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Verbs deponent are formed like passives, but signify like .

No actives;"as, sequor, I follow, not I am followed.

The she-goat follows. Thy- Sequor" capella. Thymoetes advises. Unconquered he moetes hortor". Invictus dies. The enemies threaten. morior”. Minor" hosThe frogs wander. Years glide tis. Wagor'rana. Labor” away. He himself confesses. annus. Ipse fateor".


The altar smokes. We fly. Phyllis loves. The shade hurts. Glory remains. Labour conquers. Another draws. Care comes. Apollo reigns. Water flows. Studies delight. The fates call. Death terrifies. Does the boy read?

Does the shepherd come 2 Time flies. Love increases.

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follows, sequor": wood, sylva; stands, stol : descends, ruos : stag, cerous.



The wood did stand. I Sylva stabat. Veni, came, I saw, I conquered. vidi, vici. Caper deerThe he-goat had wandered. ravérat.


I did sing. Thou wast play- Cano'. Ludo". Aquila ing. The eagle was flying. The volo'. Românus vinco’. Romans have conquered., The Pater rideo". Troja cado". father laughed. Troy fell. Hon- Honor jubeo'. Cicéro our had commanded. Cicero had scribo'. Writton

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I was weeping. Ye have feared. We have bound. Thou hast played. Has he taught? Have they admonished?

He had led. Ye have studied. They have commanded."

I had sent. The house had stood. The hour had come. The king will conquer. Foxes will deceive. The meadows have drunk. Hector fell. The sisters were weeping. The empire had stood. The writings will refute. The condition will please.

Weeping, fleo?: feared, metuo?: bound, rinico; ; played, ludo" : taught, doceo”: admonished, momeo?: led, duco”: . studeo? : commanded, jubeo”: sent, mitto": house, domus; stood, stol : hour, hora; come, venio": king, rez; conquer, encio": foxes, vulpes; deceive, fallo”: meadows, pratum ; drunk, biboo : fell, cado”: sisters, soror: empire, imperium; writings, scriptum; refute, refito : condition, conditio; please, place0°.


Begin, Damatas. Stay thou. Incipe, Damaeta. Ma

Let us study. Let the boys re- ne or manëto. Studeå

main. Let the ox lie down. mus.* Puéri maneant. Bos decumbat.

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* See Adam's Lat. Gram. Ster. Ed. page 95, note; and page 120, Obs. 6.

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hither. Let him rest. Play thou.

Leave off, boy.
Let the winter come.
Let the Muses sing. Let the eye see.

Farewell. Come ye
Let us repeat.
Let them contend.

Let the girl dance.

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The apples may hang. Boys can learn.

The bird should

sing. The cock should have crowed. The dog should have

Caesar will have triumphed.

The horse should have drawn.

Time will have flown

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INDICATIVE MOOD. PRESENT TENSE. MODEL. I am praised. Thou art Laudor. Docéris. Ag taught. The pine is agitated. titur pinus. Merito plec

We are deservedly punished.
The oars are broken.


I am led. Thou art sent. A fable is told. The times are changed. The city is taken. Money is lost. Iron is consumed. The enemies are conquered.

They all are touched. Rewards are given. War is prepared. We are all trusted. Ye are deservedly 'punished. The grass is cropped.

timur. Franguntur reml,

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A messenger is sent.

Authors are read. We are taken.

Thou art prepared. A voice is heard. The boys are hindered. The city is fortified. Laws are given. The horse is tired. Ye are despised. The travellers are plundered. The leaves are scattered.

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lambs have been counted. Laws have been given. The leaves have been scattered. The enemy had been conquered. The letter had been written. Thou wilt be praised. I shall be recalled. The city will be plundered. The men

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