Nonrequired Reading: Prose Pieces

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 10. mar. 2015 - 256 sider
Wislawa Szymborska's poems are admired around the world, and her unsparing vision, tireless wit, and deep sense of humanity are cherished by countless readers. Unknown to most of them, however, Szymborska also worked for several decades as a columnist, reviewing a wide variety of books under the unassuming title "Nonrequired Reading."
As readers of her poems would expect, the short prose pieces collected here are anything but ordinary. Reflecting the author's own eclectic tastes and interests, the pretexts for these ruminations range from books on wallpapering, cooking, gardening, and yoga, to more lofty volumes on opera and world literature. Unpretentious yet incisive, these charming pieces are on a par with Szymborska's finest lyrics, tackling the same large and small questions with a wonderful curiosity.

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A collection of book reviews from the Polish poet & Nobel Laureate. Wonderful, quirky, delightfully erudite and completely eccentric. Recommended. Les hele vurderingen


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Nobel laureate Szymborska (Miracle Fair, 2001, etc.) reprints nearly a hundred pithy pieces about books from her many years as a newspaper columnist in Poland.But don't call them reviews. "I am and ... Les hele vurderingen

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Cosmic Solitude
The Impresario
Close Calls
Whats the Mystery?
The Vandals Fate
Whats Dreaming?
Too Late or When?
Your Honor

Seeing the Light
Thats the Spirit
In Cold Blood
The State of Fashion
Love in Bloom
Feet and Fate
Humors Younger Brother
Great Love
Bones to Pick
The Scales of Justice
Home Improvement
Nowhere to Hide
Whos Who
Talking Pictures
Glass Houses
The LongDistance Walker
Back to Nature
Fair Game
Changing Places
Blowing Your Own Horn
The Road to Perfection
Trouble in Paradise
Lilliput Lost
The Psychic Life of Pets
The NinetyPound Weakling
Do It Yourself
To Be Continued
How Not to Be Noble
For Every Occasion
Family Affairs
On Your Toes
Childhood and Before
Old Friends
The Myth of Poetry
In Praise of Birds
Gladiators and Others
Bringing Up the Rear
Catherine the NotSoGreat
The Courtiers Inferno
The Art of Destruction
Roman Thickets
Black Tears
Graphology on the Barricades
I Was Traveling with the Fairest
Mummies and Us
Chips Will Fly
Take the Cow
Willem Kolff
Hammurabi and After
Hugs for Humanity
Truth and Fiction
The Princes Feet Not to Mention Other Body Parts
They Were
Round Dates
The Female Pharaoh
Cat Music
The End of the World in Plural
The Nut and the Gilded Shell
Let Me Take This Occasion
A Word on Nakedness
In Relaxations Clutches
Many Questions
The Piano and the Rhinoceros
Lace Hankies
Mountain Climbing
Ten Minutes of Solitude
A Bad Little Boy
At Last
Blocks and Blockheads
In Praise of Questions
The CardboardEating Cadaver
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Om forfatteren (2015)

WISLAWA SZYMBORSKA (1923–2012) was born in Poland and worked as a poetry editor, translator, and columnist. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996. Her books include Monologue of a Dog, Map: Collected and Last Poems, and Poems New and Collected: 1957–1997.

CLARE CAVANAGH, professor of Slavic and comparative literature at Northwestern, has received a PEN Translation Award for her work, with Stanislaw Baranczak, on Szymborska's poetry.


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