Clerk and Keeper of the General Register of Thomas Graham Stirling, Esq. of Airth Hornings in Scotland, in the room of James and Strowan, has presented the Rev. John Newbigging, E: 4. deceased :

M.Gachen, minister of Alva, presbytery of - To present the Reverend Charles Lo- Stirling, to the church and parish of Airth, gan to the church and parish of Maybule, in in the same presbytery, vacant by the death the presbytery and county of Ayr, vacant of the Rev. Robert Ure. b; the death of Doctor James Wright: The Right Honourable the Earl of Mans.

To present the Reverend Alexander field has granted a presentation in favour of Gray to the churclı and parish of Kincar the Reverend Mr Laurence Miller, minister dine, in the presbytery of Dumblane, and of the Chapel of Ease at Ardoch, in the pacounty of Perth, vacant by the death of Mr rish of Muthil, and within the bounds of Christopher Tait.

the presbytery of Auchterarder, to the church Percign Office, July 17. The Prince Re and parish of Abdie, which had become vagent appointed the Right Honourable Ge cant by the death of the late Reverend Mr neral Viscount Cathcart, Knight of the most Robert Thomas, ancient and most noble order of the Thistle, Lieut.-General Winyard is to be Comto be his Majesty's Ambassador Extraordi mander-in-Chief of the forces in Scotland, nary and Plenipotentiary to his Imperial during the absence of Lord Cathcart. Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias. Mr Rolland, W. S. is appointed Principal

Carlion House, July 18. The Prince Re Sheriff Clerk of the county of Edinburghgent conferred the honour of knighihord on

Mr James Wilson his depute. Lachlan Maclean, M. D. Senior Alderinan His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Sudbury, and Felix Aqar, Esq.

has been graciously pleased to appoint Mr Whitclull, July 29. The Prince Regent Malcolm, F. R. S. of Gray's Inn, London, was pleased to grant unto Richard Marquis his land-surveyor and land-agent for ScotWellesley, Knight of the most noble orrier land, in addition to his other appointments of the Garter, his Majesty's royal licence for England. and permission that he inay accept and wear

On the 5th of August the Lord Provost, the insignia of the Royal Persian order of and the Sherifi' of the county of Mid Lethe Sun and Lion, conferred upon him by thian, appointed Mr James Brown, Captain his Majesty the King of Persia, as a testi and Adjutant of the Royal Perthshire miliinory of the high regard and respect which tia, to be Superintendant of the Police of that Sovereign feels for his Lordship's cha this city, under the new act of Parliament.

Foreign Office, Aug. 3. The Prince Re. On the 11th of July, the Royal Company gent appointed Horatio Walpole, Eq. (com of Archers shot for the silver bowl, which ironiy called Lord Walpole,) to be his da was gained by John Kennedy, Esq. W. S. jesty's Secretary of Embassy at the Court On the 25th, the silver arrow, given by the of St Petersburgh.

good town of Edinburgh, was shot for and Foreign Ofici, Avg. 8. The Prince ape gained by Donald Horne, Esq.; and on the pointed Edward Thornton, E:24. to be his 1st of August, the silver arrow, given by Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minis the lown of Musselburgh, was shot for, and ter Plenipotentiary at the Court of Swerlen, guined by Johan Buchan Brodie, Esq. and George Sholto Douglas, E-9. to be his On the 6th of August the annual examiMajesty's Secretary of Legation ct that nation of the High School of Edinburgh took Court.

piace. The gold medal given by the late The University of Edinburgh have con Colonel Peter Murray, was adjudged to ferred the degree of Doctor of Divinity on Master John Campbeli, (son of Lord Sucthe Rev. Alexander Murray, minister of coth,) dux of the highest class. The writing Urr, recentiy elected Professor of Hebrew class of the same school was examined the and Cricat i Languages in that University. preceding day, and an elegant medal was

On the oth of Augut the Lord I'rovost, given to Master Archibald Nimino, son of Magistrates, and Council, agreed to give a Mr Thomas Nimmo, Duke Street, for his presentation to the Rev. Dr Andrew Grant, progress in writing and good conduct. Minister of the Trivity College Church, to be one of the ministers of St Andrew's Church, in roon of the Rev. Dr William Moodie, deceased.

Edinburgh, July 8. 1812. His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch has been At a general meeting of the Members of pleased to present the Rev. William H. Shaw, thi; Charnier, held here this day, the fola sistunt ininister at Roberton, to the church lowing gentlomen were elected otiice-bearers of Lan gholm, vacant by the death of the for the year following, viz. late Rev. Thomas Martin.

Sir John Hay, Bart. Chairman.








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William Sibbald, Esq. first Deputy-Chair- July 7. Mrs Craigie, of Dumbarnie, a

daughter. Robert Allan, Esq. second Deputy-Chair- 8. Lady Macdonald Lockhart, a daughter,

At London, her Grace the Duchess of DIRECTORS.

Bedford, a daughter. Mess. P. Sanderson Mess. J. Wardrop

At Rochsoles House, the Lady of J. Ballantyne

W. Calder Lieut.-Colonel Gerard, of Rochsoles, a son. W. Brown

D. Wilson

9. At Blanfield, Mrs M‘Dowall, a daughD. Cowan

J. Skirving ter.
D. Steuart

W. Henderson 10. At the Manse of Dundonald, Mrs De
W. Ramsay

J. Grieve Duncan, a son.
A. Henderson

J. Kirkwood, 11. At Robgill Tower, the Lady of Eagles.
J. Watson

field Smith, Esq. of Blackwoodhouse, a J. Waugh

Sir W. Forbes, daughter.
A. White


12. Mrs Fraser, of Findrack, a daughter. W. Laing

E. Gilchrist 14. At Kelly, the Lady of the Hon. Lieu-
A. Constable

J. A. Bertram tenant-Colonel Ramsay, a son.
C. Baxter
D. Jamieson

At Ayr, Mrs Fullarton, of Skeldon, a
J. Pitcairn

J. Innes W. Braidwood, R. Buchan 15. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Mr Swinjun.


ton, of Broadmeadows, a son. T. Williamson

A. Henderson At Glasgow, Mrs M. N. Campbell, a Mr Robert Allan, Treasurer.

daughter. Messrs D. and C. S. Steuart, Secretaries.

At Drumsheugh, Mrs Major Weir, a John Mill, William Thomson

Auditors of Ac. 16. At Stirling, Mrs Murray, a son. Alexander Wardrop, and counts.

At Holyhead, Mrs Jones, a daughter. James Ker, Jun.

17. Mrs Rich. Mackenzie, Queen Street,

a son. A letter recently received in Edinburgh At London, the Lady of Sir George from a person holding an official situation Clerk, Bart. M. P. a son. in New South Wales, contains some parti

At South Hanover Street, Mrs Hal. culars relative to the present state of that dan, a son. settlement, The writer describes the coun

At Great Marlow, the Lady of the try as very beautiful, and covered with ver- Hon. Alexander Hope, M. P. a son. dure all the year round. We are happy to

19. At Oid Aberdeen, Mrs Macpherson, understand that a strong desire for instruction has arisen in the colony, and that bibles - At Kilmardinny, Mrs Kirkman Fin. and books of education sell at very high lay, a son. prices. By the last accounts from Otaheite, 20. At Tweedhill, Mrs Logan, junior, of it appeared that a rebellion had broke out Edrom, a daughter. against the Sovereign of that island, who

21. Mrs Dr Brewster, a son. had applied for aid to a colonial vessel then 22. The Hon. Mrs Fergusson, a son. lying at Sidney. This monarch appears to 25. At George's Square, the Lady of Capbe a very intelligent man. He has learned tain Ogilvy, Royal Navy, a son. English from one of the Missionaries, and Lately, a poor woman at Settle, four now writes and reads that language with flu- children, (three boys and a girl,) all alive ency. Our correspondent had seen a letter

and well. from him to a Missionary at Sidney.


June 20. At Lisbon, the Earl of Euston, BIRTHS.

eldest son of the Duke of Grafton, to Mary. July 5. At Westminster, Mrs Gillen, a youngest daughter of the Honourable Ad

miral George C. Berkeley, and niece to the At Craigforth, Mrs Callander, of Duke of Richmond. Craigforth, a daughter.

30. At Stonehaven, Mr James Watt, of At Barholm House, the Lady of Capt. the Grammar School, Aberdeen, to Miss M.Culloch, of the Royal Navy, a daughter. Sarah Ann Memess, daughter of the Rer.

6. At Livingstone House, the Lady of Mr Memess, Episcopal clergyman, StoneAlexander Munro, Esq. of Livingstone; a haven. daughter.

July 1. At Keith, Mr John Murdoch of At Fraserfield, Mrs Cumine, a daugh. the Episcopal Church, Keith, to Mary, eldest ter.

daughter of William Keir, Esq. of Linn.

a son.

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July 6. At Dublin, Col. Wardlaw, of the Sarah Blacklock Taylor, daughter of the late 76th regt. to the Hon. Anne Lake, youngest William Taylor, Esq. daughter of the late Lord Viscount Lake. 17. At Leith, Mr Henry Dundas Lang,

At Glasgow, Mr John J. Gibb, mer- merchant, to Margaret, eldest daughter of chant, Glasgow, to Miss Helen Wright, John Lawrie, Esq. Inspector of his Majesthird daughter of David Hutchison, Esq. ty's Excise Yachts for Scotland. Renfrew.

20. At Paisley, Mr Robert Lyall, surgeon, At Bothwell Park, G. O. Gardner, M. Paisley, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr D. of the Hon. East India Company's ser- John Aiton of Moscow. vice, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the At Ayr, Mr James Morris, merchant, late Alexander Gray, Esq. his Majesty's to Miss Allison, eldest daughter of the late Attorney-General for the province of Canada. Mr Walter Easton, architect.

7. At Edinburgh, Thomas Stewart, Esq. At Greenock, Mr J. Stevenson, to Miss of Cluny, to Miss Jessy Taylor, daughter Flora M.Pherson, of that town. of the late Robert Taylor, Esq. Canongate. 21. At Edinburgh, James Wyllie, Esq. of

At Glasgow, Mr John Watson, jun. Annatfield, writer to the signet, to Elizabeth, merchant, to Miss Mary, daughter of the youngest daughter of William Macfarlane, late Mr Richard Thomson.

Esq. writer to the signet. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Jack, writer 23. Freeman W. Elliot, Esq. to Margain Paisley, to Miss Penelope Ramsay, daugh- ret, eldest daughter, and William R. Rose, ter of Mr J. Ramsay, Supervisor of Excise. Esq. to Maria Isabella, youngest daughter

8. At Lochwinnoch, Mr James Aitken, of the Rev. Dr Strahan, prebendary of Rowright, to Miss Janet Barr, third daughter chester. of Mr Mathew Barr.

At London, the Right Hon. Lord Wal- At Edinburgh, Robert Taylor, Esq. pole, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Castle, Sanquhar, to Miss Elizabeth, daugh- William Fawkener, Esq. Clerk of his Majes. ter of Mr George Thomson, Store-farmer, ty's Privy Council. Northshort-cleugh.

27. At Glasgow, Mr Archibald Lang, wri. 9. At Lochwinnoch, John Adam, Esq. of ter, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Alexander Blowingstone, to Miss Mary, second daugh- Graham, merchant. ter of Allan Stevenson, Esq. of Netherhouses. At Dumfries, Mr John Baileff, to Miss

At Glasgow, Mr Andrew Dow, writer, Pattie, daughter of John Pattic, Esq. of to Miss Mary Craig, youngest daughter of Crosslands. the late John Craig, Esq. of Over Newton. - The Hon. Captain Waldegrave, Royal

DEATHS. Navy, to Miss Whitbread, daughter to the May 19. Captain Candler, of the 50th member for Bedford.

regiment. In the memorable assault, by 10. At Edinburgh, Charles Esplin, Esq. General Hill, on Fort Napoleon, near the surgeon, Royal Navy, to Isabella, daughter bridge of Almarez; he was first to ascend the of the late Bailie J. Dick, merchant, Edin- ladders, and, after giving to his inen an exburgh.

ample worthy of so brave an officer, he gloAt Dublin, John Taylor, Esq. of Black- riously fell while leading them to victory. house, Ayrshire, to Mary, second daughter 20. Of the wounds he received at the of Captain Taylor, of Camden Street, Dub- storming of Fort Napoleon, on the Tagus, lin.

Captain Lewis Grant, 71st regiment, and - At Brighton, Mr Henry Rutly, mer. youngest son to Captain Grant in Mildrie. chant, to Isabella, daughter of Mr Alexan- 21. At Sligo, Mr Duncan M*Intyre, merder Gray, Greenock.

chant there, late of Leith. Lord Viscount Mountjoy, to Mrs 27. At Fraserburgh, J. Dalrymple, Esq. Brown, widow of the late Major William 29. At Ramsey, Sir John Macartney, Brown.

Bart. in the 63d year of his age; formerly At Teignmouth, James Harding, Esq. deputy-remembrancer of the Court of Exof Upper Gower Street, Bedford Square, chequer, in Ireland. He is succeeded in London, to Miss Pym, sister of Capt. Pym, title by his eldest son, now the Reverend Royal Navy, late of his Majesty's ship Si- Sir William Macartney, Bart. rius.

At Auchlunies, Hariet M. E. Cumber. 13. At Glasgow, Mr Alex. Mein, Royal land, daughter of Richard Cumberland, Esq. Bank, to Janet, daughter of Mr John Thom. late of the 3d guards, and grand-daughter of son, Balfron.

George Earl of Buckinghamshire. Mr James Douglas, merchant in Kirk. 30. At St Andrew's, Mrs Hunter, North cudbright, to Miss Elizabeth Cloustoun. Street.

15. At Edinburgh, John Irving Hender. 31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Ross, son, Esq. of Gulliland, advocate, to Miss widow of the late Lord Ankerville.


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56 years.

June 1. At Dublin, Richard Kirwan, Esq. 10. At Edinburgh, Mr George Kinloch, of Cregg, in the County of Galway, Fellow accountant to the British Linen Company. of the Royal Society, President of the Royal At Edinburgh, George Jeffrey, Esq. Irish Academy, President of the Dublin Li- one of the Depute Clerks of Session. brary Society, and member of every literary At Airth Castle, Mrs Graham Stirling, body in Europe.

of Airth. At Greenhall, Mrs Elizabeth Nisbet, 11. At Picardy Place, J. Learmonth, Esq. relict of Alex. Stuart, Esq. of Torrance.

The Reverend Dr William Moodie, At Portobello, William Playfair, mid- one of the ministers of St Andrew's Church, shipman in the Royal Navy, son to Robert and Professor of Hebrew in the University Playfair, writer in Edinburgh.

of Edinburgh. - At Valley tield, Williain Maitland, Esq. At Strathmiglo, Mr David Walker, younger of Valleyfield, many years a respec- merchant there. table merchant at Petersburg, Virginia, aged 13. At Bryanstone Street, London, the

Hon. E. Lambert, of the Ist regiment of 3. Mr James Spalding, advocate in Aber- foot guards, and youngest son of the Earl of deen, and Procurator Fiscal of the county. Cavan.

4. At Inverness, Alexander D. Mactar- At Rotterdam, James Enslie, Esq. lane, youngest son of the Right Rev. Bishop 15. At Boisdale, the Rev. Edmund Jiac. Macfarlane.

lean, minister of Barra. At Charlesfield, Mrs Hardy, widow of At Dalhousie Castle, Lady Lucinda Dr Thomas Hardy, one of the ministers of Maria Ramsay, daughter of the late Earl of Edinburgh, and Professor of Church Histo- Dalhousie. ry in the University there.

17. At Brentor, near Tavistock, aged 111, 5. At Cromarty, in the 88th year of her Elizabeth Williams.-Within the last four age, Mrs Vere Campbell, widow of Simeon

years she cut a new set of teeth! Mackenzie, of Scotsburn, Esq.

18. At Montrose, Captain James Young, John Holiday of Milshay, near Leeds, of the London Shipping Company's smack aged 100 years.

He has left 6 children, 57 Swift, of that port. grorů children, 130 great grand children, 19. At Edinburgh, John Kennedy, Esq. and I great great grand child. Upwards of late factor to Lord Breadalbane. 100 of his children and grand children at- At Truxillo, in Spain, Lieut.-Colonel tended his funeral. The ages of himself Squire, of the Royal Engineers, eldest son and children ran thus-John (the deceased) of Dr Squire, of Ely Place. 100, his daughter Mary 70, Thomas 66, 20. At Charlotte Street, Mrs Currie, wife Martha 63, William 60, John 53, Samuel of George Currie, Esq. advocate. 50_ Total 462.

At Grangehall, James Peterkin, Esq. 6. At Edinburgh, Henry, youngest son of of Grange. General Francis Dundas.

At the Nianse of Maybole, the Rer. 7. At Bolton, Mathew, second son of Dr James Wright, minister of that parish. Major-General Walter Ker, of Littledean. Dr Wright was eminent as a classical scho

At Weymouth, aged 64 years, Colonel lar, distinguished by his biblical knowledge, Nicholas Bayly, brother to the late Earl of remarkable for a graceful elocution, and in. Uxbridge.

defatigable in the discharge of his clerical At Clifton, near Bristol, Miss Flora duties. Maculonaid, daughter of the late Colin Mac- 21. At Edinburgh, Mr Donald Gordon, of donald, Esq. of Boisdale.

the War-Office, third son of the late John 9. At Briary Baulk, James Newbigging, Gordon, Esq. of Carrol. Esq. Sheriff Clerk.

At the Manse of Tcaling, Mrs Tait, At Willow, Nottinghamshire, Sir F. wife of the Rev. Walter Tait. Molyneaux, Usher of the Black Rod in the 22. At Edinburgh, James Goldie, Esq. House of Lords, in his 74th year, 46 of ironmonger, and several times a Magistrate which he held that office,

of this city, deeply regretted by his friends At Rives, Ross-shire, George Sackville and a very nunerous acquaintance. Sutherland, E:q.

Mr John Ritchie, merchant, South At Budock, aged 113, Mrs Mary Har. Bridge Strect. ris. She retained the perfect possession of 23. At Musselburgh, the Lady of Lieut.. her faculties to the last, and has left two Colonel Kerr, of the 2d Ceylon reziment. daughters, one aged 70, and the other 80. At Knightswocd, Anthony Dixon, Esq.

At Palace Craig, Joseph Dixon, Esq. 24. At Clackmannan, Robert, fourth son younger, of that place--a gentleman univer- of the Rev. Dr Moodic. sally beloved for the generosity of his heart, At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Warand admired for his singular abilities and render, daughter of the late Sir John Ware comprchension of mind.

render, of Lochend, Bart.


4 Ith year,

June 25. At Glasgow, George Campbell, July 19. Mrs Lilias Imlach, wife of G. Esq. of Dunoon.

Imlach, junior, writer, Edinburgh. - Suddenly in London, Mr Harrison, the - At Gorton, William Preston, Esq. a celebrated Oratorio and Concert singer. gentleman who lived respected and esteem

The Rev. William Osborn, minister of ed by all who knew him, and whose death Wanlochhead, perish of Sanquhar.

will be long regretted by his relations and At Clerkhill, Capt. Hugh Mackay, of friends. Tubeg.

At Forres, Mrs Raff', wife of Mr Raff, 26. At Tynemouth, suddenly, by a fall merchant there. On hearing of the death over the cliff, Lieutenant James Blair, of of her son, who was drowned while bathing the Forfarshire militia.

in the river Findhorn, on the 7th current, 28. At Pencaitland Manse, Mrs Pyper, she became inconsolable; and so exquisitely wife of the Rev. David Pyper, minister of keen were her feelings, that grief terminaPencaitland.

ted a life, which, until the catastrophe above July 2. At Glasgow, Mr Robert William alluded to happened, had not been ruffled by son, late surveyor of the customs, Ayrshire. any domestic calamity. She died in her At Montrose, Major Turnbull, in his

and has left a husband and nine 78th year. He had just entered a warm children to bewail her loss. bath, when he fell down and was suffocated. At Maxwelltown, Will. Stewart, Esq.

3. At London, Mr Adam Henderson, 20. At Aberdeen, Capt. R. Hitchins, of printer, aged 67, formerly of Edinburgh. the Royal Navy.

At Leith, Mr Alexander Burnet, ba 21. At Bath, after a long illness, in the ker.

83d year of his age, Sir Robert Ainslie, 4. Suddenly, at London, Robert Wil Bart. liams, Esq. a Director of the East-India At Edinburgh, James Edmondstoune Company.

Nasmyth, eldest son of Sir Jaines Nasmyth, At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Pringle, Bart, of Posso. of Dunbar.

22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Ewing, - At Perth, Mr David Forrester, land widow of the late Mr Alex. Ewing, teacher waiter of the customs.

of mathematics in Edinburgh. 6. At Inchmarlo, John Douglass, Esq. of 23. At Blervie House, near Forres, Mr Tilwhilly.

Alexander Warden, late of Calcutta, in the 7. At Parsonsgreen, William Simson Mit 37th year of his age. chell, only son of George Mitchell, Esq. of 24. At Stornoway, John Reid, Esq. ColParsonsgreen.

lector of his Majesty's Custo.ns there, much William Reid, Esq. of Stacklawhill. and justly regretted. 8. At Clochranhill, Robert M.Ewan, Esq. 25. At Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Dewar, factor to Lady Hamilton Cathcart, and Sir daughter of the late Mr Rt. Foulis, printer David Hunter Blair, Bart. Mr M.Ewan to the University of Glasgow. was a most valuable member of society, At Aird, parish of Galston, Mr John and his loss will be severely and extensively

Woodburn. felt,

26. At Tain, in the 68th year of his age, 9. At Kilmarnock, Miss Jean Wilson, mil Mr Alexander Manson, who was postmasliner.

ter of that place for 40 years, and dischar. 10. At Callender, Alexander, the son of ged that trust with great fiderity. Alexander Macdonald, Esq. of Dalelea.

Mr Archibald Brown, late merchant - At Dundalk, the Hon. Lieutenant J. in Gla: gow, aged 82 years. Bligh Jocelyn, of the Royal Navy, second At Ayr, Mrs Anne Boyd, relict of the son to the Earl of Roden.

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late William Boyd Robertson, Esq. 11. Jesse Aspasia, wife of Frederick W. At London, Donald Malcolm, Esq. of Campbell, Esq. of Barbreck, and of Wood Hanover, Jamaica. lands in Surrey.

She was daughter to the 27. At Craigmaddie, Mr John Black, late W. T. Caulfield, Esq. of Rahanduff, by aged 17, son of James Black, Esq. merchant Jessie, daughter to James, third Lord Ruth. there.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Colin Campbell, 12. At Leith, Mr M Naughton Ramsay. widow of the late Mr Thomas Hogg, mer

13. At Edinburgh, the Rev. William Mac chant in Edinburgh. Leish, minister of the gospel at Collace. 28. At Dalmarnock, in the parish of Little

15. At Ayr, John Ballantine, Esq. of Dunkeld, Angus Stewart, Chelseaman, aged Castlehill.

96. This man was, in his youth, in Prince 17. At the Manse of Moffat, Mrs John Charles's army, at Culloden, he was afterston, wife of the Rev. Mr Johnston, minister wards in the 42d regiment, and in Quebec of Moffat

at the death of the brave General Wolfe,



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