The following is a list of COLLINS & Co.'s editions of Murray's works, with their prices at retail and by the dozen.

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1. First Book for Children, from 4th Eng. edit. 2. An English Spelling-Book.

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9th do.

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3. An English Gram. together with the Exercises and Key 8vo.


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7. An Abridgment of the Grammar,

30th do.




7th do.



10th do.


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3d do.

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8. Introduction to the Eng. Reader, 9. The English Reader,

10. Sequel to the English Reader, II. Introduction au Lecteur François, 12. The Power of Religion on the Mind, 13th do. 1 00 10 CO:

*The Proprietors of Lindley Murray's works, think it is no mall recommendation of them, that the whole of these valuable publications, from "The First Book for Children," to " the Power of Religion on the Mind," may be properly confidered, as forming a little code of important elementary inftruction. They are ftrictly fubfervient to one another, and most intimately connected. Their peculiar and acknowledged excellence is, that in every part of them, the pureft principles of piety and virtue, are happily blen ded with the elements of literature. They may, therefore, with the greateft confidence, be put into the hands of young perfons, as books which (to ufe the language of a Reviewer refpecting them) "will eminently conduce to pure religion and morality, and to the acquifition of a correct and elegant style."

The following extract of a letter from LINdler Mur RAY will shew his opinion of the merits of COLLINS & Co.'s editions of his works.

"I am much indebted to Collins & Co. for the neat and correct manner in which they reprint my publications; and for their care and exertions to exhibit the books AS THEY WERE PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR, and efpecially with His latest improvements. fhall make it a point to communicate to them from time to time, and as early as poffible, copies of all the new and improved editions of the books. It affords me a peculiar gratification to perceive that my publications are fo extenfively diffused over my native country."

"The plan of this work is highly commendable, and the execution is good. We are particularly pleafed with the Compiler's having avoided every fentiment, that might gratify a corrupt mind, or, in the least degree, offend the eye or ear of Innocence."

Gentleman's Magazine, February, 1799.

"There is very confiderable merit in this compilation, the contents of which are pretty equally made up of the agreeable and the ufeful.-We do not fear difcrediting our judgment, by recommending to all fects and degrees of people this portable volume; which, though profeffedly compiled for the inftruction of youth, will not be found unufeful to per fons of riper years." New London Review, July, 1799.

"This work may be recommended as a ufeful companion to the young of both fexes." Critical Review, July, 1799.

"We have formerly mentioned, with praife," English Exercises," by this Author. The prefent publication is well adapted for the use of young perfons. The felections are made with good taste; and with a view to moral and religious improvement, as well as mere entertainBritif Critic, April, 1800.


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"Inftead of attempting to display the merits of this useful and pleafing work, by remarks of our own, we fhall transcribe the author's Preface; which fhows that he was actuated by fuperior motives, which do him honour, &c."-" The ends propofed by this refpectable author, have, we hope, been accomplished to his utmoft with; for public ap probation has crowned his labours."

Guardian of Education, July, 1803.

Of Collins & CO. may also be had


Of all the other works of the same author, namely:

"Animated by the favourable reception of the " English Reader," Mr. Murray here pursues the fame object; and has not only compiled a judicious and well-arranged fupplement for the higher claffes of learners, (The Sequel to the English Reader,) but in order to complete his undertaking, has prepared an Introduction to it, for the younger claffes. We have no doubt that the public will be pleafed with the additions, to both the fronts of the original building. The whole is truly useful and well arranged." Monthly Review, Auguft, 1801.


"We have already borne our teftimony to the high merit of Mr. Murray, as an acute grammarian, and as blending in his various works, with common happiness, a delicate and correct tafte both in litera

ture and morals. We are pleased, though not surprised, to fee that the public has demanded a new edition of the refpectable work now before Annual Review, 1804.


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"We regard, as a very valuable improvement, the biographical and eritical Appendix, introduced into this edition of the " Sequel to the English Reader "' This compilation appears more free from objectionable paffages, and better adapted to the improvement of youth, than any other of the kind which we have feen."

Eclectic Review, June, 1805.

"We have no hesitation in recommending this selection, as the best of its kind." Critical Review, May, 1895.

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THE POWER OF RELIGION ON THE MIND. "This work, which has been long and justly admired, has, in the laft edition, received many alterations and improvements; and, in its prefent enlarged ftate, forms, in our opinion, one of the best books that can be put into the hands of young people. The fubject is grave and important; but Mr. Murray has rendered it highly interefting and engaging, by a judicious felection of anecdotes and examples; which, by the intermixture of pious reflections, he teaches the reader to apply to his own benefit." Guardian of Education, August, 1803.


INTRODUCTION AU LECTEUR FRANÇOIS. "This little Volume, which is defigned for the ufe of perfons who have just begun to learn the French language, is compofed of extracts from French writers of reputation, who are diftinguifhed by the priety and usefulness of their fentiments. Mr. Murray has exercifed his ufual caution and judgment in thefe felections: and his explanations, in the Appendix, of the idiomatical expreffions and difficult phrafes, which occur in the extracts, are well calculated to fimplify, and confequently to facilitate, the study of the language.'


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Anti-jacobin Review, April, 1807.


A KEY TO THE EXERCISES. The Tenth edition, much improved, with a copious INDEX to the Grammar, Exercises, and Key.

"Mr. Murray's Grammar, Exercises, and Key to the Exercises, form altogether, by far the most complete and judicious analyfis of the English language, that has hitherto been publifhed. The rules for compofition are excellent; the examples are felected with taste and judgment; and the execution of the whole displays an unusual degree of critical acutenefs and fagacity." Annual Review, 1802

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