Bulletin of the New York Mathematical Society, Volume 2

The Society, 1893

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Pagina 174 - Geometry in the Grammar Schools. An essay, together with illustrative class exercises and an outline of the work for the last three years of the grammar school.
Pagina 174 - Selbständige Werke oder neue, der Akademie bisher nicht zugekommene Periodica sind eingelangt: Pritsche, H., Über die Bestimmung der geographischen Länge und Breite und der drei Elemente des Erdmagnetismus durch Beobachtungen zu Lande, sowie erdmagnetische und geographische Messungen an mehr als tausend verschiedenen Orten in Asien und Europa. (Ausgeführt in den Jahren 1867—1891.) St.
Pagina 88 - Analytics, 1.4 : 73ft 32) proves that every isosceles triangle has the sum of its angles equal to two right angles...
Pagina 126 - Die Theorie der Beobachtungsfehler und die Methode der kleinsten Quadrate mit ihrer Anwendung auf die Geodäsie und die Wassermessungen. Von B. Nebel 218 v. Lommel, Lehrbuch der Experimentalphysik. Von B. Nebel .... 213 Czapski, Theorie der optischen Instrumente nach Abbe".
Pagina 77 - In observations of equal precision the most probable values of the observed quantities are those that render the sum of the squares of the residual errors a minimum...
Pagina 20 - The solution of an algebraically solvable equation can always be performed by a chain of binomial equations of prime degrees whose roots are rationally expressible in terms of the roots of the given equation and of certain roots of unity.
Pagina 155 - ... entire theory of differential equations on a more satisfactory foundation. He has shown that the integration theories of the older mathematicians, which had been looked upon as isolated, can by the introduction of the concept of continuous groups of transformations be referred to a common source, and that ordinary differential equations which admit the same infinitesimal transformations present like difficulties of integration. He has also emphasized the subject of transformations of contact...
Pagina 60 - THE VISIBLE UNIVERSE. Chapters on the Origin and Construction of the Heavens. By JE GORE, FRAS, Author of" Star Groups,
Pagina 87 - On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I read Newton's Fluxions in a sort of way, to know what I am about in doing a prop. There is no time of reading a book better than when you need it, and when you are on the point of finding it out yourself if you were able.

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