tał hunting watch, a gold watchHIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY.

chain, two seals set in gold, a gold Trial of Hugh M'Donald, Hugh in silver.

watch-key, and fourteen shillings Mintosh and Neil Sutherland,

7.-Knocking down and robbing for Robbery and Murder, on the Mr Duncan Fergusson, writer, Morning of New Year's day.

near Barclay's Tavern, Adam's O Friday the 20th March, came Square of a gold seal, a gold ciary, the trial of Hugh M.Donald, nine shillings in silver. Hugh M Intosh, Neil Sutherland, David Scott Kinloch M’Laurin, on

8.-Assaulting and robbing Mr George Napier, and John Grotto, the South Bridge, of two gold and also James Johnston, mason, charged with the following crimes,


pocket-handkeron the night of the 31st of Decemo chiet, a round hat, and six shillings

in silver. ber last, or miorning of the · Ist of January 1812, viz.

9.-Knocking down and robbing

Mr John Buchan Brodie, writer, 1.The murder of Dugald on the North Bridge, of a watch Campbell, police watchman, at the with a shagreen case, a watch-ribhead of the Stamp Office Close. bon, four seals set in gold, a gold

2.- Knocking down and robbing watch-key, a blue Morocco leather Ensign Humphry Cochrane, of the purse, containing a Bank of Scot-. Renfrew militia, the Highland one-pound note, a seven-shila Street, of a silver watch, a watch- ling gold piece, eight shillings in chain of gold, two seals set in gold, silver, and a round hat. a metal watch-key, two guinea and 10.Assaulting and robbing Mr two one-pound notes, five shillings Duncan M.Lauchlan, student of in silver, a neck handkerchief, and medieine, on the South Bridge, of a silk pocket handkerchief.

a round hat, a pocket-handkerchief, 3.- Knocking down and robbing and a pair of gloves. Mr Roger Hog Lawrie, a writer's 11.Knocking down and robclerk, on the North Bridge, of a bing Mr Peter Bruce, student of seal set in gold, part of a watch- medicine,, on the South Bridge, of chain of gold, a gold watch-key, a green silk purse, five shillings and five shillings in silver.

and sixpence in silver, a gold ring, : 4.-Knocking down and robbing and a round hat. Gustavus Richard Alexander After enumerating these differ, Brown, Esq. on the North Bridge, ent articles of robbery, the indictof four pounds sterling in notes, ment states: ten shillings in silver, a pen-knife, “ And all the said acts of roband a round hat.

'" bery, or one or other of them, 5.- Knocking down and robbing“ were committed by all and each, Mr Francis James Hughes, near “ or by one or other of you, in the Tron Church, of a gold repeat

“ furtherance of previous agreeing watch, a gold watch-chain, “ 'ment or plan; to which plan or four seals set in gold, a gold watch: «'agreement, you were, all and key, and a round bat.

« each, or one or other of you, 6.- Assaulting and robbing Mr “ parties.” Nicol Allan, Manager of the Her The articles in the indictment cules Insurance Company, near marked Nos, 4, 8, and 11, were not the Tron Church, of a vellow meApril 1812.


gone into.


James Johnston, who has never was left with D. Gray, who lives been in custody, was called, but, in the Office, and was afterwards not appearing, sentence of outlaw- removed to the Royal Infirmary. ry was pronounced against him. Campbell was brought to the Office

The pannels severally pleaded by a lad named Thomson, and not guilty. - The Solicitor-General another young 'man. deferred the trial of George Na James Walker, police serjeant, pier, and John Grotto, till Friday, corroborated the testimony of the the 27th of March, and they were, former witness in almost every parin consequence, carried from the ticular. Campbell was perfectly bar.

incapable of giving any account of John Thomson, apprentice to what had happened. James Clark, blockmaker, said, Mr William Newbigging, surthat he was on the streets on the geon in Edinburgh, said, that he 31st December; where he saw a was one of the surgeons of the mob chase a gentleman into the Royal Infirmary, and remembers Assembly Close, where he was Campbell's being brought thereknocked down; that he saw Du- [a certificate by Mr Newbigging to. gald Campbell chaced by a mob the Magistrates was read, which near the Stamp Office Close, and ascribed the death of Campbell to that he fell, while à mumber of the wounds he received, which people were striking him ; were five in number.]-Campbell which he ran to Campbell's assist. died on the 3d of January; and ance, and he received a stroke on the witness was of opinion, from the hand. At this time, a bustle the beginning, that it was impossiand noise was heard about the ble to have saved his life; that he Tron Church, when most of the was in a stupor, or rather delirium, mob left him, and he then helped all the time he was in the hospital. Campbell up, and thought he was Mr-James Russell and Mr William capable of walking; Campbell was Wood were present at the examinbleeding much in the head: wit- ation of the body of Campbell. ness and another man assisted him Mr James Russell, surgeon, to the Police Office. Campbell said, that he was present when never spoke, but groaned very Campbell's body was inspected, much. One of the mob said, and was of opinion that his death “ take his life :" but another said, was occasioned by the wounds he “ Mind the Royal Arch, ” the received on the head; and that, meaning of which witness does not from the nature of the injury he understand, but thinks it meant to sustained, his life could not have save Campbell's life. Campbell been saved. was lying, when witness came to Ensign Humphry Cochrane, of his assistance, on the pavement, the Renfrewshire militia, said, between the Star Office and Stamp that, about a little after eleven Office Close. Thinks this happen- o'clock, he was attacked, going up ed about half past eleven o'clock. to the Castle, near Mrs Coulter's

John Monro, police watchman, shop; that he was knocked down, said, that on the last night of the much hurt, and was hauled into a year, after eleven o'clock, Camp- close, and robbed of four notes, bell was brought to the Police 13. 6d. in silver, a silver watch, a Office, in a most deplorable state, watch-chain of gold, two seals, a his head was covered with blood, watch-key, and two handkerchiefs and he was quite insensible. He be identified his watch. The


mob never asked him for money; the pannels.-He received many but he was knocked down, while blows, and was much cut and running from the scene of riot. bruised. There was a great mob, but he Mr Nicol Allan, Manager of the could not identify any of the pannels. Hercules Insurance Company,

Mr Roger Hog Lawrie said, said, that he was on the streets that he was on the North Bridge, about one o'clock on New-Year's near the Post Office, on the last of morning, and, passing Mr WedDecember, a few minutes before dell's shop, was knocked down by twelve, o'clock; that the number a blow on the forehead; that he who attacked him might be above got up, and walked on, when he thirty; that they asked him for was again knocked down by sever, money to drink, and he gave them al more, who came to assist the a crown; he was then knocked person who struck him first; that down, but he rose speedily, and he had a stick in his hand, and he proceeded along, when he was met struck the person who assaulted by person in a grey jacket, with a him first; but he was knocked large stick, who seemed to be in down by repeated blows, and was the act of striking him; but sud- robbed of the property marked in denly made a dart at his watch, the indictment, No. 6.-He identiwhen the chain broke, and the fied the watch and chain.---The robber got off with the seal and person who struck him had a large part of the chain; that he gave the stick in his hand; was dressed in a money under an impression of fear, blue short coat; no words passed as a boy informed him that the at the time. He was knocked

ill-using gentlemen. down the second time near Mrs Being shown a seal, said it was his Coulter's shop, and rather thinks -a stick was also shown to the he was robbed before he fell the witness, who said, he thought it second time, as the whole of them was like the stick the man with the pressed close to him.

He was grey jacket held up to him when much stunned, aud, after he got he made the dart at his watch. up, he went to the Police Office.

Mr Francis James Hughes said, Mr Duncan Fergusson, clerk to that he was on the streets on the Mr W. Campbell. W. S. said, that evening libelled; about twelve he in Barclay's Tavern, o'clock, and was attacked between Adam's Square, which he left about the North and South Bridges, by a

12 o'clock; and when he and his party of young men, who spoke a companions were near the paveword as if it was a signal. Wit- ment on the South Bridge, they

was repeatedly struck, and were attacked; that he was knockseveral times knocked down ; that ed down, and much bruised; but he was robbed of the articles spe- did not know he was robbed till he cified in the indictment, No. 5; went back to Barclay's, where Mr that he was lying on the ground Hughes, (a former witness, who when he was robbed, and particu- had been pursued by the mob into larly noticed the person who took Barclay's), mentioned that he (Mr them, and, running after him to Hughes) had been robbed of his recover them, he was again attack, watch ; that he then perceived he ed by the mob, and obliged to de- had lost his seal, watch-key, and sist. The witness identified two about ten shillings in silver, and seals and a watch-key as his pro- also his hat. The witness identified perty; could not identify any of his seal


mob were


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Mr John Buchan Brodie said, ward, and were attacked by a that about half-past 12 o'clock on number of fellows, when he lost the New Year's morning, he was his hat, gloves, and a pocket passing by Milne's Square, when handkerchief; that he went over to he met several young men, armed the other side of the Bridge, and with large bludgeons, one of whom was again attacked. He told them was by himself; that the witness he had been robbed already ; on imagined they had been quarrel which some of them said, " Let ling with some persons, when he him go, but a little lad damped told them it was not him nor his him for a

and put bis companion; that the person stand- hand into his pockets, but they ing by himself, struck him a vio- took nothing. Thinks, but is not lent blow, which brought him quite certain, that the pannel, down: this was two or three steps Niel Sutherland, was the little lad ; from Mr Weddell's shop ; that he that there was a cry given of more was again knocked down, but got booty ;' on which the mob left him, up and called for the police, when He lost a handkerchief that night, the person who first struck him, but is not sure in what manner. said, “ You > your police is

John Thomson, lapidary, said gone long ago," and again knocked that he was on the street after 11 him down, when he became insen- o'clock on the 31st December, sible. When he came to his senses along with W. Gray; that there he found himself near Mr Patti- was a great mob pursuing a gentleson's shop, South Bridge, and man, and he lost sight of Gray: found two different hands in lvis that he went up the street, and breeches pockets, a third had hold met the pannels and Johnston near of his watch, and a little boy took the Stamp Office close they came his hat, which he recovered from out of a crowd that was pursuing a him, but lost it a second time. gentleman ; that he met Campbell, Thinks, but is not positive, that the policeman, near the Cross the pannel, Niel Sutherland, was well, and he told him not to go the

person who struck him first down streets, as the mob would athe was dressed pearly as he is now, tack him ; he replied, “ damn the That he saw his watch afterwards fear,” and went towards the Stamp in the Council Chamber, which he Office close ; that he saw the mob understood was put into the letter attack Campbell, who repeatedly box in the Post Office; that he lost called out murder; that the pan. the articles specified in the indict- nels were there, and he heard the ment, No. 9, There were two name “ Boatswain," which he un. shillings loose in his pocket, which derstands is Macdonald's nickwere not taken, also a receipt name; that the pannels and Johnwhich was returned to him, after, ston were the first that attacked as he supposed, they liad looked Campbell, and were joined by a at it.

number of others; that when the Mr Duncan M‘Lauchlan, stu- attack was made on Campbell, he dent of medicine, said, that he heard some of the mob "call out was on the streets on New Year's “ Marr him," but did not undermorning, between one and two stand the meaning of it; the pano'clock; that some boys desired nels and Johnston had sticks in him and a Mr Bruce not to go for- their hands; that the Boatswain ward or they would be murdered; bad on a sort of a great coat, but that they did, however, ge for- he usually went with a jacket; that



when he heard Campbell cry mur. Boatswain, but he never had any der, he went down the High correspondence with them. Street, and did not return; he John Gilchrist, poulterer, said, knew the pannels by sight, parti. that he was near the Tron Church calarly Macintosh, who lives op on the last night of the year, and posite to where he works, in Blair heard a cry on the opposite side of Street; that the moon was shining the street, of “there is a policeon the north side of the street, and man;" that there was a great is sure he saw the pannels and crowd of lads and boys, with Johnston strike Campbell, and this sticks; saw Sutherland and M Inwas before the mob came up. tosh run up the streets with the

James Black, a seaman, prison. mob, and saw the policeman lying er in the tolbooth of Edinburgh, on the ground, and several people said, that he was on the streets on were striking him; that he did not the evening libelled, and saw see Sutherland and M Intosh strike Campbell, the policeman, running Campbell, but they went over to up the streets, and the mob after the other side of the street, along hina; that Johnston first tripped with the others, when he saw a Campbell, and struck him when lady and gentleman attacked; that falling; that this was below the he heard the Boatswain Fleshumarket close; some gentle called out, but this was some time wen wanted to assist Campbell, after, when the lady and gentlebut could not for the mob; that man were attacked ; that he heard the Boatswain was there, and wit some of the mob say it was the ness saw him give Campbell a Royal Arch (this, it appears, was kick, and heard the Boatswain and the nickname of Dugald Campbell, others say " that fellow Campbell the police watchman) who was at is well out of the way;" saw Suth, tacked; the pannels had sticks; erland in the mob, and a stick in witness was not so sure of Sutherhis hand, but did not see him do land being in the mob, but was any ill; he also saw M·Intosh certain with respect to M‘Intosh. there, and ebserved him strike George Brown, apprentice carCampbell while he was lying on yer and gilder, said, that he was the ground; that the stick M:In- on the High Street on the night tosh had in his hand was whitish, libelled, and saw Macdonald and and had a knob on the end of it: Johnstone standing beside Campthat he went to assist Campbell

, bell

, who was lying on the ground, but he received a blow on the but did not see them ştrike him, as wrist, he believes from Johnston, they said he had got enough; that which inade him desist; that he he saw Macdonald and one James saw Sutherland come up where he Clark attack a gentleman, who de. was, and drew out a stick from his fended himself till his stick broke, coat, with a knob on the end of it, when he was repeatedly attacked, but he did not strike any body; but he got off; that Macdonald that he came down the street from seemed to be at the head of the the Lawo-market, and met Camp, mob, and that they attacked sever, bell running away from the mob; al people; saw M'Intosh on the is not certain what boyr it was, South Bridge, but did not see him but cainks it was about 20 minutes do any thing; about two o'clock, before twelve; that he knows two he saw Sutherland washing his face of the pannels by name, and the at the Bridge well; he had no con


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