Had I not been sick of mar

riage and the nuptial torch, to

this one frailty I might perhaps give way.

In the meantime, Daedalus, growing weary of Crete and his long exile, and touched by the love of his native soil, was shut up by the sea.

[There was] a piny wood by me many years beloved ; it was a wood on a lofty mountain, embowered with gloomy firs, and the maples' shady boughs, whither they brought me sacred offerings.

Reflect daily [that] thou shouldest resist anger. an] transported with the desire of seeing your fathers.

Nor have I now any hope of seeing my ancient country, nor my pleasing children, and my much beloved sire. .

I shall not see the proud seats of the Myrmidons and Dolopians, mor will go to serve the Grecian dames.

He had come either to besiege thy house, or had laid snares for the senate,

Si non pertaesus neut. thalāmus gen. taedaque (fuisset,) hic unus culpa forsan possum perf succumbo. Daedalus intereà (Creten) longusque peròsus exilium, tactusque solum natális amor, clausus sum impf. pelägus. Pineus sylva ego multus dilectus per annus; lucus in arx sum perf summus, quð sacrum plur. fero impf. nigrans picea, sing, trabsque obscurus a Cernus. Quotidie meditor (resistendum) sum iracundia. Efféro studium pater vester video. Nec ego dat. jam spes ullus video patria antiquus, mec dulcis natus, exoptätusque parens. Non ego Myrmidon sedes Dolópesve superbus aspicio, aut Graius servio supine mater eo. Is aut domus tuus oppugno venio, aut insidiae senātus facio.


A direful pestilence fell [on my] anger of unjust Juno, hating (a rival dictas a pellice terras).

people (plur.) [from] the country named from her

(He frequents colit) the pools

and spreading lakes, and, hating fire, selected the rivers con

trary to flames (to dwell in qua colat). Demetrius, weary of a private though opulent life,


Wars detested by

privately tacitus) meditates flight into the kingdom. For § a short time after, hating Agathócles, his son, whom he 12

had appointed (as successor in successionem) of [his] kingdom, by whom he had prosperously carried on many wars, not only (beyond what is usual with a father, but with other men patrium verilm etian humánum ultra morem), (destroyed

interfecit) [him by) poison, (by his agent Arsinoë ministrá

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We must carefully turn away from them. The other [accusers] must not only not be pardoned, but they must be opposed vigorously. Nor indeed are they to be regarded, who will advance that we should be very angry with our enemies, and will judge this to be [the part] of a brave and heroic spirit. We must take care, lest the punishment be greater than the crime; and lest some be questioned only, and others punished for the same misdemeanors. We should take care that the appetites may be obedient to rea

Ab is sum diligentius declino. Caeter dat. non modó nihil ignosco, sed etiam acriter sum resisto.

Nec veró (audiendi), qui graviter irascor inimicus puto, (idque) magnanimus et fortis vir sum CenSeo.

Caveo sum etiam, ne magnus poena quâm culpa sum; et ne idem de causa alius plector, alius ne appello quidem.

Efficio” autem sum, ut appetitus ratio obedio, is

son, neither should they run before it, nor through sloth and heaviness disregard it : and the mind should be tranquil, and free from all disturbance.

que acc. neque praecurro pres. subj. nec propter pigritia, aut ignavia deséro: sumque pres. subj. tranquillus, atque omnis perturbatio animus plur. careO.

The Gerund in di.

Upon which account these men, being fond of war, were affected with great grief. But there is one time for soliciting, another for prosecuting.

He has those accusers, who [have] not [been prompted] to this impeachment by the grudge of [personal] resentments, but who have been drawn into these resentments by their zeal for impeaching.

Servius here embarked with me in the city warfare of giving opinions, pleading causes, and drawing contracts, [a business] full of perplexity and vexation.

This they the more easily performed a great part of the summer. Because our ships were kept back by storms, and the danger of sailing was very great in the vast and open sea, in high tides, and where there were few or no ports.

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Servius hic sequor ego cum hic urbānus militia acc. respondeo, scribo, caveo, plenus fem. acc. solicitudo ac stomâchus.

Hic neut. (ed) facilé comp. facio impf magnus pars acc. aestas. Quðd noster navis tempestas detineo, impf, summusque difficultas navigo sum impf vastus atque apertus mare, magnus aestus, rarus abl ac propè nullus portus abl.

The ger, in do dat, and all; and in dum.

Nature has given the frogs legs adapted to swimming. This is common to study and

Natüra do rana crus aptus natandum. Hic sum communis

writing, that a good state of edisco et scribo, quðd bohealth contributes greatly to nus valetúdo plurimum both. utergue conféro pres. subj.

I found it more by wanting than by enjoying [it]. He rendered the sea secure, by chasing the pirates.

We are both wearied, I in being beaten, and he in beating.

Thou art a facetious man, graceful in persuading, and [come] from the schools accomplished and polite. The short time of our existence is long enough to live well. Aspis prepares the Pisidians, with those whom he had with him, for a resistance. It is not to be wondered at, if, upon behaving himself thus, both his life was secure, and his death afiiicting. They began by railing at the senate to incense the common people, then by being prodigal, and by promising, to inflame them the more. Thus being superior in number, if they could not check the enemies from pursuing, they attacked [them] upon their dividing in rear or flank.

Careo magis intelligo quam fruor. Maritimus praedo consector, mare tutus reddo. Ego vapülo, ille verbero, usque ambo defessus Sunn. Sum homo facătus, ad persuadeo concinnus, perfectus, politus e schola Sang. Brevis tempus aetas satis sum longus ad bené vivo. Aspis compáro (Pisidas), cum is qui suicum habeo impf ad resisto. Minime sum (mirandum), sui gero, si et vita is sum perf. securus et mors acerbus. . Coepi senātus criminor, plebs exagito, dein largior atdue polliceor magis incendo.

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All [things] are to be laid down, proved, and explained; the charge must not only be opened, but also set off nobly and copiously. For the danger is, lest by the disorderly behaviour of our soldiers, an opportunity may be given to Lysander of cutting off our army. All these [things] were to be done by Caesar in a moment; the flag to be hung out, which was the signal when it behoved them to be ready in arms; the battle to be proclaimed by trumpet; the soldiers to be recalled from their work; those who were gone at some distance for the purpose of fetching materials for the ramparts, to be sent for; the army to be drawn up; the soldiers to be encouraged; the sign [of battle] to be given. And also going to another part for the sake of encouraging [his men] he found them engaging. So great was the want of time, and so eager the desire of the enemies to fight, that time was wanting not only for fixing the standards, but even for putting on their helmets, and drawing off the covers from the targets. Into whatsoever part any one accidentally came from his work, or whatever colours he first espied, he ranked himself under them, lest in seeking his own [company] he should lose the opportunity of


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