was to a certain extent in an insufficient pence of from L. 60 to L. 70; and the Lord state; whereupon the Presbytery, after put. Ordinary approved of the report, and apting a variety of additional questions to the pointed the repairs therein mentioned, to be tradesmen, proceeded forthwith “ to con executed at the sight of certain tradesmen, demn the manse," and appointed a “ new who were required to report to the Lord one to be built next season in its place." Ordinary. The report of these tradesmen, At a subsequent meeting of Presbytery a from which it appeared, that the repairs plan and estimate of a new manse was pre were executed at a sum under L. 60, was sented by the Minister and approved of by lately given in, and the cause having been the Presbytery, who decerned against the remitted to Lord Gillies, in place Lord Heritors of Garvock, for the sum of Newton, his Lordship on the 21st Dec. ápL. 705 68. 11d. Sterling, being the amount proved of the report, and suspended the of the estimate exclusive of carriages. letters.

In the mean time the Heritors who did Counsel for the Heritors, F. Jeffrey, Dot think that there were just grounds for Esq. Agent, James Scott, Esq. Writer to condemning the mansc, had a new inspec- the Signet. Counsel for the Minister, tion made by other tradesmen, who report. James Wedderburn, Esq. Agent, Walter ed it as their opinion, that the present Cook, Esq. Writer to the Signet. manse might be made comfortable and sufficient for less than one hundred pounds ; THEATRE_January 22, 1812. and at a meeting of Heritors it was resolve Last night was tried the experiment of ed that the manse should be forthwith re. the new Tragedy of* Helga, and the eager puired, and put in a sufficient state. The anxiety of the public to decide on its fate," Hetitors laid before the Presbytery the re crowded the house, at an early hour, in port which they had received from these every part. The incidents of this piece are tradesmen, and also their own minutes re short and simple. Edgar, one of the inost ssiving to repair the manse, but they were renowned minstrels of Iceland, falls in disregarded by the Presbytery, who, on love with Helga, whose hand he is pros" 15th Jan. 1810, adhered to their former mised, on his return from a visit to the sentence.

courts of Europe, at the expiry of three The Heritors applied to the Court of years. Session for relief by bill of suspension; and At the court of Sweden he mects with the bill having been passed, the question Haco, another minstrel of the highest came before the late Lord Newton, as Or- rank, with whom he vows eternal friend. dinary, before whom it was maintained, on ship. the part of the Minister, that as the meet. In a contest between them before the ing of Presbytery had been regularly called, king, the palm of victory is awarded to and the Heritors duly summoned, and the Edgar, the theme of whose song were sentence of condemnation having proceeded the virtues and beauty of his absent mison a regular inspection by tradesmen mu tress, whose name he concealed. tually appointed on the part of the Heri Haco, stung with jealousy and disaptors and Minister, therefore, that there pointment, immediately resolves on rewere no grounds for the complaint of the venge, and secretly departs from the SweHeritors, who ought not now to be dish court for Iceland. His arrival there heard.

forms the opening of the piece. On the other hand it was contended for He there discovers the object of Edgar's che Heritors, that the sentence of condem- admiration, and having procured by the ration proceeded on insufficient grounds, influence of his wealth and family, the and that as the Heritors had offered to consent of Helga's father to the proposed bake the old manse comfortable and match, he pays his addresses to the lady ; mufficient, it was all they were bound to who, to avoid force, seems to comply with co.

his wishes, fixing a day for her marriage The Lord Ordinary remitted to Messrs. with Haco. Just as the ceremony is Aler. Laing, of Edinburgh, and Samuel about to be performed, Edgar appears, Bell, of Dundee, architects, to inspect the and claiming his betrothed bride, he is Danse, and report their opinion. These challenged to single combat by Haco, who gentlemen accordingly reported, that the being mortally wounded, begs from his ad. present manse was perfectly capable of versary a cup of water ; whích, while he is being repaired, and that, by certain opera- presenting to him, he collects his expiring tions, which they described, it might be strength for a last effort, and stabs Edgar made comfortable and sufficient, at an ex to the heart: Helga, overwhelmed by Pebruary 1912.


these calamities, resigas berpelf to despair, Mr David Watson, Recorder and Clerk. and dies of grief.

Mr Alexander Cunningham, Jeweller and The first three acts were listened to with

Medallist. great attention, and went off successfully. Mr John Campbell, Translator of the In the remaining part, considerable cla.

Gaelic Language. mour was excited by some passages, whicla were thought exceptionable.

MAGDALENE ASYLUM --1912. Mr Terry, in the character of Haco,

The Prince Regent Patron. was much applauded, and the figure and

PRESIDENT. appearance of Mrs. H. Siddons was altogether very interesting. Nor most we

The Right Hon. the Lord Provost of forget the scenery, which was appropriate

Edinburgh, ex officio. and splendid.

Vice-PREUDEY T$. The prologue and epilogue, which we

Rev. Dr Buchanan, Rev. Dr Fleming, have inserted in our poetical department Right Rev. Bishop Standford, and R. Scott for this month, were well received.

Moncrieff, sen. Esq.

Mr William Pattison, Treasurer. WHITEHALL, January 7th John Campbell, tertius, Esq. Secretary. Dr William Taylor, jun. to be one of Mr David Niven, joint Secretary and his Majesty's Chaplains in Scotland, in

Clerk. room of Dr George Gordon deceased. Mr William Scott Moncrieff, Accountant.

Dr James Anderson, Physician.
WAR Orrice, January 1st.

Dr John Abercrombie, Surgeon.
Lord Viscount Cathcart to act as a Ge. Earl of Hopetoun has presented Mr
Heral, on the North British Staff.

Johp Smith, preacher of the gospel, to The following officers in the East India the church and parish of Bathgate, in the Company's serviçe, are appointed Major presbytery of Linlithgow, vacant by the Generals by brevet, viz.

death of the Rev. Walter Jardine. Gabriel Doveton, Thomas Dallas, Alex The Magistrates and Council of Glasander Cuppage, Aldwell Taylor, John gow, have appointed the Rev. Mr William Chalmers, Alexander Dyce, Keith Maca. Muir, to be minister of St George's church lister, Charles Corner, Robert M. Surange, in that city, in room of Dr William John J, Durande

Porteous, deceased. Lieutenant General Archibald Campbell, is appointed Lieutenant Governor of Fort

BIRTHS. Augustus, in room of George Brodie, Ęsq. deceased

'Jan. 8. At Manse of Carreston, the

Hon Mrs Lyall of a son, Office BEARERS OF THE HIGHLAND - At Norton Conyers, Yorkshire, the SOCIĘTY-1812.

lady of Sir Bellingham Grahain, Bart. of a His Grace the Duke of Montrose, re-elec- son, ted President.

At Kirkham. Gate, near Wakefield, Most Noble the Marquis

Sarah, the wife of Samuel Lunn, (a very of Douglasapd Clydes

poor, but industrious collier) was delivered dale.

of three fine boys, who, with the mother, Right Hon. the Earl of

are likely to do well. The family consistWemyss and March. Vice-Presidente ed of seven small children before the arriRight Hon. the Earl of

val of this trio. Aboyne,

9. At Carolina port, Dundee, Mrs WilRight Hon. Lord Vis

liam Lindsay', a son. count Melville.

10. At Potterhill, the Lady of Edward William Macdonald, Esq. of St Martin's, Collins, Esq. a son. Treasurer.

11. At Woodhead, the Lady of CapDonald Maclachlan of Maclachlan, Esq. tain Hamilton, of the 94th regiment, Secretary

daughter. Robert Wilson, Esq. Accountant in Edin- 12. Mrs John Tennent, . Glasgow,

burgh, Auditor of Accounts. daughter. Rev. Dr George Baird, Principal of the 13. At Bath, the lady of Lieutenant

University of Edinburgh, Chaplain. General Gordon Drummond, a son. Mr Lewis Gordon, Deputy Secretary and At Ayr, Mrs George Reid, Collector. daughter.

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14. At Leith, the Lady of Captain Kerr, ter of the Rev. Dr. Laurie, Newburn, royal navy, a son.

Fifeshire. - At Monrieth, Galloway, the lady of

- At Greenoek, Finlay M.Phune, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel Maxwell, M. P. a

of Driep, to Miss Isobel Harkness, daugh. daughter.

ter of the late Thothas Harkness, Esq. of At Cranstonhill, the Hon. lady Janet Clacharg. Argyleshire. Buchanan, a daughter.

At Ayr, Captain Reid, of the Alet 18. Lady Milton, a son and heir, at

ander, to Christiana, eldest daughter of his Lordship's house, Arlington street, Mr John Hunter, merchant. London.

At Maybole, the Rev. Hugh David. 19. At London, Lady Mary Ross, spouse

son, to Helen, daughter of Mr Hutchison of Sir Charles Ross, of Balnagown, Bart.

in Glenlewiė, parish of Kirkoswald. & son.

28. At Dnnkeld House, Major-General 21.

At Dunse, the lady of Captain Mut. Oswald, jun. of Dunnikier, Colonel of the ray, 71st regiment, a son.

Duke of York's light infantry regiment, to 29. Mrs Gallaway, Elder Street, a son.

Miss Charlotte Murray Ansley, eldest Mrs Marjoribanks, of Marjoribanks, daughter of the late Lord Charles Ansley,

und niece of the Duke of Atholl. Feb. 1. The Lady of Major Horsbrugh

At Glasgow, John Orr, Esq. of Fos of Pitbaiddo, a son.

restburn, parish of Shorts, to Catherine, The lady of James Hunter, Esq. of eldest daughter of David Forest, Esq. Thurston, a son and heir.

Forest. 4 In George street, the lady of Peter Feb. 4. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Wedderburne, Esq. a son.

Ross, jun. Bishopsgate street, London, to – Mrs Jobhston, No. 88, Prince's Anne Douglas, eldest daughter of the late Hreet, a son.

Alexander Brown, perfurhet, Edinburgh.

DBATHS. MARRIAGES. Oct. 20. In Jamaica, William Stirling, board the Henry Addington East Indiaman,

May 10. On his passage to Bombay, on Esq. second son of John Stirling, of Kip William Brotnley Cadogan Stirling, Esq. pendavie, Esq. to Miss Elizabeth Barrett, fourth son to Sir John Stirling, Bart. of enly child of Henry Barrett, Esq.

Glorêt, in the artillery service of the HohJan. 7. At Edinburgh, John Grimes, ourable East India Company. He was an Esq. acting collector of customs at Leith, uħcommonly fine and promising young to Miss Janet Renwick, only daughter man, whose loss is most deeply felt by all of the late John Renwick, Esq. of Glas his relations and friends, and sincerely res gow.

gretted by all his aequaintatice. He had At Dysant, Mr James Webster, nearly attained his twentieth year. writer, Cupar, to Agnes, daughter of the

September. John, second son of John Late Mr Thomas Walker, merchant, Dy. Campbell, Esq. of Orthidale, Argyllshire, sart.

was killed on board the Nereide frigate. in 8. At Leith, Mr J. L. Donaldson, to

the gallant attack made upon four French Miss Dick, Merchant Street, Edinburgh. frigates, near the Mauritius.

18. At Aye, Mr Hugh Farquhat, gräin 7. Dr Anderson, superintendant of the merchant, to Miss Margaret Brown. botanieal garden at St Vincent's. His

14. At Maderia Court, James Hutton, death is deeply regretted in the colony, and to Miss Ann Eliza Yuille.

will be by his inany friends in Europe. 20. At Afr, Mr Thomas Baird, Writer, His funeral was attended by all the milito Grace, daughter of Mr Jathes Baird, tary and naval characters in the place. merebant.

Nov. 25. At St Thomas's West Indies, - Al Ayf, Captain Guthrie, of the Lieut. Matthew Moncrieff Maxwell, of the Laity Hill, to Mrs Janet Lawson, widow 70th tegiment, second son of William of the late Captain Stirling.

Maxwell, of Bradíland, Esq. 23. At Allanton House, Ranald Maca Dec. 2. At Fredericton, New Brunswick,

of Staffa, Esq. to Misa Elizabeth iu the 534 year of his age, utiiversally laStewart, only daughter of Henry Steunrt, mehted, Major-General William Balfout. Beq. of Allanton.

The General entered the army in 1775, as 17. At Edinburgh, Captain John Por. Ensign in the 57th regiment, which corps sous, royal navy, to Miss Laurie, daught he never quitted túl his death. During



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a service of 37 years, in which he was ac- 28. At Haddington, Lieutenant-Colonel tually employed in the whole period of the John Bathe, late of the 15th regiment of American war ; and after its termination, foot. in the different West India Islands, and

At the Royal Hospital, Plymouth, on the Continent of Europe, General Bal. of a mortification in his bowels, Captain four never was two entire years in his na- W. Knight, of the royal navy, who so galtive country:

lantly, with the Arrow schooner, fought 10. At Cromarty, Mrs Janet Macken- several armed vessels on the coast of France, zie, wife of Colin Mackenzie Esq. of and for which the Lords of the Admiralty Achilty.

made him a commander. 21. At Adambrae Mill, Mr James At Hillhouse, in the 79th year of his Johnston, papermaker, one of the partners age, Jolin M.Kerrel, Esq. of Hillhouse. of that concern.

29. At Leith, Mrs Margaret M.Donald, At Broomhill of Skene, Marjory wife of Mr John M.Donald. Shand, aged 101. She retained ail her At Nenagh, Adjutant Neil Murray, of faculties, till within a few weeks of her the 6th garrison battalion. His death was death. Was married to James Dewar in occasioned by the wound of a musket ball, 1731, by whom she had nine children ; she which he received in June last, whilst die had 33 grand children, and 16 great grand. recting the movements of the battalion in children.

a sham fight near that town. 22 At Whins, Mr Thomas Beveridge, At Peterhead, Mr William Scott, aged 73 years, grieve to the Alloa Colliery, merchant, aged 21. which situation he filled for forty-six years. 30. Ai Edinburgh, Barbara Hill, third In him Mr Erskine of Marr has lost a daughter of 'Robert Hill, W. S. most faithful and zealous servant.

George Woodford Thellusson, Esq. At Montrose, in the 74th year her M. P. for Barnstaple, at the seat of his age, Mrs Ann Smith, relict of the late nephew, Lord Rendlesham. Adain Glegg, Esq.

30. At IIanover Street, Mr Patrick 23 At Peterculter, the Reverend George Macvicar, writer. Mark, minister of that parish.

31. Captain Shelly, member for Lewes, At Colvend Manse, the Rev. James and forinerly Aid-de-Camp to General Little, minister of that parish..

Hulse. Edinburgh, Anne, the third At Inverness, in the 85th year of daughter of Mr Mackenzie, writer to the his age, Ensign Donald Fraser, late of the signet.

Canadian Loyalists.
At Edinburgh, in St John's Street,

Kensington, universally regretted Stephen John Oliver, eldest son of the and beloved, Dr Patrick Wilson, F. R. S. Reverend Mr Oliver, Corstorphine.

late Professor of Astronomy in the Uộiver24.

At London, Sir John Jobnston, of sity of Glasgow. Westerhall, Bart. M. P. for Weyinouth. Jan. 1. At Kirkland of Kirkinner, the

27. General Francis Craig, Colonel of Reverend Dr Robertson, assistant of that the 13th light dragoons, and Governor of parish. Sheerness. He was in his 86th year, and At Broughton Loan, Mrs Ann Somwas one of the oldest Generals in his Ma- mers, widow of the deceased Mr John For. jesty's service.

tune, vintner in Edinburgh. At the advanced age of 96 years, 2. At Verreville, Mrs Christian RobertDavid Fraser, late farmer of Barnyards, son, spouse to John Geddes, Esq. near Beauly. He served as a piper to 3. The infant son of Mr Hope, W. S. Simon, Lord Lovat, and fought at the Queen Street. battles of Falkirk and Culloden. Notwith

Mrs Jean Bryce, wife of Hugh Crawstanding his very great age, he retained ford, writer, Greenock. his faculties entire; he was never heard to 4. At Callander John Breadalbane Campcomplain of indisposition, and it was only bell, Esq. of Glenfalloch, aged 10 years. for a few days before his death he was 5. At Edinburgh, Sarah, widow of the obliged, owing to debility, to confine him- late Lieutenant-Colonel William Duncan, self to bed.

of the 1st regiment or royals. 28. At Ovenden, in Kent, after a few 6. At Edinhurgh, Mrs Isobel Yule, redays illners, the Countess Dowager Stan- lict of Mr John Yule, late farmer at Blackhope, in the 93d year of her age. Her dykes, East Lothian. Ladyship was the relict of the late Earl At Walston, Mrs Jean Tweedie, reStanhope and the mother of the present lict of George Stodart, Esq. Lari.

6. At

6. At Edinburgh, William Jackson, 14. Miss Christian Welsh, daughter of Solicitor of Excise for Scotland.

William Welsh, Esq. of Mosfennan, in her 7. At Datchet, Miss Scott, aged 56 years, 16th year. aunt to Lord Montague, of Ditton Park.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Aitken, 8. At Stonehall, Mrs Hamilton, of spouse of Mr William Deas, silk-dyer. Aitkenhead.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Lyon, wife At Aberdeen, Mrs Christian Crombie, of Mr James Brown, wright, Chapel Street. Telict of Mr James Johnston, Loch-head in At Wallington, near Foreham, the 59th year of her age.

Hampshire, Colonel Robert Paton of Kin9. Mrs Jean Simpson, wife of Mr Alex. aldy, Fifeshire, late Governor of St Helena, Wise, grocer, South Castle Street.

whose just and mild government called - Captain George Hoss, of the Royal forth, from the garrison and inhabitants, Engineers, was killed on the 9th ult. at the their first public tribute of gratitude and siege of Ciudad Rodrigo.

approbation. When they found, on his re- AiGarvamore, Mirs Janet M.Donald, turn to England, that they must not exrelict of Alexander Macdonald, Esq. of pect him to resume that command, which Tullocherombie, and daughter of Macdo had tended so much to their happiness, they nell of Keppoch.

presented to him a very valuable piece of At Edinburgh, John Porteous, Esq. plate, inscribed with their sentiments, in of Spittlehaugh, W. S. son of the late Wil language which could not be more gratifyham Porteous, Esq. of Carmacoup. ing to his feelings, than was deserved by

10. At Dumfries, Miss Ellizabeth John. his merits. Mrs Paton died on the 31st ston, daughter of William Johnston, Esq. of D-cember, just fourteen days before her

Al Ayr, Mrs Elizabeth Smith, re husband. liet of John Storrie, Esq. Riccarsburn. 15. At Drogheda, Lieut.-Col. John This Lady, among other bequests, has. French, late of the 71st. Dzorcified L.100 Sterling, the interest of At Milford Hall, Suffolk, Sir Harry which to be given to one poor family be- Parker, Bart. longing to the burgh, selected by the Ma At Edinburgh, after three days illgistrates, . inisters, and Trustees.

ness, Mir David Walker,'accountant. 11. At Edinburgh, Miss

Sir Richard Hughes, Baronet, Ad. Eigar, second daughter of the late James miral of the White. Edgar, Esq. of Auchingramont.

At Bath, Basil Heron, Esq. formerly ir William Crawford, merchant, in Major in the Royal North British draLeith, in his 75th year.

goons. At Scotscraig House, Mrs Dalgliesh, 16. At Edinburgh, Sir James Dunbar, of Scotscraig.

Bart. of Durn, in the 71st year of his At Aberdeen, James Legertwood, age. Esq. in the 87th year of his age.

At Glasgow, Claud Marshall, Esq. 12. The Reverend Dr William Porteous, in the 75th year of his age. one of the Ministers of Glasgow.

17. At Carmyle, Mr John M.Nair, late At London, General Sir James Hen of the customs, Greenock. Craig, K. B. late Governor-General of At the advanced age of 101, Mrs British America, Governor of Blackness Anne Smith, relict of Mr Robert Moir, Castle, and Colonel of the 78th regiment of sometime farmer in Durris. During her Supt.

widowhood, a period of more than 50 At Falkirk, in the 59th year of his years, she resided in Aberdeen, and reage, Mr James Brock, vintn: there, much tained unimpaired all her faculties, that of and justly regretted by all who knew him, sight excepted, to the last hour of her ex.

James Esdale, Esq. of Upminster, istence. Essex.

18. At Dundee, Patrick Smith, Esq. - At Glasgow, Mrs Maclean, widow merchant, and one of the Magistrates of the deceased Murdoch Maclean, Esq. there. el Kilmorry, Argyllshire.

19. At Pénnicuick House, Harriette, - At Chapel Street, Edinburgh, Mr the infant daughter of Sir George Clerk, Alexander Walker.

Baronet. 13. ^ Dufvegan, Angus Campbell, Esq. In Old Aberdeen, Mrs Christian of Ensay.

Garden, relict of the late Hugh Forbes, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Merchant, Esq. of Schivas. relict of William Finlay, brewer, At Edinburgh, Mr William ShepCroftangry.

herd, musicseller.

19, At

ary Ann

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