ministry, agreed to sist all procedure leave it to the Presbytery of the North against him. The Synod, however, at Isles to proceed on the libel, with which their next meeting, censured the Presbytery, they served Mr Patterson, on October 16, for not proceeding to libel Mr Paterson, 1810, or not, as they shall see cause; and and renewed their appointment; against the General Assembly also agree to reverse, which sentence, Mr Grant appealed to the and they hereby do reverse the sentence General Assembly. The substance of the of the synod of Orkney, of the date of May counsel's argument was, that it was con 21, 1811, appointing corresponding minis. trary to all form for a Synod, who was a ters to act with the Presbytery of the court of review in the first instance, to North Isles, declaring that it was incomprefer any complaint against a minister ; petent and unconstitutional in the Synod of and that the very existence of any crime Orkney to make any such appointment, whatever was evidently suspicious, as the and discharging and prohibiting them in fama did not originate in the only place future to send corresponding members to where it could and ought to have originate any presbytery. within their bounds." ed, in his own presbytery,

Friday, May 29. The counsel for the Synod endeavoured Came on before the Assembly the cause to defend their conduct from the notoriety of the reverend Mr Davie, of Inchture, of the fama, and the neglect of the Presby. who was accused of fornication, by an aptery to do their duty: that the nature of peal from a sentence of the Synod of Angus the cause was to be learned from positive and Mearns, and of the presbytery of facts, and not from the commentary of his Dundee. Mr Jeffrey appeared as counsel learned antagonist, whose abilities always for the appellant, and Mr Cockburn for rose in proportion to the weakness of his the parishioners; and Dr Nicol and Mr cause: that several instances of intoxica Thomson for the Presbytery. Mr Jeffrey tion could be brought against the pannel ; stated, that the presbytery, had, two years and that, as the heritors, upon his removal, ago, libelled Mr Davie upon a fama clamosa; would have two ruined churches, and a that after they had done so, the woman manse to repair or rebuild, therefore, they and her father appeared as accusers, and bad influenced according to the well-known that after a precognition taken, had drop, authority of Highland chieftains, their ped from their libel: that they had renewed tenants to petition to have Mr P. continu. their libel, and were proceeding to take ed in his charge.

proof, when certain persons, of the parish Mr Grant also spoke a few words in de of Inchture, petitioned the Presbytery for fence of his appeal, and produced an am. leave to present a libel with several charges ple certificate under the hands of a phy not exhibited in the former libel by the sician, stating that the irregularities charg. Presbytery. Against this it was argued ed against Mr P. arose from his state of that an appeal had been taken against the health, and not from intemperance. Par, Presbytery, proceeding to libel anew, but ties being heard and removed, several in defiance of that appeal the Presbytery members of the Assembly delivered their proceeded, and were about to take proof sentiments, and, in strong language, re without Mr Davie having any opportunity probated the harsh and illegal conduct of to object or plead to the relevancy of the the Synod of Orkney; and, after deli libel. beration, pronounced the following sen. Dr Nicol, with considerable force, stated tence :

the hardships imposed, by the necessity of “The General Assembly considering, that the case, upon the members of the presby. from the unanimous opinion of the Presby- tery, to sist themselves parties and judges; tery of the North Isles; from the letters ad. and that, being legally advised, it appeared dressed to them by an heritor of the parish to them the most prudent mode, to permit of Rousay, and from a petition given in to the parishioners to libel in their own name, them by a great majority; it appears that With much warmth, he adverted to the Mr Paterson is now discharging, and that great anxiety that he and all the members there is a prospect of his continuing to of his Presbytery felt, and their desire to discharge the duties of his office, as minis have justice administered, and matters set ter of the parish of Rousay, in a faithful, at rest. useful, and respectable manner ; judge it After several of the members had de. for the interest of religion in that district, livered their sentiments, a vote was, put to reverse the sentence of the Synod of and carried by a majority, that the paOrkney, of date May 21, 1811, and they rishioners should be allowed to libel. hereby do reverse the said sentence. They A petition for William Watt, shoemaker,


in Aberdeen, appellant, against a sentence the Presbytery of Deer, in October 1810, of the Synod of Aberdeen, was next read. as the only method of substantiating their After parties were fully heard, the Assem- complaint to the Supreme Court. And bly agreed without a vote to dismiss the the General Assembly enjoin the Synod to appeal, and affirm the sentence of the take the proper steps for furnishing them Synod.

with the said copy; but in respect that the Saturday, May 30.

members of the Presbytery of Deer, apThe report of the Trustees of the Wi. pellants against the sentence of that Pres. dows' Fund was given in, and ordered to bytery, of the above date, have fallen from lie on the table. And, on motion, the their appeal, find that Mr Boyd, who was thanks of the Assembly were given from elected schoolmaster at Crimond, is entitled the chair to Sir Henry Moncreiff Well. to be put in possession of a sufficient exwood, the Collector, for his attention and tract from the minutes of Presbytery, bearfidelity to the discharge of his office. ing that he had appeared, produced the at.

The Assembly took into their considera. testations required, and certifying that he tion the petition for Mir George Anderson, had been found, upon trial, duly qualified minister of Lochell and Cushnie, appellant, for discharging the duties of the office to against a sentence of the Synod of Aber which he had been elected. deen, of date October, 1811, upon a refer. The Assembly next took under consideraence from the Presbytery of Alford, re- tion, a petition for Messrs. Halket, Mitchspecting his cause, of date 8th May, 1811. ell, and M.Laren, members of the Presby-There appeared at the bar Mr Ander- tery of Meigle, against certain sentences son, for himself, and Mr Scott, at Glen- of the Synod of Angus and Mearns, in the buckett, for the presbytery of Alford, with cause against Mr Burns, minister at GlenMr Francis Jeffrey as their counsel -For isla. After hearing the appellants, and the Synod, Drs Skene Keith, and Cruden, some members of the Synod in reply, the and Messrs. Bryce and Douglas, with Mr General Assembly gave the following deH. Cockburn as their counsel; and for Sir liverance, viz. Find, that the Synod took W. Forbes, of Craigievar, patron of the up the cause upon the appeal of certain parish, Mr Skene as his counsel. After members of Presbytery, who had no right to hearing parties fully, the General Assem- appeal ; that the sentence of the Synod was bly unanimously agreed to reverse the sen- of course incompetent, and therefore they tence of the Synod of Aberdeen, inflicting agree to reverse the said sentence, and a censure upon the conduct of the Pres. they did, and thereby do reverse the same bytery of Alford, and upon that of Mr accordingly. Anderson, which, in the opinion of the

Monday, June 1. Assembly, deserved no censure, and there- A petition was transmitted to the Genefore did, and hereby do reverse the same ral Assembly, from James Campbell of -and the General Assembly recommend it Bedley, Esq. and others, heritors of the to the Presbytery of Alford to take the parish of Calder, appellants, against a senproper steps to have the matter in dispute tence of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, ascertained, viz. whether the lands of Corse relative to the appointment of an assistant be annexed quoud sacra to the parish of and successor to the present minister of Lochell, or not, &c.

Calder.- Parties being called, compeared The Assembly then took up a petition for the appellants, John Jardine, Esq. for Mr James Bryce and Mr Robert advocate ; for the Synod, Mr Lapslie, Dr Douglas, complainers, against two sen- M‘Lean, and Dr. Rennie, ministers of tences of the Synod of Aberdeen, of the that Synod, with Henry Cockburn, Esq. 9th October 1811, and 16th April last. advocate, as their counsel, and also coun. Messrs. Bryce and Douglas, with Mr H. sel for Charles Stirling, Esq. and other he. Cockburn, as their counsel, appeared at ritors of the parish of Calder, respondents. the bar--and for the synod, Dr Skene Parties being heard, the Assembly unani, Keith and Mr G. Morrison. This cause mously agreed to sustain the appeal, and arose from appointing Mr Boyd, son of reverse the sentence of the Synod of Glas. the minister of Crimond, to be school- gow and Ayr, and they enjoin the Presbymaster of that parish. Parties being fully tery of Glasgow, not to proceed in the heard, the Assembly did, and hereby do settlement of an assistant and successor reverse the sentence of the Synod of Aber- to the minister of Calder, until the cause deen. Find, that the dissenting members now depending in the civil court be deterof the Synod are entitled to be put in pos- mined. session of a copy of the original jottings of The report of the Committee of the pubMé accounts being produced and approven John P. Beresford, Esq. (Post-Captain of, upon a motion the thanks of the house in the Royal Navy, and M. P. for Colewere given, from the chair, to the procu- raine) proxy for Sir William Carr Beres. rator, for the persevering attention, and ford. uniform care and diligence which he has John Maxwell Tylden, Esq. (a Major in shewn in the management of the business the army) proxy for Sir Sainuel Achmuty. entrusted to his care; and thanks were at - And also on the same time given to Messrs. W and J. David Davidson, of Cantray, Esq. Ma. Murray, agents for the church, for the jor in the Local Militia for the county of industry and fidelity with which they con- Nairn. tinue the duties of their office.

Same day, Charles William, Duke of The report of the Committee on the Buccleuch, and Hugh Earl of Eglinton, Psalmody being read, the Assembly ap- were invested with the ensigns of the Order prove of the diligence of said Committee, of the Thistle. and renew their appointinent.

May 23.- The Dean and chapter of Ely The report of the Committee, appointed were ordered to elect the Right Reverend to consider the overture from the Synod of Dr Bowyer Edward Sparke, Bishop of Aberdeen, respecting the public reading of Chester, to be Bishop of Ely, vacant by the Scriptures, being read, the Assembly the death of Dr Thomas Dampier. approve of this report and recommend in May 23.- This day the Earl of Buckingterms thereof, and appoint the recommen. hamshire was appointed to be Chancellor dation to be inserted among the printed of the Duchy of Lancaster. acts of Assembly.

May 29.This day the following perThe causes not discussed were referred sons received the honour of Knighthood, to the commission.

viz, His Grace the Cominissioner made an Alexander Campbell, Esq. (Lieutenantelegant speech from the throne, and dis. General in the army) proxy for the Earl of solved the Assembly in the name of the Wellington. Prince Regent, on behalf of his Majesty, Thomas John Cochrane, Esq. (Post. and appointed the next Assembly to meet Captain in the Royal Navy) for his father on the 20th May, 1813.

the Honourable Sir A. F. Cochrane. The Moderator then dissolved the As. Christopher Cole, Esq. (Post-Captain in sembly in the usual form.

the Royal Navy) proxy for Sir Charles Goodwin Keates.

Charles Gordon, Esq. (Captain in the (From the London Gazette.) Army, and brother of the Earl of Aber. : May 8.--The honour of Knighthood was deen) proxy for the Right Honourable Sir conferred on Thomas Tyrrwhitt, Esq. M.P. John Hope. and on Robert Hugh Kennedy, Esq. Com. Thomas Sidney Beckwith, Esq. (Colonel missary-General to the forces.

in the Army) proxy for his brother Sir May 19.-The Reverend Andrew Mace George Beckwith, culloch was presented to the church and Charles Henry Colville, Esq. proxy for parish of Colvend, in the Presbytery of Sir Thomas Graham. Dumfries, and stewartry of Kirkcudbright, Robert Chambre Hill, Esq. (LieutenantVacant by the death of Mr James Little; Colonel in the Army) proxy for his brother and the Reverend John Mackinnon, to Sir Rowland Hill.- And the church and parish of Sleate, in the Charles William Flint, Esq. proxy for Presbytery and Isle of Sky, vacant by the the Right Honourable Sir Henry Wel. death of Dr M. Macpherson.

lesley, May 22.—The honour of Knighthood May 30.-The Rev. Peter Robertson was conferred on the following persons, as presented to the church and parish of Calproxies for five of the Knights of the Most lander, in the Presbytery of Dumblane and Honourable Order of the Bath, at the ensu. county of Perth, vacant by the death of ing installation:

Dr. James Robertson. Alexander Hood, Esq. proxy for Sir The Rev. John Honey presented to the Sarnuel Hood.

church and parish of Bendochy, in the Paul Baghott (late Wathen) Esq. proxy Presbytery of Meigle, and county of Perth, for Lord Viscount Strangford.

vacant by the death of the Rev. James George Adam Wood, Esq. (Lieutenant- Playfair. Colonel of the Royal Artillery) proxy for

The Rev; John Shiels presented to the Sir John Coape Sherbrooke.

church and parish of Westruther, in the





Presbytery of Lauder and county of Ber. 18. At Portobello, the Lady of Sir James
wick, vacant by the translation of the Rev. Wemyss Mackenzie, of Scatwell, Bart. a
William Shiels to the church and parish of, son, still born.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Captain Stewart,
Royal Perthshire Militia, a son.

At Merchiston Hall, Mrs Captain

Campbell, a daughter. Lately an elegant tomb-stone, designed 19. The Lady of the Honourable Windby Mr Gray, Causewayside, was erected on ham Quin, a son and beir. the north wall of the burying ground of At Richmond, the Right Honourable the Chapel of tase, in the parish of St. Lady Hariet Ancram, a daughter. Cuthbert's, to the memory of the late

At Uffington-House, near Stamford, learned and venerable Dr Adam, Rector of the Countess of Lindsey, a daughter. the Iligh School of this city, with the 21. At Grange, the Lady of James John following inscription, on a marble ta- Cadell, Esq. a son. blet:

22 At Montrose, the Lady of Colonel Memoriæ sacrum

Carnegie, Bengal Artillery, a daughter. ALEXANDRI ADAV, L. L. D.

At Musselburgh, the Lady of Lieu. Florentissimæ Scholæ Regiæ Edinensis, tenant-Colonel Kerr, 2d Ceylon Regiment, per annos XL. et amplius,

a daughter. Rectoris indefessi, meritissimi;

26. At Cardoness, Mrs Maxwell, a son. viri ingenio, doctrina, industria insignis, 29. At Midholm Manse, Mrs Inglis, a

literarum suavitate penitus imbuti, quas ipse et precepris et exemplo,

Lately, At Bath, Mrs M•Kinnon, mira felicitate,

widow of Major-General M.Kinnon, who discipulis suis commendavit.

was unfortunately blown up on the beach Natus VIII, Calendas Julii MDCCXLI,

of Ciudad Rodrigo, a son. Obiit XV. Calendas Januarii MDCCCX,

At Rosstravor, the Lady of Colonel, eodem die

Ross, a son. quo filius ejus natu maximus

At , itnest Wood, Sunning Hill, the efferebatur.

Lady of Sir Home Popham, a son, being the eleventh child.



May 3. At Skerray, Mrs. Roderick
Young, of Demerara, a son.

Feb. 3. At Rosetta, Jamaica, James At Edinburgh, Nirs Campbell of Dalmahoy, Esq. of Falmouth, Trelawny, Dalserf, a son.

to Jane, second daughter of John Christie, 4. At Sea Bank, the Lady of Lachlan Esq. of that parish. M•Gillivray, Esq. a daughter.

April 21. At Strathaven, the Reverend At Edinburgh, the Lady of Colonel James Kirkwood, Riccarton, to Miss EliBirch Reynardson, two sons.

zabeth Currie, daughter of Mr Wm Currie, 6. At Kirby Hall, her Grace the Dutchess manufaeturer, Strathaven. of Leeds, a son.

28. At Balearras House, the Reverend 8. At Tiviot Bank, Mrs Elliot, a son. David Russell, minister of the Relief Con

9. At Port-Glasgow, Mrs Major Camp- gregation at Colinsburgh, to Miss Anne bell, a son.

Titterton, only daughter of the late Daniel 12. At Beverly, the Lady of Robert Pa- itterton, Esq. of the Royal Navy. trick of Trearne, Esq. a son.

May 2. At London, the Reverend Sir - At Park Hall, Mrs Livingston, a Henry Rivers, Bart. to Miss Eales. daughter.

3. The Reverend Mr Ellis, of Culsamond 13. Mrs Riddel, younger, of Camies to Catharine, second daughter of the Rev. town, a daughter.

Mr Daun, minister of Insch. 16. At Aberdeen, the Lady of Captain At Tain, Mr William M.Leod, to M“Intosh, 42d regiment, a daughter. Jean, eldest daughter of Alexander Man-.

At Cleveland, the Right Honoura son, Esq. ble Lady Charlotte Baillie, a daughter. 11. At York, Peter Smith, M. D. Royal

17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Carlyle Bell, a Navy, to Henrietta, youngest daughter of daughter.

the Honourable Henry Erskine.

13. Ia

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12. In Hill-Street, James Glassford, Esq. Nov. 10, In India, Lieutenant Alexan. #o Miss Jane Mackay, daughter of Colin der M‘Tavish, son of the late Captain Alex. Mackay, Esq.

ander M‘Tavish, formerly of Garthbeg, and - At Edinburgh, G. Gaison, Esq. Royal latterly of Ness Castle. Navy, to Miss Isabella Howie Currie, 20. At Madras, Joseph Hill, Esq third youngest daughter of the late John Currie, son of Principal Hill, and second officer of of Dalebank, Esq.

the H. C. S. Devonshire. 18. At Hound Church, Captain James Feb. 18, 1812. Mr T. Christie, surgeon, Aberdour, of his Majesty's ship Muros, to Hanover Town, in Virginia, North Ame. Miss Mary Allan Braddy, youngest daugh. rica, second son of the deceased John Chris. ter of the late Admiral Braddy, of Hamble, tie, sen. of Hails Quarry. Hapts.

March 11. At New York, Jas. M.Lach. 19. At Edinburgh, William Somerville, lan, Esq. of Caledonia Estate, Clarendon, Esq. deputy inspector of army hospitals, to Jamaica, son of the deceased Mr Archim Mrs Greig, daughter of Admiral Sir Wm. bald M.Lachlan, Bannachra, Dumbarton. George Fairfax, of the Royal Navy. shire.

At Edinburgh, George Porteous, Esq. 16. At Kingston, Jamaica, Jas. M'Lel. late of the Customs, Dalkeith, to Helen, rose, Esq. attorney-at-law, and clerk of the youngest daughter of the late Hugh Ross, Court of Common Pleas, of Surry, in that Esq. Cranston.

island 21. At Aldgate Church, William Read, 25. At Frankfort, aged 66, his Serene Esq. of Aberdeen, to Miss Elizabeth Isa. Highness the Landgrave of Hesse Rollenbella, eldest daughter of Arthur Glennie, burgh. Esq. of Great George-Street, London. April 6. Killed at the storming of Bada.

22. At Gifford, Mr John Hay, farmer, joz, Ensign John Sibbald Lang, 94th regi. Townhead, to Miss Janet Fane, Gifford. ment, second son of the late John Lang,

25. George M.Callum, Esq. of Thorn- Esq. Sherifi-clerk of Selkirkshire. hill, to Elizabeth, only daughter of John 13. At Banff, Mr G. Bannerman, aged Taylor, Esq. Queensferry.

78. 27. At Edinburgh, Mr. John Campbell, 16. At Ewart Park, Horace St Paul, watchmaker, North Bridge, to Miss Jane Esq. aged 84, Count of the Holy Roman Crab, of that place.

Empire, and one of the oldest of his Ma. 29. Mr John Robertson, of the Excise, jesty's corps diplomatique. to Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr Fraser 17. At Glasgow, George Lothian, Esq. Wilson, deputy auditor of Excise.

of Kirklands, merchant in Glasgow. June 1. At Kelso, Robert Wellwood, 18. At Mayboie, John Macadam, Esq. Esq. of Garvock, to Miss Eliza Isabella -- At keith, Mrs Grant, relict of the M'Neill, eldest daughter of Daniel M.Neill, late John Grant, Esq. of Gallovie, and Esq. of Oak Forest, North Carolina. niece of the late Lord Elchics, in the 871a

2. At Edinburgh, Mr Michael Biank, year of her age. sadler, to Miss Catharine Peacock, daugh- 20. At London, aged 94, the Right Hoter of Mr Adam Peacock, Nicolson-Street. nourable the Dowager Lady Onslow, relict

3. At Edinburgh, the Reverend James of the late Richard Lord Onslow (who died Foote, of Logie Pert, to Miss Christian in 1776,) and daugliter of Sir Edmund Aberdein, daughter of the late Mr William Elwill, Bart. Aberdein, Montrose.

At Scoulton, Norfolk, LieutenantLately, At Pennycross, Isle of Mull, General James IIethersett, in his 78th Captain Donald MacLean,, Royal Scots, year. to Miss Catharine MacLean, daughter of At Leith, after a short illness, Mrs the late Dr Alexander MacLean, of Pen- Helen M.Call, wife of Robert Macnair, Esq. nycross.

collector of the customs. Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Stra. 21. At Craighall, in the 16th year of his chan, Baronet, K. B. to Miss Louisa age, James, third and youngest son of Mr Dillon.

Hamilton, of Parkhead.

· Near Gorgie, Mr Adam Neill, printer DEATHS.

in Edinburgh.

At Portobello, Miss Ann Broughton, Oct. 22 1811. At Penang, Prince of Wales' daughter of the late Edward Broughton, Island, James Barclay, M. D. eldest son of Esq. accomptant general of excise. the Reverend Peter Barclay, minister at At Leith, Margaret Ann, only daugha Kettle.

ter of William Reid, bookseller.

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