county, the delegates to such convention shall consist of the members of such party’s county convention as created by section 10 of said Act, as amended by an Act approved June 30, 1913, in force July 1, 1913. If any judge or judges of the Circuit Court are to be elected in any circuit comprising more than one county, such convention shall be composed of delegates from the several counties comprising the circuit. Each county shall be entitled to one delegate for every four hundred voters or major fraction thereof cast in such county for the candidate for Governor of the political party holding the convention, at the last preceding election for Governor; and such delegates from each county shall be selected by the county committee of that county. § 2. Whereas, an emergency exists, therefore this Act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. APPROVED April 25, 1919.


COMMISSIONERS. § 1. Amends sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. $ 9. Canvasser's list and 10, 13, 26 and 32 of Article III, affidavit — penalty Act of 1885. for neglect to file or making false affi§ 3. Meeting of board of davit — revision of registry — registry register — affidavit books—control of. and examination of suspect — names § 4. Signature of judges erased — application and certificate. for restoration. $ 5. Return of registers— § 10. Compare and correct challenge — affidavit registers — certifica— form — misde- tion — return meanor — penalty— copies—printing. application for reg- istration – oath — § 13. County Court—appliillness or absence cation to put name from city. on or erase from register. § 6. Revision of register— se c on d meeting— § 26. Return of registers corrections, etc.- to commissioners COpy. when lost or mutilated. $ 8. Suspect notices to be mailed and delivered § 32. Return of affidavits—postage provided procedure—penalty. for—penalties and prosecution for ne- § 2. Repeals section 30 of Article III, glect of duty. Act of 1885.

(House, EIIL No. 606. APPROVED JUNE 28, 1919.)

AN ACT to amend sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 26 and 32 and to repeal section 30, of Article III of an Act entitled: “An Act regulating the holding of elections and declaring the result thereof in cities, villages and incorporated towns in this State,” approved June 19, 1885, in force July 1, 1885, as amended. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. 13, 26 and 32 of Article III of an Act entitled: “An Act regulating the holding of elections and declaring the result thereof in cities, villages

and incorporated towns in this State,” approved June 19, 1885, in force July 1, 1885, as amended, are amended to read as follows: § 3. Such board of registry and the election clerks shall meet in the precinct twice prior to such first election for the purpose of making a registry; the first day for such registration being on the Saturday immediately preceding the Tuesday four weeks before such election, and the second day of registration being on the Tuesday three weeks before election for the first general city, village or town election, or the first general State or county election which may occur after the first appointment of such board of election commissioners at the place designated by such board of commissioners and they shall then proceed to make a general registration of all the voters in such precinct. A new general registration shall be made by the board of registry in every year in which a congressional election occurs and just prior thereto, the first day of such registration being on the Saturday immediately preceding the Tuesday four weeks before such election, and the second day of registration being on Tuesday three weeks before such election. Two registry books shall be furnished to such board of registry by the board of election commissioners for the purpose of such registration, and shall be prepared substantially in the following form:

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Said board of registry shall then proceed as follows: . First:-They shall open the registry at eight o'clock a. m. and continue in session until nine o'clock p.m. on registration days. One of the judges shall administer to all persons who shall personally apply to register the following oath or affirmation: “You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching your place of residence, name, place of birth, your qualifications as an elector, and your right as such, to register and vote under the laws of this State.” Second:—Each of said clerks of election and one of said judges of election shall have charge of the registry books, and shall make the entries therein required by this Act, and one of the judges shall ask the questions as to qualifications, and after he is through, either of the judges may ask questions. As many questions may be asked by any judge as may be deemed necessary to fully determine the qualification of the applicant. to register, and any answer that is deemed material and that is not in response to a question provided for on the register, may be stated in the column headed “Remarks”. One of the judges of election may, when necessary, relieve one of the clerks from time to time as necessity may seem to demand, in making entries in said book. Third:—The name of every applicant shall be entered in such registry books, and all the facets shall be therein stated, as hereinafter provided, whether he be entitled to vote or not. If it shall be determined by the board that he is not a qualified voter in such precinct, then an entry shall be made in the appropriate column, “No,” and if qualified, an entry shall be made in the same column “Yes.” Fourth:-Only such male persons of the age of twenty-one years, residing in such precinct, as apply personally for registration, shall be entered in such registers; but every applicant who would be twenty-one Years of age on the day of next election, if otherwise qualified, shall be entered on such registers. Every applicant who has commenced to reside in such precinct at least thirty days before such election shall be entered in such registry and shall be marked “qualified” or “disqualified.” as the case may be; but unless on the day of election he shall have resided for thirty full days in such election precinct, he can not vote therein, although otherwise qualified. Fifth:—The headings to the registry book shall be so prepared that the registry shall be made alphabetically, according to the surname of each person applying, but it shall be arranged so that the residences of such persons shall appear in the first column. The register shall he ruled, and one name shall be written on each line, but no names shall be written between the lines. The entries shall be as follows: First:—Under the column “Residence” the name and number of the street, avenue, or other location of the dwelling, if there be a definite number, and if there shall not be a number, such clear and definite description of the place of such dwelling as shall enable it to be readily *Certained. If there shall be more than one house at the number given by the applicant as his place of residence, state in which house he resides. And if there be more than one family residing in said house, either the floor on which he resides, or the number, or location of the room or rooms occupied by him, whether front or rear; every floor below the level of the street or ground being designated as the basement; the first floor above that as the second or such other floor as it may be: If there shall be a flat building or an apartment house at the number given, state the number of the fiat or apartment, as the case may be, in which he resides. Second:—Under the column “Name,” the name of the applicant. writing the surname first, and given or Christian name after. Third:—Under the column “Nativity,” the State, country, kingdom, empire or dominion, as the fact stated by applicant shall be. Fourth –Under the subdivision of the general column “Term of residence,” the periods by days, months or years stated by the applican respectively, as to “At present address,” “Precinct,” “County,” “State, and the “United States.” Under the subdivision headed “At present address,” the term of applicant’s residence at the street and number given, and if that period is less than thirty days prior to the day of election, then the applicant shall state at what location in the same precinct he resided immediately prior thereto, and the length of time, which statement shall be entered in the column headed “Remarks.” Fifth —Under the column “Age,” the age of the applicant. Under “Naturalized,” the word “Yes,” according to the fact stated. Sixth —Under the column “Date of papers,” the date of naturalization, if naturalized, or about the date. Seventh —Under the column “Court,” the designation of the court in which, if naturalized, such naturalization was had ; and, if the name of the court can not be had with certainty, then the name of the place in which such court was located. Eighth —Under the column “By Act of Congress,” the word “Yes." in case such person, though foreign born, has been made a citizen by Act of Congress, without taking out his naturalization papers. Ninth:-Under the column “Qualified voter,” the word “Yes,” or “No,” as the facts shall appear, or be determined by a majority of the board of registry, it being, however, required of them to designate as a qualified voter any male person who, if otherwise qualified, shall not. at the time of making application, be of age: Provided, the time when such applicant shall be of the age of twenty-one shall be subsequent to the date of his application and not later than the day of election immediately following such time of applying; but no applicant shall be designated as a qualified voter who having been challenged has not filed With said board of registry his affidavit of qualification. according to the provisions of this Act. Tenth —Under the column “Date of application,” the month, day, and year, when the applicant presented himself and was adjudged a qualified voter in election precinct. Eleventh —Under the column “Residence when last registered.” the name and number of the street or avenue from which applicant was last registered, in the same city, village, or town, and the month

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