And now the high tops of the villages, at a distance, smoke. The last era [subject] of Cumaean song is now arrived : the great series of ages begins anew.

The Grecian heroes, by the divine skill of Pallas, build a horse to the size of a mountain. Some are astonished at that baleful offering of the virgin [goddess] Minerva, and wonder at the bulk of the horse.

A misunderstanding of the states is the bane of this city. Such was either the levity of the soldiers, or the inconstancy of fortune, that kings seemed at one time kings, and at another time exiles.

And such is the fruitfulness of the adjacent soil, that it is filled with its own riches; and such is the plenty of fountains

and of woods, that it is irrigated;

with an abundance of water, and wants not the diversions of hunting.

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The sun is the light of the world. Juno was the wife of

Jupiter. the mother of all good arts.

Neptune is the deity of the waters.

Philosophy is 1. For the sake of example. 2. The thing is the emperor's. 3. A man that has no fixed hab

The world is governed by the

providence of God. I come now to M. Cato, which (quod) is the prop and strength of this whole impeachment.

Deity, numen; to govern, administrol; which (quod); prop, fir

namentum; and strength, ac robur; whole, totus; impeac


ent, tion of the combs.


itation. 4. A man good at any thing. 5. A chief heir. 6. A curious observer of beauties.

7. Fencing. 8. Men of small means. 9. One fit for all purposes. 10. It is undoubtedly true. 11. To venture one's life.

1. Exemplum causa (abl.). 2. Res fiscus (gen.) sum. 3. Homo incertus lar. 4. Omnis (gen. plur.) scena (gen. plur.) homo. 5. Hares primus (gen.) cera (gen.). 6. Elégans (nom.) forma . spectätor (nom.). 7. Ludicrus ars arma. S. Tenuis census (gen. sing.) homo (plur.). 9. Homo hora (plur.) omnis (plur.). 10. Sibylla (gen.) folium sum. 11. Caput periculum adeo.

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be the fortune of the city. Some within the enclosures of

their hives lay the first founda

Fratriades [for fratris]. Carmine laudes Herculeas ferunt [for laudes Hercülis].


Laocoon (ductus sacerdos) Neptunus (sorte), taurus ingens macto solennis ad ara. At puer Ascanius, qui dat. nunc cognomen lillus addo 3 pers. pass. Dum quis fortúna sum urbs miror. Pars intra septum domus (domórum) primus favus ponofundāmen (plur.).


And the circumrotation of Ix. Atque Ixionéus cantus

ion's wheel was suspended by abl. rota consto' perf act. the song. orbis gen.

Here again, for three hundred Hic jam tercentum to

full years, the sceptre shall be tus acc. (regnabitur) an

swayed by Hector's line. nus acc. plur. gens sub Hectoreus.


The rewards of glory (dat.). He is the father of the city, and the husband of the city. The labour (of Hercules Herculeus) broke through Achéron. Why does he avoid oil more cautiously than vipers' blood? For, from thee, (dat.), O'Tymbrus, the sword of Evander lopped off the head. .

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An Adjective in the Neuter Gender followed by a

MODEL. That business. What kind of Id negotii. Quid tu man art thou? He informs them hominis es? Quid sui what was his design. consilii sit ostendit.


What course wilt thou take Quid consilium capio ! Nothing of earthly dregs. Much of Nec (quicquam) terrénus • * heaven [was] left behind. There sex sing. (Multum) coelum * is much evil in example. More post tergum plur. relinthan fifty men were slain (or had quo (relictum) neut. Sumo

fallen). - - multus malum in exem- A plum. Plus quinquaginta & homo cado (cecidérant). w

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That time. So much meat and drink. There is much good in friendship, much evil in discord. He, who has little

money, has also little credit.

Whatever judgment I had.

What business hast thou? Mayest thou preserve the half of

my soul.

So much (tantum): credit, fides : whatever, quicquid; had, (habutrim) : what, (ecquid); mayest thou preserve (serves); the half, (di

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... Hic, quis, tantus, quantus, plurimus, &c., like all other ad

jectives, agree with their substantives, when such substantives Every where [was] cruel sorrow, every where terror, and ma-. ny an image of death. Over what lands, O son, over what immense seas have you, I hear, been tost! with what dangers harassed

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* Mihi is here understood.

Crudélis ubique luctus, ubique pavor, et plurimus mors imägo. Quis terra acc. pl., natus, ego tu acc. accipio, et quantus per aquor vectus acc. quantus jactatus acc. pericúlum abl.


And what was so great a cause

to theft (of seeing videndi)

Rome? So great is the love of praises, of so great care is victory. Alas! what great destruction awaits us! (dat.) As that [thing], was troublesome, so is this [thing] pleasant. So great is the power of honesty, that we love [it] even in an enemy. O Son, what great grief excites [your] ungoverned

anger (plur)?

Alas! what great, heu quantus; awaits, instol ; love diligo?: what, quis; great, tantus; ungoverned, indomitus.

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As obstinately bent on falsehood and iniquity, as on being the reporter of truth. They restrain Ascanius, eager for the fight. Who of them all was more learned than Aristotle The most ancient of mankind practised industry. ExERCISE Mindful of human affairs. Conscious of his audacious act. Animals fearful of the light. Singularly mindful of medicine. Too cautious and fearful of the storm.

Tam ficti pravique tenax, quam nuncia ver1. Avidum pugna Ascanium prohibent.

Quis omnium suit Aristotéle doctior Vetustissimi mortalium exercébant diligentiam.

29. Memor plur. res humänus. Conscius audax factum. Animal lux timidus. Medicina peculiariter curiosus. Cautus nimium timidusque procella.

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