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Let the king be loved. Let the gates be shut.
Let the sailor be preserved.

limbs be collected.

Let the

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The shout might have been Clamor audio'. Flos heard. The flowers might have colligo”. Oppidum incenbeen collected. The town will do". Bos ostendo". have been burned. The oxen will have been shown.

- ENGLISH TO BE TURNED INTO LATIN. - We may be punished. Ye may be taken. Rogues should **be found-öut. *The stag might be caught. The books may ov-oe-been sent. The ships may have been sunk. Ye might have been preservetla The soldier might have been wounded. The money will have been paid. The rewards will have

been given.

Rogues, verbéro ; found out, deprehendo? : books, liber ; preserved,

serro! ; paid, solvoo: rewards, pranium.

[blocks in formation]

Tener agnus. Dolósa vulpes. Placidum mare.

Crudëlis bellum. Ma-
lus mens. Fortunatus
puer. O luctans ventus.
Dulcis aqua. Verus lac-
ryma. Hortus amoenus.
Varius color. Fugio" in-
vidus aetas. Venio' gla-
ciális hyems.
Dirus paro' bellum.
Pluvius arcus describoo.
Veterānus miles pugno'.
Lactus victoria venio".
Sanctus funus procédo".
Vetus Românus vinco”.

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The good boy learns. The Bonus puer disco". Manaughty boys play. The swift lus puer ludo". Celer horse conquers. The slow horses equus vinco’. Tardus are overcome. The fearful hares equus vinco". Timidus fly. The nimble dogs follow. lepus fugio". Velox canis Beautiful women are loved. sequor". Formösus foemiWeary travellers will sit. na amo". Fessus viàtor

- sedeo”.

Our masters come. Idle boys Noster praeceptor venio'. will be beaten. My books have Ignävus puer caedo’. Meus been torn. Your brothers were liber lacéro". Tuus frater praised. My horse is tired. The laudo'. Meus equus fatifirst man was created. Good au- go". Primus homo creo'. thors are read. Bad authors will Bonus auctor lego”. Malus be neglected. auctor negligo'.

Proud men fall. Humble men Superbus homo cado'. shall be exalted. High towers Modestus homo prového'. fall. Low cottages stand. The Altus turris cado". Humiway is short. The spring was lis casa sto'. Brevis sum eternal. Dear is my native soil. via. Ver sum aeternus. Death is certain. Time is un- Dulcis sum paternus socertain. Delay is not safe. Hu- lum. More sum certus. man counsels fail. Past labours Tempus incertus. Mora are pleasant. Time past never non tutus sum. Humānus returns. consilium cado". Jucundus actus labor. Praeteritus tempus nunquam re



My lambs. A pleasant garden. A hateful war. To a beautiful flock. The great pine is agitated. Crooked old age will come. The old wood did stand. Dark night comes. The swift stags fly. With joyful victory. The ripe apple falls. The brave Romans fought. Conquered Carthage fell.

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1. At the break of day. 2. Senators of Rome 3. With good luck. 4. With ill luck 5. By one's own strength. 6. A common soldier. 7. A good excuse. 8. Prosperity. 9. Adversity. 10. The flower of one's age 11. In old age. 12. Childhood. 13. Treason. 14. Losses. 15. Coined money. 16. Bullion. 17. A discharged old soldier. 18. Men of no acCOunt.



1. Primus lux (abl. sing.). 2. Pater conscriptus. 3. Bonus avis (abl. plur.). 4. Malus avis o: plur.). 5. Proprius Mars (abl. sing.). 6. Gregarius miles. 7. Honestus oratio. 8. Res (nom. slur.) secundus. 9. Res (nom. plur.) adversus. 10. Altas integer. 11. Exactus aetas (abl. sing.). 12. AFtas pra-textus. 13. Lassus majestas. 14. Lapsus res (nom. plur.). 15. AEs signātus. 16. AEs gravis. 17. Miles emeritus. 18. Ignotus caput (nom.plur.).

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did lament her absent Ulysses. We fly our country. Joe had promised long years. If{omulus built Rome. The merchant refits his shattered ships. r anceStorS conqueroll Italy.

We leave our pleasant.fields. To number the stars, % measure the magnitude of World. The Romo people did excel all nations in bravery. "That I should undertake their capse and defence. The fiercq Lucăgus brandishes his drawn" sword. Then the pious AEneas throws hiso:

"y A life well spent makes old age pleasant, Benefits procure friends. One good turn obtains another. Learning makes life pleasant. Dido built Carthage. Fortune assists the brave.

The autumn pours forth fruits. Labour conquers all things. All admire your diligence. When he says, know yourself, he says this, know your own mind. The Romans conquered all nations.

Time destroys all things. The earth brings forth flowers. Five zones divide the heaven. Honour cherishes the arts. Friendship makes prosperity more bright, adversity more tolerable.

I will sing no songs. He suffers a cruel slavery. Nestor lived the third age of men. She seems to travel a long journey.

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jacio'. ". Vita benéactus senectus efficio" jucundus. Beneficium paro'amicus. Gratia, gratia pario'. Doctrina vita suavis efficio”. Dido condo Carthågo. Audax fortúna juvo'. Autumnus frugis effundo”. Labor omnis vinco”. diligentia tuus omnis admiror'. Cum dico”, nosco” tu ipse, hoc dico, animus tuus nosco. Românus omnis gens vinco”. Omnis fero attas. Terra pario flos. Quinque teneo” coelum zona. Honos alo" ars. Secundus res splendidus facio" amicitia, adversus levis. Nullus carmen cano". Durus servio'servitus. Tertius attas homo vivo”. Nestor. Longus videor’eovia.

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