Rae of St. Catharine's, Esqrs. to be De- to the signet, John Hunter, Esq. writer puty Lieutenants.

to the signet, Sir William Fettes, of On the 12th of February, the Town Comely Bank, Bart, David Cathcart, Esq. Council of Edinburgh elected James Simp. Advocate, Adam Maitland, Esq. of Dunson and John Wood, Esqrs. Advocates,

drennan. to be two of the City Assessors, in reom of George Douglas and John Patison, Public Dispensary, Edinburgh. Esqrs.

His Grace the Duke of MON TRose, Presi. Mr Robert Mitchell is elected Deacon

dent. of the Fleshers, Edinburgh, in room of

Vice Presidents...-The Right HonouraMr Andrew Wilson, whose election was

ble the Earl of Lauderdale, the Honouraset aside by a decision of the Court of Ses. sion.

ble Henry Erskine, Adam Rolland, Esq. The Magistrates of Glasgow have elec.

the Right Honourable the Earl of Moira,

the Right Honourable William Dundas, ted the Rev. Mr. William Muir to be minister of St. George's Church there, in

the Right Honourable Sir John Sinclair,

Bart. room of Dr William Porteous, deceased.

Managers.---Reverend Dr Simpson, Al. . On the 19th March, came on, at Perth,

exander Campbell, Esq. James Neilson, Esq. the election of a member of Parliament for

William Mowbray, Esq. Lord Bannatyne, Perthshire, in room of Lord James Mur.

Alexander Laing, Esq. William Trotter, ray, resigned. The candidates were James

Esq. William Calder, Esq. Bailie Waugh, Drummond, Esq. of Strathallan, and Lieu.

John Peat, Esq. James Kettle, Esq. Datenant-General Sir Thomas Graham, K.B. The former was chosen by a majority of

vid Ramsay, Esq. Hugh Warrender, Esq.

Captain N. Lowis, Dr Monro, senior, Dr 18. The Directors of the East India Compa

J. Barclay, Andrew Wood, Esq. Dr James

Anderson, Dr Rutherford. One vacant. ny have appointed Sir Evan Nepean, Bart.

Committee for Promoting Vaccine Inocu. to be Governor of Bombay, in room of the

lation..--Lord Craig, Dr Nathaniel Spens, late Jonathan Duncan, Esq.-Lieutenant

the Reverend Dr Ritchie, Dr Andrew General the Hon. John Abercromby is ap

Inglis, John Wauchope, Esq. pointed Commander-in-Chief, and second

Physicians Attending in Rotation..--Dr in Council at Madras, in room of Sir Sa.

Andrew Duncan, senior, Dr Charles Stumuel Anchmuty, resigned. Major-Gene

art, Dr James Home, Dr John Yule, Dr ral Thomas Hislop succeeds Lieutenant.

James Duchan, Dr Andrew Duncan, ju. General Abercromby as Commander-in

nior, Dr. A. Monro, junior, Dr A. Wylie, Chjef at Bombay.

Dr J. H. Davidson.

Surgeons Attending in Rotation.--- Mess. Royal Bank of Scotland.

William Parqubarson, John Walker, His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and George Kellie, John Abercromby, John QUEENSBERRY, Governor.

Wishart, Robert Allan, James Keith, Da. GILBERT INNEs, Esq. of Stow, Deputy Go

vid Hay. yernor.

Surgeons for Vaccine Inocuktion.---Dr Ordinary Directors. Alexander Dun- Farquharson, Mr Alexander Gillespie, Mr can, James Bruce, Robert Scott Moncrieff, James Bryce, Mr John Abercromby. John Campbell, R. G., William Macdon- William Inglis, Esq. W. S, Secretary. ald, William Ramsay, James Dundas, George Kinnear, Esq. banker, Treasurer. Charles Selkirg, Hugh Warrender.

Mr William Moffat, Apothecary. Extraordinary Directors.---James Hopkirk, David Ramsay, Lord Advocate, James Ferrier, Robert Allan, Henry Er. Edinburgh Fiars---Crop 1811, skine, Peter Free, Alexander Bonar, Wm. Creech, Lord Provost of Edinburgh,

Best Wheat,

L. 27 6
Second ditto,

2 5 0
British Linen Company.

Best Barley,

1 16 0 Second ditto,

1 13 0 Right Hon. William EARL of Northesk,

Third ditto,

1 8 0 Governor.

Best Oats,

1 3 0 Sir James MONTGOMERY, Bart. Deputy

Second ditto,

0 19 6 Guvernor.

Best Oatmeal,

1 4 0 Directors.---James Gilchrist, Esq. writer

Peas and Beans, • 1 6 0



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4. Mrs Douglas of Ednam-house, a son November 25. At Messina, the lady of 5. Mrs Tod, Castle-street, a daughter. Lieutenant-Colonel Ainslie, a son.

6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Branden, a son. February 9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Law. Lately, the Honourable Lady Rumbold, son of Cairnmuir, a son.

a son and heir. - At Ayton, Berwickshire, Mrs For. - At London, the lady of Sir Robert dyce of Ayton, a son.

Graham, Baronet, a daughter. 11. At Winchester, Lady Mary Long, a - At Douglas, Isle of Man, Mrs Lyell, daughier.

wife of Major Lyell of Kineff, a son. At the Manse of Riccarton, Mrs The lady of Sir George Leith, BaroMoody, a son

net, a son. - Lady Ellenborough, a daughter. • The wife of John Tatham, a day las

12. At Gloucester-place. London, the bourer in Kirkland, adjoining Kendal, was Right Honourable Lady Sarah Maria Murdelivered of two boys and a girl ; the lat. táj, a daughter.

ter is since dead, but the former, with the - Mrs Gordon of Milrig, a son. mother, are likely to do well.

13. Mrs Williamson, Viewfield, Nairn. shire, à son.

MARRIAGES. 19. Mrs Speid, St John-street, a daugh May 25, 1811. Evelyn Philip Medows, ter.

Esq. of Conholt, Hants, to Miss Harriet - At Cockpen spinning-mill, the wife Norrie of London. of Walter Baillie, flaxdresser, a son and two Feb. 3, 1812. At Edinburgh, Mr James daughters, who are all doing well.

Rennie, minister of the Gospel, to Miss 20. The lady of Captain Thomas Fol. Elizabeth Loutit, daughter of Mr George liott Baugh, royal navy, a daughter. Loutit, teacher, Edinburgh.

21. Mrs Maxwell, Queet-street, Glas 4. At Scanlisdale, Isle of Islay, Charles gow, a son.

Macalister Shannon, Esq. Captain, ArgyllAt Bennington - park, the lady of shire militia, to Miss Elizabeth Campbell, Charles Montgoniery Campbell, Esq. a daughter of the late Captain John Camp

bell, Islay. 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Pergusson of At St Andrews, Mr William Mudie, Baiyoukan, a daughter.

bookseller, Arbroath, to Elizabeth, eldest At London, the lady of William Gor daughter of Mr Cowan, St Andrews. don, Esq. M. P. a son.

8. Lord Berwick, to Miss Sophia Du20. At London, the Countess of Loudon bochet. and Moira, a daughter.

10. At Holm, the Reverend Henry CurAt Bolton, the Honourable Mrs ror, minister of Carsphairn, to Mrs Moffat, Stewart, a son.

widow of the late Mr Moffat of Muir- At Exeter, the lady of Major Mac. brock. gregor, 86th regiment, a daughter.

At Saltcoats, John Watson, Esq. of B. Mrs William Mackenzie, Northum, Burnhouse, to Miss Isabella Buchanan, berland-street-west, a son.

youngest daughter of Mr John Buchanan, 29. At Grangehall, Mrs Macleod of Dal- vintner, Trooni. sey, a son.

- At Mauidslie-castle, Thomas Gordon, March 1. At Kilmaurs Manse, Mrs Rox. Esq. of Harperfield, to Miss Nisbet. burgh, a son.

The Earl of Ilchester, to Caroline, 2 At Kilmaurs, the wife of John Din second daughter of the late Right Honour. ring, miller, three sons, who, along with able Lord George Murray. the mother, are all doing well.

11. At Salisbury-piace, Mr James InAt London, the Right Honourable verarity, merchant, Leith, to Miss Helen Lady Frances Wedderburn Webster, a Maclagan, daughter of the late John daughter.

Maclagan, Esq. of Castlehill, Carse of - At London, the lady of the Right Gowrie. Kenourable Earl Grey, of her seventh son 13. At London, R. G. Macdonald of and twelfth child.

Clanronald, Esq. to Lady C. Edgecumbe, - At London, the lady of Archibald second daughter of Earl Mount EdgeCampbell, Esq. a daughter.

cumbe. The Countess of Cork, a son.

17. At Edinburgh, John Macredie, Esq. 3. At laverie, Mrs Skene of Rubislaw, eldest son of William Macredie of Perce

ston, Esq. Ayrshire, to Mary Rachell Hor.



rieson, eldest daughter of the late Major Júly 7. On board the ship Ann, on his way David Morrieson of the Honourable East to Batavia, Mr Robert Dickson, surgeon, India Company's service.

third son of Archibald Dickson of House18. At Paisley, Mr Duncan Kennedy, byers, Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Anne, eldest Aug. 31. At Benares, the lady of William daughter of the late Hew Snodgrass, Esq. Loch, Esq. of the East India Company's writer there.

civil service. At London, Sir Alexander Macken- Dec. 2. On board the Caermarthen Indiaif zie, of Aroch, Ross-shire, to Miss Geddes man, on his passage from Bombay, CapMackenzie, eldest daughter of the late tain Alexander Glas, of the 5th regiment, George Mackenzie, Esq. of the native infantry, Bombay army, son to place.

Provost Glas of Stirling. At Hull, Mr Thomson Bisset, mer. 11. At Jamaica, Assistant Staff Surgeon, chant in Leith, to Miss Young, daughter James Robertson, M. D. Fellow of the to Dr Young, of that place.

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 20. At Leith, Mr James Tullis, mer. and formerly Surgeon of the Naval Hoschant, St Andrews, to Miss Helen Thoms, pital at Barbadoes. eldest daughter of the late Mr David Thoms, 19. At Messina, Lieutenant-Colonel merchant there.

Ainslie, Deputy Adjutant General in Si24. At Hingefield, Mr John Robertson, cily, second son of the late Sir Philip timber merchant, Port Dundas, to Agnes, Ainslie. youngest daughter of Mr Robert Purdon, 26. In Portugal, Mt George Anderson, Hingefield.

Ensign in the 26th regiment of foot, and At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Gillies, son of the late Mr John Anderson, mer. agent of the British White Herring Fish- chant in Leith. ery, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr Jan. 11. 1812. At Fort Augustus, Colonel Robert Nicholson, Portobello.

George Brodie, late Lieutenant-Governor At Peterhead, Mr John Panton, of that fort. Knockymill, to Miss Agnes Murray, daugh- 17. At Kilileegh, Ireland, aged 31, Mr ter of Patrick Murray, Esq. of Ardiffrie. James Bellmour, a native of Glasgow, and

25. At Putney, Edward Whitmore, Esq. for several years manager of a company of banker, of Lombard-street, London, to Comedians in the west of Scotland, and Frances, eldest daughter of John Pooley north of Ireland. Kensington, Esq. of Limegrove.

20. At Kilkenny, in the 74th year of 26. At Ardersier, Niel Currie, Esq. sur- his age, the Right Rev. Dr James Lanigan, geon, 78th regiment, to Caroline, daughter Titular Bishop of Ossory, who governed of James Macpherson, Esq. of Ardersier. that diocese for upwards of twenty years.

27. At Aberdeen, Mr David Chalmers, 21. At Harries, Kenneth Campbell, printer in Aberdeen, to Miss Ann Camp- Esq. of Stroud, a gentleman of the most bell, eldest daughter of Gray Campbell, amiable disposition, and agreeable manEsq. collector of Excise.

ners, of uniform probity through life, and March 2. At Dumfries, Mr Edward

exemplary purity of morals; a sincere Dawson, writer there, to Miss Edgar Neil. Christian, void of offence towards God and son, eldest daughter of Robert Neilson, Esq. of Captaintown, merchant in Dum- 30. At Hawick, Mrs Janet Dickson, fries.

wife of Captain Irwin, Royal Navy. 3. At Inverness, William Macbean, Esq.

At Kirkcaldy, Agnes Swinton, wife merchant in 'London, to Miss Janet, third of Mr Alexander Elder, merchant there. daughter of Alexander Fraser, Esq. mer. At Lisbon, Mr Thomas Arthur, chant there.

late of Glasgow. Lately, John Macalister, Esq. in the

21. At Leith, aged 21, Mr Peter Scott, Company's civil service at Penang, and eldest son of Mr William Scott, brewer, collector at Malacca, to Miss Mary Mac- Leith. harg.

Feb. 1. At Leith, George Johnston, of

Overtown, eldest son of the late Robert DEATHS.

Johnston, farmer at Nisbetfield, Fife

shire. May 7. 1811. At Purneah, in Bengal, 2. At Aberdeen, Jonathan Craigie, Esq. Thomas Chisholme Scott, Register of Pur- of Linton. neah, eldest son of the Rev. Robert Scott 3. At Ayr, Mr John Mitchell, late of. of Coldhouse.

ficer of Excise, aged 80 years.


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4. At Rosneath, Donald Campbell, Esq. 16. At Edinburgh, Mr Neil Stewart, of Peaton, in the 90th year of his age. merchant, Lawnmarket.

3. At Perth, Phineas, infant son of At Loughrea, Mrs Daly, wife of the Rev. William Thomson.

Arthur H. Daly, Esq. She was daughter 6. At Glasgow, James Craufurd, aged of the Hon. Faul Gore, and cousin of the nineteen, only son of Mr Adam Craufurd, Marquis of Abercorn, and the Earl of grocer, Gallowgate.

Arran. 7. At Ormiston, Mrs Elizabeth Wight, 16. At Perth, James Frew, eldest son spouse of Mr David Wight.

of the Rev. Forrest Frew. At Blackhill, Mrs Elizabeth King, At Greenhead, Mr Lachlan Laurie, relict of Mr Ninian M'Gilp.

son of John Laurie, Esq. of Glasgow.. At Prince's Street, Miss Eliza At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Fen. Stark.

wick, Royal Navy, aged 21 years, much 8. At Glasgow, Janet, eldest daughter regretted. He was a young officer of of the late Mr Daniel Macarthur, of the most promising abilities in his profession, Grammar School.

and possessed of the most humane and - At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Chies- gentlemanly disposition. lie, son of the late Rev. Mr Chieslie, mi At Banff, Mrs Margaret Gordon, nister of Corstorphine.

widow of the deceased John Gordon, Esq. 9. Mr John Cowan, of Powdrakes, late of Birkenbush. desher in Edinburgh.

At Canongate, Mrs Christian Ram10. At Greenock, Mr John Harper, say, relict of Mr James Ramsay. merchant.

At Jedburgh, after a lingering ill. 12. At Edinburgh, after an illness of ness, in the 48th year of his age, William four days, Archibald Campbell, eldest son Smith, Esq. of M‘Queston, second son of of Lord Succoth.

William Smith, Esq. of Carmilligan, sin. 13. At Greenock, Margaret, daughter cerely regretted by his numerous friends of Duncan M.Naught, Esq.

and acquaintance. At Glasgow, in the 44th year of her At Edinburgh, the Rev. Mr James age, Mrs Jean Will,' wife of Mr Andrew Hill, minister of the Gospel to the IndeHunter, manufacturer.

pendent Congregation of Haddington. He At Leith, Mrs Janet Davidson, was just in the prime of his life, and had spouse of Mr James Whytt, merchant nearly finished a course of studies in methere.

dicine. Mr Andrew Melvin, merchant in 17. Mrs Lillias Robertson, wife of Ro. Glasgow, justly regretted by all his ac. bert Wellwood, Esq. of Garvock. quaintance.

- At Inveran, Mr Alexander Bethune, 14. At Gayfield Place, Captain John merchant, much and justly regretted. Bruce, late of the 76th regiment of foot. At Greenhead, Miss Jean Sword,

At the Manse of Airth, the Rev. daughter of Alexander Sword, Esq. a Robert Vre, Minister of Airth, in the young lady of amiable disposition, and en87th year of his age, and 54th of his mi- dearing sweetnes of manners. nistry. Also, on the 19th current, Miss At Glasgow, Mr Hugh M.Dermid, Christian Ure, his second daughter. a student of medicine, and assistant to Mr

At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Fyffe, Daniel M•Lean, teacher, Gorbals, merebant.

young man of the most promising abilities. 15. At Ayr, John Murdoch, Esq. She At Edinburgh, Sir William Maxriff Substitute of the county, in the 71st well, of Monreith, Bart. most sincerely fear of his age. To his undeviating inte. regretted by his family, his acquaintances, grity and justice as a judge, all ranks of and generally by the county of Wigton, in the community have borne public testi. which he resided. mony ; but, from a reserve almost pecu. At Glasgow, Mrs Robertson, eldest liar to himself, it was known only to a daughter of Mr Reid of the Tontine. fer, that these virtues were founded on At Montrose, Miss Elizabeth Bail. n early and uniform sense of religion, lie. equally free from ostentation, austerity, 18. At Leith, in the 74th year of his and enthusiasm.

age, Mr Andrew Niinmo, spinning wheel At Edinburgh, Helen, youngest maker to her Majesty, taughter of Mr James Schaw, printer.

At the Governor's housc, ia his 734


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year, Colonel Matthew Sinith, Major of til about three months previous to his the Tower.

decease, when he became unable to work 18. At West Nicholson Street, Miss · without assistance. He enjoyed all his fa Isabella Hendrie.

culties till a short time before he died. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Hardie, 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Lamb wife of Dr James Sanders.

Webster, spouse of Mr John Pearson, 19. At Aberdeen, Mrs Rachel Susan merchant there. Gibbon, relict of the deceased Captain - At Edinburgh, Miss Isabella RusCharles Gibbon, of that place.

sell, daughter of the late David Russel, - At Brechin, the Rev. James Somer- Esq. of Woodside. ville, Episcopal clergyman there, and 23. At Stoke, Plymouth, Admiral Sir Dean of that diocese.

Charles Cotton, Bart. Commander in Chief At Edinburgh, Miss Anne Gordon, of the Channel fleet. Sir Charles went to late milliner there.

rest in perfect health, but was suddenly 20. At Dalkeith, Margaret, youngest seized, and in getting out of bed fell down, daughter of Captain Alexander Cameron, and expired before any medical assistance Aberdeenshire militia.

could be procured. At James's Court, James Græme, - At Largs, Mrs Jane Muir, wife of Esq. of Garyock.

Mr James Paterson, merchant, late of 21. At Greenhead, in the 76th year of Glasgow. his age, John Laurie, Esq. late Dean of - At Market Street, Herts, at a very Guild, Glasgow

advanced age, the Hon. Frederick Caven22. At Dundee, James Wright, senior, dish, youngest, and only surviving son of Esq.

the late Lord Charles Cavendish. - At Hawick, Mr William Scott, to

At Melton Constable, Norfolk, the bacconist, aged 82.

Hon. Lady Stanhope, eldest sister of the Mr John Crooks, one of the macers late Lord Delaval, and sister-in-law to the of the Court of Exchequer.

late Earl of Chesterfield. David Gaddis, of Cargins, near Tan- - Mrs Margaret Campbell, relict of Mr deragee, at the age of 102. It is very Alexander Campbell, merchant Glasgow. surprising, that during the long life of this - At St John Street, the Right Hon' man, he never had an hour's sickness, un- Lady Catherine Charteris.

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