frequently broke out into dreadful acts of “ George Prince of Wales. Take care violence and assassination. These alarm- of yourself for your Life is in danger, you ing excesses have called for the interference shall meet the same fate as Mr Perceval if of the legislature, and an act has been Bellinghall is hung before this reach you. passed making it a capital effence to take or You blackguard you shall be shot before administer unlawful oaths; which the riot- three months is elapsed if Bellinghall is ers it appears, have employed as a bond to hung you shall be shot as sure as hold them together. Special commissions have also been sent into the disturbed coun

I remain, an Enemy of all the damned ties, by which many of the rioters have Royal Family." been tried, condemned and executed. These Addressed to his Royal Highness the strong measures, however, aided by the

Regent, With Speed. Windsor. constant and unremitting activity of the local authorities, civil and military, have His Royal Highness, for the better aponly produced a greater degree of cunning prehending and bringing to justice the peron the part of the rioters in carrying on

sons concerned in writing and sending the their depredations, which are now commit. anonymous letters above-mentioned, is hereted chiefly in the night; and having scouts by pleased, in the name and on the behalf posted to give the alarm, they disperse im- of his Majesty, to promise his Majesty's mediately on the approach of any force most gracious pardon to any one of them against them, and by these means too fre. (except the person who actually wrote the quently elude detection. Parties of them, said letters) who shall discover his, her, sometimes even to the number of a thou

or their accumplice or accomplices therein, sand, are often seen on muirs and commons so that he, she, or they, may be apprehendgoing through the military exercise, under ed and convicted thereof. the cloud of night, and dispersing in differ. ent directions at the dawn of morning.

R. RYDER. That this defiance of law and order must de crushed is certain ; and we have only And, as a further encouragement, a reto lament the littie prospect there exists of ward of one THOUSAND Pounds is hereby its being effected without a deal of blood. offered to any person making such disco. shed ; as in some cases, where the military very as aforesaid (except as is before exhave been employed against them, these cepted), to be paid on the conviction of deluded wretches have even had the hardi. any one or more of the offenders by the hood to turn and fire upon their opponents. Right Hon, the Lords Commissioners of Their frequent nightly excursions in search

his Majesty's Treasury.
of fire-arms, also bespeak a desperate spirit
of resistance which will not be easily sub-

On Thursday the 18th instant, an aggre-

gate meeting of the Catholics of Ireland [From the London Gazette, May 19.] was held in Dublin, when a series of 14

Whereas it has been represented to his resolutions were adopted, recommending a Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that

new petition to the legislature, for a total and the following anonymous threatening letters unqualified repeal of the penal laws affect. have been sent to the Right Honourable ing that body. Colonel M*Mahon :

On the 22d a resolution was carried in “ Provisions Cheaper--Bread or Blood the House of Commons, by a majority of -Tell your Master he is a Damn'd unfecl. 129, pledging the House early in the next ing Scoundrel, and if he don't attend to the session of Parliament, to take into considerabove, Death shall be his portion, & that ation the claims of the Catholics with a soon, it's come to the point now, & we view to some final and conciliatory arrangeare determined to strike the decisive blow. ment. The principle of concession is thereMay 12/12

Vox Populi.” fore recognized by the legislature, and a Addressed to Col. M.Mahon,


prospect at length opened of this important Carlton-House,

question being brought satisfactorily to Pall Mall.



Scottish Chronicle.


gallantry of the army under the command

of the Earl of Wellington, by the capture Thursday, May 21.

of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz. The "HIS day the General Assembly of the Reverend Doctor next adverted to the pre

Grace Thomas Lord Napier, Lord Highland, and, with great feeling, lamented Commissioner. After an excellent sermon the unprovoked assassination of the Right by the Rev. Dr Ranken, Moderater of Hon. S. Perceval a deed of the greatest last Assembly, from 1st Timothy, iv. 15. atrocity that ever had been committed. He " Meditate upon these things, give thy- concluded by saying, that the address, in self wholly to them; that thy profiting addition to the above particulars, should may appear to all”—The members adjourn- also take notice of the opportunity that ed to the Assembly Room, when Dr would soon open to the propagation of the William M.Morine, minister of Carlaver gospel in India, by the expiry of the East ock, Dumfries-shire, was unanimously India Company's charter-an opportunity chosen Moderator.

which should be immediately cmbraced His Grace's commission, and the Prince by this national church. Regent's letter, on name and on behalf of The motion was seconded by Dr Meikhis Majesty, for two thousand pounds lejohn, at Abercorn, who went over the Sterling, for propagating the Christian same grounds for an address, but had ra. religion in the highlands and islands of ther sonne doubts as to mentioning any Scotland, being read, as usual, the As- thing about the expiry of the East India sembly was opened by an elegant speech Company's charter. The motion was unfrom his Grace the Commissioner, to which animously agreed to. a suitable reply was made by the Modera

Friday, May 22. tor.

The Assembly appointed the Rev. Mr Dr Ranken, in a speech of some length, Robert Auld, at Ayr, and Rev. Mr David moved an address to his Royal Highness Landsborough, at Stevenson, to preach be the Prince Regent, on the present situa. fore the Commissioner on the 24th May. tion of public affairs. He began by la- and the Rev. Dr John Lee, at Peebles, menting the continued illness of his Ma- and Rev. Mr William Gillespie at Kells jesty, and the earnest wish of all ranks on the 31st May, which these gentlemen for his restoration to health. He highly did accordingly. complimented the Prince Regent, for his

Saturday, May 23. conduct in the administration of public af- The Committee that drew up the ad, faits, and particularly mentioned the suc- dress, and an answer to his Royal Highcess that had attended his Majesty's arms, ness the Prince Regent's letter, presented both by sea and, land. The French wete their report. The answer to the letter now driven from all their possessions, and Address were agreed to. The anboth in the East and West Indies, and swer and address were then signed by the war in the Peninsula had assumed a the Moderator, and given to his Grace Det aspect, owing to the bravery and the Commissioner, who undertook to trans , mit them to the Secretary of State for the Presbytery of Aberdeen anent the the Home Department, to be presented to public reading of the scriptures. Dr Cur. the Prince Regent.

den and Dr Skene Ogilvie, members of Monday May 25.

that Presbytery, were heard upon the subA member rose, pursuant to notice given ject of the overture, and the Ĝeneral As. on Saturday, and moved that a Committee sembly agreed to allow this overture to lie should be appointed to attend the progress upon the table till Monday. of any proceedings for renewing the char

T'uesday, May 26. ter of the East India Company before the An overture from Sir H. Moncreift meeting of the next Assembly, for the was transmitted to the Assembly, bearing, purpose of embracing any opportunity that as the Rev. Dr M Lea of Rothsay which may occur, to have it provided in was trying the question respecting the lia. the new arrangements that the resident bility of the clergy of the Church of Scotinhabitants in India, who are of the com- land to property and other taxes, and as munion of our national church, should be the result of this trial would very mateprovided with the means of religious in- rially affect the interests of the clergy, the struction. The above was seconded and Assembly should take the subject into their agreed to, and a Committee appointed. It serious consideration, and come to some was also agreed to subjoin to the above resolution respecting it. After a good resolution, the following: To inquire into deal of discussion, it was resolved, nem. con. the arrangements recently made respect- that the Assembly do adhere to their re. ing the religious instruction of the army, solution on this point in 1808, that the and to embrace any favourable opportuni. process of Dr M.Lea has no countenance ty which may occur, of stating, in the or sanction from the General Assembly, most respectful terms, the claims of this or the church in general, and that they are national church, to have it provided that not, therefore, to be considered as implisome portion of the army chaplains should cated in the question to be tried. A cobe Presbyterian clergymen, whose charac- py of the overture and resolution ordered ter should be duly certified by the Moder- to be put into the hands of the Procurator, ator of the General Assembly, and enjoin- to be made use of by him according to his ed to report to next Assembly.

discretion. Dr Inglis, Convener of the Committee The Assembly had transmitted to them upon legal provision of the ministers of à petition from Mr Adamson, minister of this Church, gave in a written report of Cupar, and Mr Bryce, minister of Aberthe proceedings of the Committee since dour, complaining against a sentence of Jast Assembly, which was read, and Dr the Synod of Fife, on the 8th of April Inglis heard upon the subject of said re- last, " affirming a sentence of the Presby. port. The Assembly approved of the dili. tery of St Andrew's, finding a libel raised gence of the Committee, and agreed to re- by that Presbytery against the Rev. Dr new their appointment. The Assembly James Playfair, minister of St Leonard's, referred to the Committee, the overture duly served and relevant."-A similar petransmitted to the Assembly upon the tition was also transmitted from Mr James subject of fiars of grain. The thanks of Rodger, minister of Denino, and Dr Thothe Assembly were given to Dr Inglis from mas Jackson, Professor of Natural Philothe chair, for the care and attention he sophy, St Andrew's, appellants against had uniformly given to tle business of the said sentence. Committee.

The petitions, with the reasons of The General Assembly then took up dissent and complaint, and the reasons of the consideration of the overture from the protest and appeal, were read, as also the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, anent irregu- libel against Dr Playfair. lar and clandestine marriages.—The said Mr Cockburn and Mr Jeffrey were heard overture was read by Dr Rennie, when Dr at great length for the complainers, and Rankine, a member of the Synod, was Principal Hill in defence of the Presbytery heard upon the subject. The General of St Andrew's. After a short debate, Assembly referred the subject of this over. it was moved and seconded, and unaniture to the consideration of a committee, mously agreed to, That the General As(the moderator, chairman,) and appointed sembly should sustain the complaints and to report to the Assembly on or before appeals against the Synod of Fife, in as Saturday.

far as they relate to the words “ art and The General Assembly afterwards took part," found in the libel, and to the words up the consideration of the overture from “ in the year 1807," and find that these


words shall be expunged from the libel; ber of the Presbytery, with Francis Jefand farther, that the charge in the libel frey, Esq. as his Counsel, for the Pres. shall be restricted to the year 1808 ; and bytery. After parties were heard, “ the that the words in the conclusion of the General Assembly unanimously agreed to libel " or otherwise censured according express, as they do hereby express, their to the demerits of what shall be proven high disapprobation of the spirit with against you, shall also be expunged from which the opposition to the settlement of the said libel. But affirm the senten Mr M.Donald, as minister of Urray, has ces of the Synod of Fife and Presbytery of been conducted, and their abhorrence of St Andrew's in all other points, finding the unchristian arts and practises which the libel duly served and relevant, and that spirit has produced : And the As. ordain the Presbytery of St Andrew's to sembly also unanimously agree to dismiss, proceed to take the proof of the said libel as they hereby dismiss, the appeal as fri. with all convenient speed, according to the volous and vexatious, and appoint the rules of the Church ; reserving to Dr Play Presbytery of Dingwall to take the regular fair his right to state all competent objec steps to prosecute, before the competent tions, either to questions or witnesses, in court, the translation of Mr M•Donald the course of the probation; and farther from the parish of Barvas to the parish of reserving to him, after the probation shall Urray, in order to his admission as minister be finished, his right to offer a proof of all of that parish, with all convenient speed, facts and circumstances tending to his according to the rules of the Church.” exculpation. And the General Assembly It was moved and seconded, that to this ordain the Presbytery of St Andrew's to judgment the Assembly should subjoin the proceed in the proof, notwithstanding any following appointment :~" ind if the appeals or complaints which may be taken, Presbytery of Lewis shall see cause to with regard either to the competency of loose Mr M‘Donald from his present questions or admissibility of witnesses, charge, they appoint his settlement, as though without pronouncing any sentence minister of Urray, to take place at the on the proof, while such complaints and distance of not more than six weeks from appeals are depending ; and, in respect it the day on which there shall be delivered appears that the libel has not been duly to the Noderator of the Presbytery of subscribed, the Moderator and Clerk of Dingwall, an extract of the sentence of the the Presbytery are hereby appointed to Presbytery of Lewis, loosing him from his subscribe the said libel, before any proba. pastoral charge at Lewis. And the Genetion shall be led. And the General As. ral Assembly having no doubt that all the sembly recommend to all the parties con

members of Presbytery will be disposed to cerned to avoid unnecessary delays, com

unite in repressing the spirit that has applaints, or appeals, that this cause, so im. peared in the parish, appoint all the mem. portant to the comfort and usefulness of bers of Presbytery to attend on the day of the minister in question, and to the ho meeting, when the settlement shall be apnour and character of this Church, may be pointed, and also on the day of settlesoon brought to a final decision. And ment.” therefore the General Assembly did, and · Objections were stated to this addition, hereby do, sustain, affirm, and ordain, in and a vote being called for, it was agreed, terms of the said motion.

that the state of the vote should be addiWednesday, May 27.

tion or not; being understood that if it

carried addition, the addition should make A petition was transmitted to the Gene- part of the sentence of the Assembly. The ral Assembly for Alexander M.Kenzie, roll was called, and it was carried, by a Esq. of Ord, and William Reid, Esq. of great majority, addition. The General AsMuirtoun, heritors of the parish of Urray, sembly, therefore, “ Do appoint the setand others, inhabitants of said parish, ap tlement of lir M.Donald to take place as pellants against a sentence of the Presby- above enjoined, and all the members to tery of Dingwall, respecting the settle. attend as they are above instructed. ment of Mr Donald M.Donald, present From this sentence the following genminister of Barvas, in the Presbytery of tlemen dissented :- Mr David Dickson, Lewis, presentee to the said parish of Ur. Mr Wilkie, vr French, Mr Dick, Mr

William M.Lean, Mr Foote, Mr Hamil. Henry Cockburn, Esq. Advocate, ap ton, Mr Roderick M'Leod, Mr Sprott, peared as Counsel for the appellants, and Dr Scott, and William Murray, Esq. Mr M.Kenzie, minister, Fodderty, a mém. June 181?.



Thursday, May 28.

of Orkney. But so it was, that in the Came on the cause of the reverend James synod it was stated, that a fama clamose Paterson, minister of Rousay, in the Pres. existed against Mr P. therefore the synod bytery of North Isles, by an appeal of the appointed the Presbytery of North Isles to Reverend William Grant, minister of Cross- inquire into the same, and also appointed burn, from a sentence of the Synod of four of their own members to meet with Orkney. Mr Jeffrey appeared for Mr them. The counsel observed, that as the Grant, and Mr Cockburn for the synod. Presbytery only consisted of six members, The counsel for Mr Grant opened the and that the pannel himself could not vote cause, by remarking that it was a case of in his own cause, this was in fact appointa very extraordinary nature, both oppres. ing a committee of the Synod, in direct 'sive and vexatious to Mr Paterson, and opposition to all rule of procedure ever obsubversive of the fundamental laws of the served in the church courts : that accord. church He then stated, that Mr Pater- ing to the form of processes, every comson had been no less than seven years har- plaint against a minister must first come rassed before the inferior courts, and that before his own Presbytery; that he must be a statement of facts was only necessary in conversed with in private, and admonishorder to convince the venerable Assembly ed, in order to reformation, before bringing of his complete innocence of the crimes the matter publicly into court; but that in'charged: that being deprived of a lovely stead of observing any one of the rules laid and highly accomplished wife, in the very down in the form of processes, the Synod 'bloom of youth and beauty, this domestic enjoined the Presbytery, along with the calamity proved too severe for his tender said four of their own number to investi. and feeling heart, in consequence of which gate the fama clamosa. Accordingly they both his body and mind underwent a visi- met, and having called the reverend Mr ble change. That since that period several Paterson before them, he pleaded that it diseases and infirmities had affected his was want of health that had unqualified body, and his mental vigour was at times him for the discharge of his duty. Overconsiderably abated. That in consequence powered, however, by numbers, the Pres. of this, his bad health had produced such bytery found him guilty of irregularity, effects as had been imputed to intoxica- and suspended him for six weeks. Na'tion: that the only two instances brought turally of a mild disposition, and, through against him were groundless. The first the feebleness of his constitution, unfit to 'he adverted to was, that he had been seen eontend at church cavils, he submitted to in the public market in a state of intoxica. their harsh and unjust sentence. The tion, and that he had purchased victual or time of his suspension being ended, he re'meal at a price above the common. To turned to his duty, and continued to perthis Mr Jeffrey replied, that he had on that form it to the edification and high satisfacday performed a journey of about forty tion of his parish, who, as they had better miles, and that being enfeebled and worn access to know the character and infirmiout with fatigue, he had taken the only ties of their minister, were more disposed refreshment which was within his reach; to bear with him, in the spirit of christian and that having come for the purpose of charity, than his Synod. In this state of procuring provisions for his family, which mutual harmony Mr P. and his parishionhe could obtain at no nearer distance, it ers continued, until three years after, was the great exertions which he had when another fama arose, not at home, but made in his journey that produced these abroad, even in the Synod of Orkney, in effects, which were imputed to intoxica- August 1810. The Synod, accordingly, of tíon.

that date, enjoined the Presbytery to in. The other instance alluded to, that he quire anew into the report. The presbyhad been intoxicated on the Lord's day, tery met, and examined several witnesses ; when the sacrament was to be administer- but, instead of any crime appearing against ed, and was unqualified to perform his him, letters were received from three of sacred duties, it was answered, proceeded the heritors, and a petition from the most from båd health and his general infirmity. of the heads of families, requesting that -Mr Jeffrey proceeded to mention, that they would proceed no farther against Mr it was rather a singular circumstance, that P. for a whole year. In this state of the 'while there was no fama existing, either case, the presbytery, as they saw that Mr in his own parish or in his own presby. P.'s usefulness was not lessened, and that tery, that it should commenee at the Synod the people were warmly attached to his


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