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Side 269 - Oriental Customs ; or, an Illustration of the Sacred Scriptures by an Explanatory Application of the Customs and Manners of the Eastern Nations, especially the Jews therein referred to.
Side 274 - THOMAS'S MODERN PRACTICE OF PHYSIC: Exhibiting the Symptoms, Causes, Prognostics, Morbid Appearances, and Treatment of the Diseases of All Climates. Eleventh Edition, thoroughly revised, corrected, and to a considerable extent re-written, by ALGERNON FRAMPTON, MD; HERBERT DAVIES, MD; N.
Side 266 - Wake. — CHAPTERS ON MAN. With the Outlines of a Science of comparative Psychology. By C. STANILAND WAKE, Fellow of the Anthropological Society of London.
Side 158 - Dakotas count by the fingers, as is common to most peoples, but with a peculiarity of their own. When they have gone over the fingers and thumbs of both hands, one finger is temporarily turned down for one ten. At the end of the next ten another finger is turned, and so on to a hundred. Opawinge [Opawi"xe], one hundred, is derived from pawinga...
Side 64 - After traveling about fourteen miles, we were joined by three miners, and our mules, taking a sudden liking for their horses, jogged on at a more brisk rate. The instincts of the mulish heart form an interesting study to the traveler in the mountains. I would, were the comparison not too ungallant, liken it to a woman's, for it is quite as uncertain in its sympathies, bestowing its affections where least expected, and when bestowed, quite as constant, so long as the object is not taken away.
Side 273 - Both Series Complete in One Vol. Leigh Hunt's Essays : A Tale for a Chimney Corner, and other Pieces. With Portrait, and Introduction by EDMUND OLLIER.
Side 273 - Phraseological and Explanatory Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Book of Genesis, by THEODORE PRESTON, MA, Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge.
Side 141 - They are the most onsartainest varmints in all creation, and I reckon tha'r not mor'n half human ; for you never seed a human, arter you'd fed and treated him to the best fixins in your lodge, jist turn round and steal all your horses, or ary other thing he could lay his hands on.
Side 257 - Lecture delivered to large audiences throughout the United States. Five Dead Men whom I Knew when Living. Sketches of Robert Owen, Joseph Mazzini, John Stuart Mill, Charles Sumner, and Ledru Rollin ... ... ... ... ... 0 4 Jesus, Shelley, and Malthus, an Essay on the Population Question 0 2 Life of George, Prince of Wales, with Recent Contrasts and Coincidences ... ... ... ... ... ... 0 2 Real Representation of the People...
Side 272 - I. The Ancient World.— II. The Modern World. Vol. II. Bengal : An Account of the Country from the Earliest Times— The Great Wars of India— The Ruins of the Old World read as Milestones of Civilisation.

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