19. At Leith, Mrs Jean Todd, widow 28. At London, Charles, the youngest of the late John Scougall, Esq. merchant son of James Stein, Esq. there.

27. At Buccleuch Place, Miss Isabella 20. At St Andrews, Mr John Clarkson, Balfour, daughter of the late John Balfour, many years an eminent teacher of dancing Esq. of Kirkhouse. there, and at Kirkaldy, Cupar, and Dun. At Edinburgh, Mrs Sarah Spankie, formiine.

relict of Mr John Brough, builder. 21. Martha Morris, of the Isle of Cin

At George Street, 1r Alex der, Leeds, aged 101.

Cunningham. 22. At Perth, Alexander Fechney, Esq. 29. At London, most deeply regretted, s of Ardargia, late Provost of that city, the Right Hon. the Counters Dowager of s much and justly regretted.

Portsmouth, aged 69. At Ardno, Lochfineside, Duncan 30. Patrick Stirling, Esq. of Dundee. M.Callum, in the 86th year of his age. At Glasgow, Mr James Grant, writHe was 60 years tenant on the estate of er, aged 42 year's: Ardkinglas, and was the first born, and At Glasgow, Mr John Dimmock, the first that died of his father's family, minature painter, a young man in the the rest, a brother and a sister, are still prime of life, sincerely regretted by a nuliving, in that neighbourhood. He left 6 merous circle of acquaintances. children, 28 grand-children, and 13 great. 31. At Peterhead, Mr Alexander Adam z grand-children

son, rector of the grammar school at that At Edinburgh, Mr James Moffat, place. He was a man of uncommon learn. 5 writer, inuch and justly regretted.

ing, gonius, and worth. 24. At London, the Countess of Be.

At London, the lady of Sir Joseph verley.

- Sidney Yorke, one of the Lords of the At Brompton, Dame Amy Johnston, Adiniralty. Her Indyship has left six infant 1.. aged 87 years, widow of the late Sir Wil.

children, the youngest only two months Jiam Johnston, of Caskieben, Bart. and

old. Her goodness of heart was evinced mother-in-law to the present Sir William in daily acts of benevolence. Johnston, of Caskieben, Bart.

At Wamphray Manse, Anna Mac. 1 At Howard Place, Mrs Elizabeth Watson, wife of Captain James Watson,

Millan, spouse to the Rev. Mr Kirkpat

trick, minister of that parish. of the royal navy, most deeply lamented. In the Forest of Birse, James Brown,

At James's Court, Mr Thomas aged 103. Also, lately in the same place, Cockburn, merchant and manufacturer, Christian Catnach, aged 101.

And a

inuch and justly regretted. slrort time after her death, died her bro

Feb. 1. At Anniston, Georgina Henrither, Donald Catnach, aged 94. These etta, eldest daughter of John Rait, Esq. persons had lived many years in the Fo. At Dundee, Mr James Wright, a rest, and retained their faculties to the respectable wright and glazier in that Jast.

town. 25. At Gayfield Place, Mr Thomas Huta At London, WMiam Brodie, Esq. chison, merchant in Edinburgh. This one of the Magistrates of Marlborough gonteinan Iras long carried on an exten- Street office. He had officiated in the sive business in Edinburgh, and was a- buriness of the office, and took a walk afmongst almost the oldest citizens. He ter office hours. On his return he appearfilled the office of Treasurer to the Mer. ed in a state of stupor ; soon after he chant Maiden Hospital for the last seven. reached his drawing-room he was seized teen years, with great credit to bimself, with a paralytic stroke, and after remainand with signal usefulness to the institu- ing in a state of insensibility two hours, he tion; no les hy his unremitting desire to expired. enlarge its comforts, and improve the sys- 2. At Nairn, Captain Simon M.Kenzie, tem of education in it, than by his un. late of the 78th règiment. wearied and disinterested attention to its At Kingston, near Taunton, Lieufunds.

tenant-General Chapınån, of the Royal 25. At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Fiddes, Artillery, aged 68. This gentleman had merchan:.

been in his Majesty's service upwards of 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Duff, fifty years. widow of Dr David Clerk.

3. At Kelso, Mrs Fraser, widow of the - At Cupar Fife, Mr David Todd, late Captain Fraser, 42d regiment. writer there.

The Lady of Major Scots Waring

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vas found dead at the bottom of the stair- taken by a debility, from which he expec. case, in her house at Hammersmith. She ted not to recover, he spent the last restaid up some time after her husband mains of his strength, in adressing a som went to bed, and is supposed to have fal, lemn admonition to his people, and taking len backwards going up stairs. She was a an affectionate farewell of them. After

lady of great accomplishments, and left a some years of suffering, he was permitted ! nunerous offspring, as well as her afflicted to sink gently down to rest. His charac

husband, to deplore her premature and ter and ministry will be long remembered melancholy fate.

with affectionate respect by his people, and 3. At Mr Macintosh's vintner, Writer's by those who knew him. Court, Mrs Mary Eden, aged 45, relict

8. At Lanark at the advanced age of of Mr Eden, sometime shipowner of the 100 years and 16 days, Mr Willium Hutton, port of Dublin. This gentlewomen was

a native, and many years one of the Magis the daughter of Mr England, a respectable trates of that burgh. It is unnecessary to wine-mercbant in Dublin. After the death remark, that Mr Hutton enjoyed a reof ber husband, and during the peace of A. markably good state of health during the mens, she disposed of her property with the whole course of his long, existence, which intention of joining her brother, who was

was distinguished, particularly for the last married and resided in France ; but war

sixty years, by the utmost temperance and having been proclaimed, she got no fur. regularity. Wbat is very extraordinary in ther than Gosport, where she remained the history of this old man, in early life, till all her pecuniary means were spent. he performed three voyages to the Best She then made application to be admitted Indies, a climate proverbiully fatal to Eu sue of the attendants in Haslar Hospital, ropeans, and more than 82 years have and was appointed to take care of Mr

now passed since he visited that distapt reJames Macintosh, surgeon of his Majesty's gion. He retained all his faculties, hearship Melampus, whom she accompanied to ing excepted, in great perfection, even to Scotland in 1805. From that period, to

the period of his death, and particularly her death, she continued to reside with when recounting the affairs or other times, Mr Macintosh, where her conduct which his memory seemed as fresh a few months will long be remembered, procured her before bene dissolution, as it was 50 ycurs the esteem and affection of every member ago of the family.

10. At Glasgow, Mr Robert Tanaalilla At Montrose, Mrs Helen Man, re

teacher, aged 68, a man of strong mental het of the late Mr Robert Crabb, mer

powers, and univessal erudition. The hi. chant there.

larity of his disposition endeared him te

the circle of his friends. 1. Lady Charles Spencer, aged 68. Her

11. At London, after an indisposition Ladyship was sister to the late, and aunt

of only a few days, in consequence of a to the present Duke of St Alban's.

cold lately caught, which brought on a At London, the Right Hon. the brain fever, Lady Catherine Stewart, wife Dowager Lady Scarsdale, aged 79 years. of General Stewart, now serving in Portu

8. At Edinburgh, Jane, daughter of gal; she was a lady of great beauty, and Robert Scott Moncrieff of Newhalls. accomplished mind.

At Newton upon Ayr, Captain Wil As Bath, Vice-Admiral Liimsdaine. Tiam Cuthbert, aged 58 years.

At Monmouth, after a short illness, - At Garnet Hill, the Rev. Andrew Andrew Cherry, Esq. the respectable 1712Mitehell, Pastor of the Associate Congre nager of the Swansea, Carinasthen, and ogation, Beith, in the 720 year of his age, ther provincial theatres. Last month be oand 47th of his Ministry. Engaging in pened the theatre in the above town, and was kis manners, yet faithful in bis adminis- received with every degree of respect due trations, he conciliated the love and re to his merit ; but about a fortnight since spect, not only of the people of his own he was seized with an indisposition, which charge, but also of all descriptions of per- confined him to his bed, and terminated sons in that part of the country. By an his active life, in the 50th year of his age. appointment of Heaven, as rare as it was He was well known in the dramatic worki enviable, he continued, for the space of 42 as the author of " The Soldier's Daughyears, to execute the various duties of his ter,” “ The Travellers," and other popular office, with laborious assiduity, and unin. productions. terrupted by almost any incidental indispo At Newton-Stewart, Mr Anthony sition At length, feeling himself over M•Caa, aged 74.

13. At

13. At London, Major-General Charles ter of the late James Drummond, Esq. of William Este, Lieutenant-Governor of Croftnappock. Carlisle, in the 74th year of his age.

Lately, Frederick Sparke, Esq. Majo: of Lately, At Mire End, near Broughton, the 51st tegingent. This zealous and excel. in Furness, aged 104, Mrs Ann Han lent officer served in the East and West cock.

Indies, Egypt, Corunna, Walcheren, and At Vienna, Sir John Stepney, Bart.

a great part of the present campaign in formerly Member for Monmouth, and Spain and Portugal; the fatigues of which British Envoy to the Court of Berlin.

proved too much for his constitution, alThomas Stepney, Esq. his brother, suc

ready impaired by his long services. He ceeds to the title.

died at Castel Branco. At Bangalore, in the East Indies, the Rev. John Kerr, one of the Honour

J. Purnell, Esq. merchant, Bristol. able Company's Chaplains, and Superin- houses now finishing in the Lower Cres

He had been looking over one of the tendant of the Military Orphan Male Asy

cent, Clifton; when, upon throwing up a lum at Madras.

window in the attic storey to admire the Lost at sea, Mr James Cheap, midshipman, third son of John Cheape, Esq. prospećt around, he lost his balance, was of Rossie.

precipitated into the area, and killed on At Cherburgh, aged 21, Captain Baines, 6th foot, of a wound he received

At Saltcoats, Janet Hendry, wj: on board the Chesterfield Packet, on her dow, aged 43 years. She was affected passage from Weymouth to Jersey, in a with a dropsy for seven years. In the spirited but ineffectual resistance to course of the last six years and a half, she French privateer.

was tapped one hundred and fourteen Sir Watts Horton, 199net of Chal times, the quantity of water discharged, der ton.

amounting to seven thousand four hund- At Edinburgh, aged 23 years, Cap

red and twenty-four English pints, or tain James Macdonald, of Morar, univer

three tons fourteen hundred and twentysally regretted.

four pounds weight. As a mark of the At Ceator, near Whitehaven, at the strength of her constitution, she last sumvery advanced age of 101 years, Mr Fran mer walked on a visit to her friends upcis Forster.

wards of seven miles, and next day had Miss Margaret Drummond, daugh 79 pints of water taken off.

the spot.

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40 42


STATE OF THE BAROMETER, &c. High Water at Leith, From Feb. 25th, to March 26th, 1812,

For April 1812. in the vicinity of Edinburgh.

Day. Morn. Even.


M. W. 1 5 15 5 39

Th. 26 3 6 28
1812. Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather. F. 31 6 53 7 19


4 7 45 8 12 26 29.5 38 45

0.18 Rain

Su. 5 8 399 6 27 29.71 47 0.02

Showers M.

6 9 34/10 1 28 29.75 | 34 45


Tu. 710 29 10 57 291 29.82 31

W. 811 25/11 52 Marl) 29.9 32


Th. 9/12 20 12 48
2 30.
37 | 42

F. 102

1 16 3 29.95 | 33

0.02 Snow

Sa. 11 1 44 2 12 4 29.7 40 42 0.1 Rain

Su. 12 2 41) 3 9 5 29.91 35 40


M. 13 3 371 4 6 6 29.5 44 48

Tu. 141 4 361 5 4 7 29.86 38 50 025 Snow

W. 15 5 411 6 9 8 30. 34 47


Th. 16 5 29 6 56 9 30.4 32 53

F. 171 7 241 7 49 10 30.31 37 52

Sa: 181 8 15 8 40 11 30.12 41 49

Cloudy Su. 19 9 6 9 29 12 30.14 | 42| 47


M. 2019 5510 15 13 30.15 32 42

Tu. 21/10 3710 59 14 30.3 37 44

W. 2211 21/11 42 15 30.2 35 | 42 0.01 Snow

Th. 2312 212 24 16 30.11 32


Fr. 241 - 171 30. 27 | 42 0.01

Sa. 251 1 7 1 29 18) 29.65 35 41


Su. 26 1 50 2 12 19 29.5 31 41


M. 27 2 34 2 56 20 29.61 34 44

Tu. 28 3 20 3 43 21 29.81 34 | 36 1.21

W. 29 4 7 4 32 22 29.95 33 38

Th. 304 57 5 22 23 30. 3440

Cloudy 24 29.7 30 40

MOON'S PHASES 25 29.92 727 42


• FOR APRIL, 1812. Apparent time at Edinburgh.

D. M. H.
Quantity of rain.............. 2.03

Last Quart. 4 52 10 even.
New Moon 11 14 3 aftern.
First Quart. 18 38 12 noon.
Full Moon 26 57 4 aftern

April 20. Sun enters Taurus 15m. past 6 morning.

25. Princess Mary Mary born.

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