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ministers and elders, (to be elected in the Honourable John M.Mahon, were sworn manner that may hereafter be agreed upon), Members of his Majesty's Most Honour. who shall have the management of the ge- able Privy Council. neral fund for supplying each of the pa

24.-Viscount Jocelyn was this day aprochial institutions, according to its necese pointed Treasurer of his Majesty's Housesities; and that this Committee shall have a

hold. superintendence of the 'whole establish

This day Viscount Jocelyn, and the ment now proposed within the city, for the purpose of maintaining as much uniformity Members of his Majesty's Most Honour


Right Hon. Robert Liston, were of system in reference to the whole, as may prevent any complaints that would able Privy Council. otherwise arise from more or less liberality The Right Hon. Viscount Melville, and indulgence being extended to the chil. Vice-Admiral William Domett, Rear-Addren of one parish than to those of another, miral Sir Joseph Sidney Yorke, Hon. Fre

derick John Robinson, Lord Walpole, On the 26th of March, came on the Right Hon. William Dundas, and Rearelection of a Member of Parliament for the

Admiral George Johnstone Hope, appointcity of Edinburgh, in room of Sir Patrick ed Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Murray, resigned, when the Right Hon.

Carleton House, March 26.-At a ChapWilliam Dundas, was unanimously chos- ter of the Order of the Garter, his Grace en. The new member afterwards gave an

Charles Duke of Richmond, and his Grace elegant entertainment in George Street James Duke of Montrose (late Knight of Assembly Rooms, to the Magistrates, and the most ancient Order of the Thistle, the a number of noblemen and gentlemen. ensigns of which he had, previously to the

Chapter, surrendered to the Prince Regent) MONTROSE, March 27.-Monday week, were duly elected Knights of that Order. a poor woman, considerably advanced in WHITEHALL, April 4.--The Rt. Hon. the years, travelling from Fettercairn to Birse, Earl of Buckinghamshire, the Earl of Liverunfortunately lost her way on the Cairn pool, Viscount Castlereagh, It. Hop.Richard o'Mount, and stuck amongst the snow. Ryder, Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, Lord Notwithstanding the dreadful prospect be- Lovaine, Lord Teignmouth, Right Hon. fore her, she remained, it would appear, Thomas Wallace, Viscount Lowther, and for some time, perfectly collected. After Right Hon. John Sullivan, to be Commnisgiving her horse his liberty, she tied a sioners for the affairs of India. bundle of yarn to the head of her staff, and Right Hon. Francis Lord Napier, to erected it as a mark, hoping that it might be his Majesty's High Commissioner to the attract the notice of some person passing General Assembly of the Church of Scotthat way. The following day, late in the land. afternoon, after having been more than 24 hours in the very perilous situation just Steward of the Forest of Sherwood, and

Henry Duke of Newcastle, to be mentioned, exposed to hunger and the Park of Folewood, Nottinghamshire. freezing storm, one of General Burnet's servants, in his journey across the Cairn, ob

CARLETON House, April 4.-The Honour. serving the signal, and being induced to able Major-General Lamley, to be one of go off the road to examine it, found the the Grooms of his Majesty's Bedcharaber. poor creature, almost exhausted. He hu

WAR-OEPICE, MARCH 24. manely conveyed lier to the nearest cot

Lieutenant-Colonel John Farquharson, tage, when, by kind treatment, she was completely restored. The horse, all alone, vernor of Carlisle, vice Grant deceased.

of the 420 foot, appointed Lieutenant-Gotrudged safely to Brechin.

31.—Major-General Alexander Camp

bell to be Lieutenant-General in the Isle APPOINTMENTS.

of France and Bourbon only. [From the London Gazette.] WAITE ALL, March 17.-The Prince Re On the 31st of March, the following gent has been pleased to appoint the Earl noblemen and gentlemen were unanimousof Ormond to be one of the Lords of his ly chosen Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Majesty's Bedchamber.

Directors of the Bank of Scotland :20.--This day the Marquis of Winchestər, the Earl of Yarmouth, and the Right The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Melvile.








a son.

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BIRTHS. Patrick Miller, Esq. of Dalswinton.

March 3. At Islandclach, Mrs Captain

Daniel Reid, a son. James Walker, Esq. one of the Principal

4. At Auchlunies, Mrs Gordon, a son Clerks of Session

and heir. John Marjoribanks, Esq. banker

7. At Carron-hall, the Lady of Thomas David Reid, Esq. one of the Commissioners Bruce, Esq. of Arnot, a son.

for Fisheries, Manufactures, &c. in Scot. 8. Mrs Watson, North Castle Street, a

land Adam Rolland, Esq. advocate

11. Mrs Macknight, London Street, a George Kinnear, Esq. banker Robert Wilson, Esq. accountant

· Mrs Williamson, Soutb Castle Street, Donald Smith, Esq. banker

a daughter. Robert Dundas, Esq. writer to the signet

15. The Lady of Hugh Reveley, Esq. John Irving, Esq. writer to the signet at Bryny Gwin, Merionethshire, a son and Andrew Bonar, Esq. banker:

heir. John Dundas, Esq. writer to the signet - The Lady of Gilbert L. Mason, Esq. Henry Davidson, Esq, writer to the signet of Lindertis, a daughter. EXTRAORDINARY DIRECTORS.

17. At Inyerary, Mrs Paterson, a son. His Grace the Duke of Montrose

18. The Lady of Lieut.-Col. Black, a The Most Noble the Marquis of Douglas The Rigbt Hon. the Earl of Kellie

21. Mrs Wood, South Charlotte Street The Right Hon. the Earl of Glasgow Robert Clerk, Esq. of Mavisbank

The Viscountess Duncan, a son and Archibald Douglas, Esq of Adderston

heir. Sir Patrick Ingkis of Cramond, Bart.

At Edinburgh, the Lady of Captain General Sir David Dundas, K. B.

Andrew Brown, royal navy, a son. Alex. Keith of Ravelston, Esq.

23. At Ayr, Mrs Colonel Farquhar, a Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, daughter. Bart.

24. At Kensington, the Lady of Lieut.. Alex. C. Maitland Gibson, of Cliftonhall, Colonel Drinkwater, a son. sq.

The Lady of R. Fraser, Esq. a daughHon. David Williamson, Lord Balgray.


90. Mrs Lyon, Forth Street, a son. Sir James Hall, Bart. has been elected April 4. Mrs William Bell, a daughter. President of the Royal Society of Edin." Lately. at London, the Lady of the Hon. burgh, in room of his Grace the late Duke D. M. Erskine, of a daughter. of Buccleuch.

At Richmond, the Hon. Mrs Murray, The University of Edinburgh has confer. red the degree of Doctor of Divinity upon the Reverend James Curdie, vicar of Ha

MARRIAGES. nolhim, in the diocese of London.

January 9. Af Fredrickton, New Brune Mr Reid of Adamton has presented the swick, H. Carmichael, Esq. paymaster of Rev. John Oughterson, assistant at Kid- the 104th regiment, to Isabella, daughter bride to the parisk of Monkton, presbytery of Major Hailes, Brigade-Major to the for• of Ayr, vacant by the death of the Rev.

ces in New Brunswick. Dr Mitchell.

March 2. At Penzance, William Purvis, Mr Brodie of Lethạn has presented the Esq. younger of Purvis, to Mrs Hall, reRev. Hugh M'Bean, to the parish of Ard. lict of Hall, Esq. of Flosk, in the clach, presbytery of Nairn, vacant by the county of Durham. death of the Rey. Donald Mitchell.

At Cove, Lieutenant Maxwell of the On the 1st of Aprif the following Gen. Dumfries-shire regiment of militia, to Jatlemen were elected Office Bearers of the cobina Maria Irving, daughter of Jaffray Society of High Constables, Edinburgh, Irving, of Cove, Esq. viz.

Captain Graham Moore, of his Maje. Messrs William Dunlop, Moderator. sty's navy, brother of the late Sir John

John Clapperton, Treasurer. Moore, to Dora, daughter of the late
William Marshall, Chaplain. Thomas Eden, Esq. and niece of Lord
Alex, Ross, Secretary,


à son.

7. Jobin

7. John Veitch, the younger of Haw- Glasgow, to Jean, danghter of Mr John thornback, Haddingtonshire, M. D. to Lilburn, upholsterer there. Henrietta Maria Grant, eldest daughter of 26. At Fdinburgh, James Cunningham, Sir Alexander Grant, Bart. of Baker Street, Esq. Thirlestone, to Miss Robina Cunning. London.

ham, daughter of the deceased Mr Alexan- . At London, the Honourable Mr Elis der Cunningham, Selkirk. ot, brother to Lord Eliot, to Miss Robin- 27. Mr George Learmonth, builder, son, daughter of General Robinson. Edinburgh, to Isabella, daughter of Mr

9. At Hamilton, James Miller Dyer, George anderson, baker, Greenside Place. Esq. writer in Hamilton, to Mrs Gray, 30. At Glasgow, Mr Alexander ColquHamilton

houn, to Miss Mary Colquhoun. At Paisley, Charles Fraser, Esq. of

31. At Knowhead, Perth, Mr James Fairview, county of Down,' Ireland, to

M'Laren, merchant in Glasgow, to I sabelAnn, second daughter to the late James : Ja, fourth daughter of Henry Bannerman,

Knowhead. Orr, Esq. of Thornly Park. ; 12. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter M‘Niven,

April 3. At Edinburgh. by the Right , writer, to Christian, eldest daughter of Mr

Reverend Bishop Sandford, Mr John Henry Fletcher Yetts, Castlehill.

Horn, artist, of London, to Miss Mary At Dundee, Captain James Wright, Alexander, daughter of Captain Alexan

der, Thistle Street. of the 31st regiment of foot, to Hannah, sécond daughter of Mr John Ogilvie, wri

Lately, At Maryfield, Licut. Thomas

Stewart, of the Royal Navy, to Beatrix, ter, Dundee. 13. At Leith Links, John Drysdale, kenzie, minister of Fodderty.

eldest davgther of the Rev. Donald MacEsq. to Miss Sceales, only daughter of

At St Petersburgh, Sir Robert Ker Por. Adolphus Sceales, Esq. merchant there.

ter, to Princess Marie Scherbatoil. 14. Major Napier, of the 43d light infantry, to Caroline, the youngest daughter

DEATHS. of the late Honourable General Fox. 16. At Edinburgh, Major-General the

Aug. 21. 1811. On board his Majesty's friHonourable Alexander Duff, second son of gate Galatea, in the 17th year of his age, late Alexander, Earl of Eife, to Miss Thomas Hay, midshipman, youngest son Anne Stein, youngest daughter of the late

of William Hay, of Russel-square, AberJames Stein, Esq. of Kilbagie.

decn. At Edinburgh, John Fullarton, Esq. late of Jamaica, to Elizabeth, third daugh- Williara Crooks, of the Honourable East

September 1. At Calcutta, Lieutenant ter of the late James Dunn, Esq.

India Company's 23d regiment of native inAt Kirkcudbright, Ralph Hardie, fantry, son of the late William Crooks, Esq. Esq. writer in Edinburgh, to Miss Agnes writer, Ayr. Blackie, daughter of the late Mr Robert . 7. At Trippassore, John Balmain, Esq. Blackie, merchant in Kirkcudbright. of the Honourable Company's service, se

17. At Paisley, Mr John Murray, Quar- cond son to the deceased James Balmain, ter Master, Ayrshire militia, to Miss Eu, Esq. Commissioner of Excise. phemia Pyper.

23. In Jamaica, Mr David Oliphant, 18. At Edinburgh, Alexander Somer

son of the deceased Mr David Oliphant, ville, Esq. wine merchant, Edinburgh, to merchant in Edinburgh. Elizabeth Monro, eldest daughter of the

Deceinber 6. At Cape Town, Olof God. late Major John Muuro, in the Honour

lieb De Wet, Esq. President of the Justi. able East India Company's service.

ciary Court of the Cape of Good Hope. 19. At Anstruther, Mr Robert Forbes,

13. At Fishkill, in America, John Wienwriter, Kinross, to Ann, youngest daughter derson, aged 102 years. He was at the of Alexander Tennant, sen. merchant

battles of Culloden and Minden, and at there.

the taking of Quebec, after which he set

tled in America. 20. At Edinburgh, Mr George Mac

16. On the passage home from Jamaica, cleish, brass-founder, Canal Street, to

Lieutenant James Robinson, royal navy, Elizabeth, eldest daughter to Mr George second son of George Robinson of ClermisAdams, Edinburgh.

ton, Esq. writer to the signet. 23. Mr Archibald M.Nab, merchant, 19. At Izvine, aged 70 years, Anna


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Hamulton, daughter of the late Charles 2. At Dundee, aged 81, Mrs Geckie, res, Hamilton, Esq. of Craigelaw, and wife of lict of the late Provost Geekie, of that John Pechles, Esq.

town, 19. At Camistimveg, Mrs Isabella Camp At the Manse of Glencorse, Mrs sell, spouse to Captain Norman M.Leod, of Jean Gordon, relict of John Innes, Esq. of that place.

Leuchars. Feb. 24. 1812. At Hopeshill, John Walk At Fortrose, Mrs Matheson, sen. of er, Esq. of Blairton, aged 72,

Bennetsfield, aged 78. 25. At Glasgow, Mrs Sarah Caddy, wife 3. At Leith, in the S4th year of his age, , of Mr William Ainslie, and eldest daughter Mr James Young, late brewer, there. of the late Lieut.-Col. Caddy, of the royal At Elgin, aged 10 years and 6 engineers.

months, Ann Margaret Grant, fourth, At Kelso, much regretted, Mrs daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel A. Grant. Lockie, wife of Mr Andrew Lockie, nurse At Cameron House, Dunbartonshire, ryman.

Augusta, youngest daughter of Captain Mr Thomas Anderson, shoemaker, John Rouet Smollet, of Bonhill. aged 63.

4. Elizabeth Frances, youngest daughter At Edinburgh, Miss Winifred Hair- of William Boswell, Esq. advocate stens, daughter of the deceased William At Edinburgh, John Graham, teind. Hairstens, Esq. of Craigs.

macer, and one of the macers of the Court - At Paisley, Mrs Isabella Buchanan, of Session. daughter of the late Mr Archibald Buchan

5. Mrs Anne Home, daughter of the an, merchant, Glasgow, wife to Mr Brown- late Hononrable George Home, and wile ng, Paisley.

of Mr Thomas Turnbull, Leith Walk. 27. At Dumfries, Mrs Elizabeth IIy Ai Edinburgh, George Peter, the inslop, relict of Mr James Appleby, mer fant son of Jolin Campbell, Esq. tertius, , chant, there.

W. S. At Perth, John Stewart, Esq. of Crossmount, aged 80.

6. At Alexandria, Mr Neil Mactavish,'

late village schoolmaster there At Edinburgh, aged 81 years, Mrs Molleson, relict of Mr John Molleson, P. Orchard, Esq. in four successive Parlia

At Hartland Abbey, Devon, aged 73, writer in Edinburgh.

ments representative of the borough of - At Newark on Trent, Mr Walter Carswell, of Paisley.

Callington, and for many years Colonel of 2$. At Edinburgh, Mr John Archibald, the North Devon regimeni of militia.

At Parkfoot, near Dumfries, Mr merchant.

James Smith, farmer, aged 40 years. 29. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth An

At Chichester, in the 85th year of his dergon, daughter of the late Rev, John Anderson, minister of Stronsay.

age, Captain Robertson, late of the mariner,

uncle to the Countess of Dundonald. - At Edinburgh, Jane, only daughter' of the deceased William Rawlinson, Esq. of vice, his first commission having been dat

was the oldest officer in his Majesty's serGraithwaite, Lancashire. March 1. At London, in his 81st year,

ed in the year 1740. He was universally Maxweil Garthshore, M. D. F. R. S. and

respected A. S. M. RI. the oldest member of the

7. In London, Duncan Forbes Alitchell, London College of Physicians, and a sub- Esq of Thainstone. scriber to all the literary and charitable in

At Gardyne, near Arbroath, Mrs Chi. stitutions in London and Edinburgh. As

zabeth Lyell, relict of Alex. Lyell, Esq. of a physician his loss will long be remember. Gardyne. ed by the numerous poor who daily avail At Edinburgh, Maria Hungerford ed themselves of his gratuitous and expe. Ofley, yonngest daughter of Major-Gen. rienced advice ; as a benefactor to society, the Honourtble John Crewe. and the philanthropie friend to the young

9. At London, after an illness of only or inexperienced, his death is even still three days, Sir William Langham, Bart. ibore to be deplored.

At Edinburgh, Robert Young, Esq. At London, the Countess of Abcr son of the late Rev. Mr Robert Young, videen.

nister of the Gospel at Benholm. – Miss Elizabeth Touch, eldest daugh At London, the Hon. George Mel. ter of the Reverend John Touch, late min ville Leslie. pister of Motlach.

At lladdington, Mary, youngest




daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Bathe, ant of the counties of Anglesey and Staf. 15th regiment of foot.

ford, keeper of the castle of Carnaervon, 9. Mrs Helen Pitcairn, widow of the ranger of Snowden Forest, and Vice-AdmiReverend Mr Alex. Brodie, minister of ral of North Wales, Pembrokeshire, and Carnbee.

Carmarthenshire He had long been in a Alexander Gibson Hunter, Esq. of declining state of health. The death of Blackness.

this nobleman was hastened by an unlucky Robert Gowan, the infant son of event which happened a few days ago. George M.Niesh, Esq. merchant in Glas- Two of his servants were helping him to gow.

walk from one room to another, and one 10. At Whitemoss, near Kilbride, Wm. of them quitted his Lordship's arm in orCarnegie, Esq. much regretted by those der to shut the door ; the other servant who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. had not strength enough to sustain his

At Newmill, Mr James Innes, for- master singly, and they both fell ; in conmerly of Maislic, in the 83d year of his sequence one of the Noble Lord's ribs was

broken, and he lingered till the 13th, when At Littlc Kerse, Christian, third he was released from all mortal sufferings. daughter of Mr George Galbraith, of Black His Lordship was born June 18, 1744, and house.

married, April 11, 1767, Jane, eldest 11. At Hammersmith, John Philip de daughter of Arthur Campugne, Dean of Loutherbourg, Esq. one of the oldest mem- Clonmacrois, in Ireland. bers of the Royal Academy.

At Polerton, Sir Charles Burton, At Errogy, aged 78, Mrs Ann Fra Baronet. ser, relict of the deceased Captain John John, the infant son of Mr H. Ten. Fraser of Errogy, and sister of the late nent, brewer, Glasgow. James Fraser, Esq. of Gorthleck.

14 At London, Mr Robert Young, surMrs Agnes Crocket, wife of Mr geon, late of the island of Martinique, and William Muirhead, of Deanston, much re- son of Mr John Young, Alloa. gretted.

In London, Robert Cromek, Esq the 12. Miss Mary Carfrae, daughter of the celebrated engraver, and editor of the Reverend Dr Carfrae, minister of Dun- “ Reliquies of Burns," and the “ Remains bar.

of Nithsdale and Galloway Song." - At Glasgow, Mr John Ballingall, 15. At Edinburgh, Alexander Ogilvy merchant there.

Fotheringham, Esq. of Powrie. 13. At Dumfries, Mr Joseph Thomson, 16. At Dublin, Mr David Swan, late aged 68, late of Kirkmahoe, much and merchant in Leith. justly regretted.

At Greenock, Helen Mitchell Telfer, At Lethangie, Robert Greig, Esq.jun. the infant daughter of James Telfer, writer of Lethangie

in Greenock. At Kirriemuir, Mrs Isabella Alex- At Doune, Mrs Helen Macfarlane, ander, wife of Mr Thomas Alexander, sur- wife of Mr James Stewart, merchant, geon, royal navy

17. At Blackheath, aged 75, Lieut-Gen. · Robert, eldest son of Hugh Fraser, Thomas Davies, of the royal artillery. Esq. of Stonyfield.

At Edinburgh, Mr John Lauder, surAt Hamilton, Mr David Rigg, aged veyor of taxes. 96; he had been a member of Hamilton At Buckingham house, London, the Kilwinning Lodge, No. 10, for 62 years. Most Noble the Marchioness of Bucking. As a mark of respect to his memory, his ham. Her Ladyship was the daughter and funeral was attended by the brethren of heiress of the late Robert, Earl Nugent ; that Lodge, and the Hamilton Lodge No. was married to the Marquis in 1774, and 307. The procession was numerous and created Baroness Nugent, in 1800, with rerespectable. The number of spectators mainder to her second son Lord GeorgeGrenwas uncommonly great, not less than 3000, ville Nugent Temple, now Baron Nugent, of and all conducted in a superior masonic that part of the United Kingdom called style.

Ireland. To do justice to ber great and At London, the Earl of Uxbridge. splendid virtues and inerits, would far exHis Lordship was in his 68th year. He is ceed our limits. Her numerous acts of succeeded in his titles and estates by his charity and benevolence alone will be sufeldest son, Lord Paget, now Earl of Ux. ficient to endear her memory to all who bridge.. His Lordship was Lord Lieuten. survive her.


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