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barracks ; the latter, with the muskets, Home Popham landed at Algorta, with the were given to the guerillas, who were also Captains of the squadron, General Carrot supplied with every description of military and Sir Howard Douglas, and a detachment stores of which they stood in need. The of the royal marine force, under his orders;' guns in the fort were rendered useless, the but, as the country was particularly close;' fort destroyed, and the convent blown up. and calculated for a surprise, they re-em

Sir Home Popham commends in high barked before night. The castle of Galea terms the conduct of all the officers and was destroyed by Captain Bloye ; it consistmen employed on this occasion ; and ex. ed of eight eighteen and twenty-four poundpresses his sense of the assistance rendered the guard-house and gun-carriages by Sir Howard Douglas and General Car- were burnt, and the trunnions knocked off rol, who had embarked in the Venerable, the guns. The batteries of Algorta and and volunteered their services wherever they Begona were destroyed by Lieutenants could be employed.

Groves and O'Reilly, the former mounting five eighteen-pounders, and the latter four.

On the opposite side of the iniet, the batAdmiralty-Office, July 14. 1812.

teries of El Campillo las Quersas and Xebiles, Admiral Lord Keith has transmitted to mounting eleven guns, eighteen and twentyJohn Wilson Croker, Esq. a letter from four-pounders, were destroyed by LieutenCaptain Sir Home Popham, of his Majesty's ants Coleman and Arbuthnot. ship the Venerable, dated near the bar of On the 25th, at dawn, parties of the Bilboa, the 25th of last month, giving an enemy were seen advancing, and, at five, account of his proceedings subsequent to the entered the destroyed batteries of Algorta, surrender of the French troops at Lequitio, but soon retired from thence on the squaas stated in the Gazette of the 4th instant. dron's making a disposition to stand up the

In the afternoon of the 20th, the enemy inlet. They afterwards formed on the plain, had collected about eleven hundred men in and were found to consist of two thousand the neighbourhood of the above place, but men at Algorta, while four hundred were on hearing from the peasantry that two sent to Puerta Galetta. Three of his Mathousand men had 'been landed from the jesty's sloops closed with the fort at the latEnglish squadron, they retired ; and inter- ter place, silenced it, and drove the enemy cepted letters were transmitted to Sir Home from it. Sir Home expresses his belief that Popham, by which the Commandant of the enemy's corps was the one for which Guernico was instructed to prepare rations rations had been ordered at Guernico, and for a French General, and two thousand six which was therefore completely diverted hundred of the Imperial guards. ·

from its original destination. On the 23d, in the afternoon, the squad- Sir Home Popham concludes by com. ron being on its way to co-operate in an at- mending the zeal and exertions of the offitack intended to be made by a Spanish cers under his orders on these several occaGeneral upon Bilboa, and the wind being sions, in all which the squadron has not had unfavourable for getting round Machichaco, a single man hurt. a part of the squadron fetched the anchorage of Bermeo, and parties were prepared to land by six in the evening. The enemy

Admiralty-Office, July 28. were found to have retired, leaving a small Admiral Lord Keith has transmitted to magazine of provisions in a fortified convent, John Wilson Croker, Esq. dispatches from which was taken possession of, and distribu Captain Sir Home Popham, of his Majesty's ted to the poor, and the ships in want of ship Venerable, giving an account of his water were completed. The battery on the farther proceedings subsequent to those rehill of Bermeo, consisting of five eighteen- ported in his former letters, and inserted in pounders, was destroyed, and the guns ren- the Gazette of the 14th instant. On the dered useless, and all the fortified places of 2d, the squadron under his orders being off which the enemy had had possession, were Guetara, an attack was intended to be made

upon that place, and two companies of RoyOn the 24th, the Venerable arrived off af Marines were landed under Major Wil. Plencia, where parties from the Rhin and liams, accompanied by General Carrol, for Meduso were destroying the works; and the purpose of reconnoitring; but some some of his Majesty'š vessels were imme: parties of the enemy being discovered crosdiately dispatched to commence the opera sing the hills, and the guerillas, whose com tions of dismantling the batteries, and deá operation had been expected, being engaged stroying the guns on each side of the inlet with the enemy in a different quarter, the below the bar of the Bilboa river.

plan of attack was relinquished, and the In the afternoon of the same day, bir marines re-embarked, but without loss.


blown up.

The guerillas had been employed in an ac- colm, of the Rhin, while the honourable non with a detachment of the enemy con- Captain Bouverie landed with two guns ducting eighty prisoners from Asturias. (one short 24-pounder and one twelveOne hundred and thirty of the enemy were pounder carronade) from the Medusa, and stated to have been killed, and fifty taken, after many difficulties in drawing them up, who had been left wounded on the field of mounted them on the top of a hill to the battle, and the Spanish prisoners were li- eastward. The Venerable's guns began berated. On the 6th Sir Home Popham ar- firing at noon, and continued till sun-sét, rived off Castro, where a 24 pounder and a when those of the enemy on that side were company of marines had been landed by Sir silenced ; and the Medusa's were but in George Collier from the Surveillante, to as- readiness to open on the following mousíst Colonel Longa in an attack on the place. ing. During the night, however, intelliInformation was however received of the gence was received of the approach of a approach of 2500 French troops, whose ar- body of French troops, which afterwards rival obliged Longa to retire, and the parties proved to be a division of between two and landed from the squadron were again re- three thousand men, that had just arrived embarked without loss. In the evening the at Saint Sebastian's from France, and was enemy were seen marching into the town. immediately sent forward by forced marches On the 7th the enemy were driven from the to Guetaria. The uncertainty with respect town by the fire of the squadron, and took to the enemy's force, and the disposition of post on the hills, and preparations were the guerillas to oppose their advance, pre made for a landing and attack on the castle vented the re-embarkation of the guns and on the following morning, which according- men landed from the squadron, until the ly took place on the 8th, when the com- retreat of the Spaniards, after some skire mandant of the castle surrendered with 150 mishing with the superior numbers of the men, the remainder of the enemy's force French, in which the latter are stated to having marched towards Larido. Twenty have suffered severely. Captain Bourerie six guns of different sizes were found in the then destroyed the two guns from the Me town and castle of Castro ; those in the dusa, and re-cmtarked with all his men, former were withdrawn, and the latter was and every thing belonging to the guisput into a state of defence, and garrisoned Captain Malcolm was detained longer by a by the marines and Spanish artillerymen of message brought to him by one of Doa the Iris, Captain Christian. On the 10th Gaspar's aid-de-camps, stating that the ene the squadron proceeded off Puerta Galletta, my had been beaten back, and urging him to co-operate in an attack upon it with the to remain in his battery ; finding, however, Spanish troops under Longa ; and on the that the enemy was advancing fast, he gare 17th much firing was kept up against the orders to re-embark, and brought off his batteries ; but the enemy being found to be party, with the exception of three midship stronger than the Spaniards had expected, men and twenty-nine men, who were taken the attack was abandoned. During the prisoners, but fortunately without having morning, Captain. Boyle, of the Lyra, land. one inan killed or wounded. Sir Home ed with a party of marines, and knocked off Popham had sent to propose an exchange the trunnions of the guns in the Bagona of the men taken on this occasion for somna battery, and destroyed one mounted on a of the French prisoners on board the solitaheight. On the 12th, the Venerable an- dron, and was in hopes of proceeding in chored off Castro, which had been feebly this proposal. The Spaniards lost a captain attacked by the enemy the evening before; of artillery, and had a serjeant and ten oxa one of the imperial guards was wounded, badly wounded. Those in want of surgica and brought in a prisoner. On the 15th aid were received on board the Venerable. the enemy's moveable column having been The detachment expected from General drawn by.a feint to Santona, from whence Mina's army arrived the morning after the it could not reach Guetaria in less than four action, and joined Don Gaspar, having days, another attack was intended to be marched eighteen Spanish leagues in two made upon the latter place, in concert with days. the guerillas under Don Gaspar, and with the promised aid of one of the battalions LORD WELLINGTON'S ARMY. under General Mina. Early in the morn- The accounts received since our last, of ing of the 18th, one 24 pounder under the progress of Marquis Wellington's army, Lieutenant Groves, and a howziter under have been published in the following official Lieutenant Lawrence, of the marine artil, bulletins : lery, were landed from the Venerable, and

Downing Street, Sept. 24, 1812 mounted on a hill to the westward of Gue- Lord Wellington left Madrid on the taria, under the directions of Captain Mal. Ist inst to direct the movements of the


troops which he had ordered to be collected Occupied in forcé, was stormed and carried. at Arivalo.

Three pieces of cannon, 1 Captain, and 62 They moved from Arivalo on the 4th, men were taken. and passed the Douro on the 6th, at the The allied loss was severe. On the part fords of Herrara and El Albiago. Foy, find of the British, 3 Officers and 44 men were ing Astorga had surrendered, returned to killed, and 11 Officers and 241 men were the Esła, and marched upon Carvajalar, wounded. with the view of cutting off the Portuguese

KILLED militia, employed under the Conde D'Ama Maj. Pierrepoint, Assistant Quarter-Mas. rante, in the blockade of Zamora. The ter-General, Permanent Staff. Lieut.-General made good his retreat, with Lieut. Gregorson, 42d Regt. Ist Batt. out loss, to the frontiers of Portugal. Foy

Milne, ditto ditto. carried off the garrison of Zamora, on the

WOUNDED. 29th ult. and marched for Tordesillas. The Captain Williamson, 42d Regt. Ist Babe conduct of the Conde D'Amarante and his talion, slightly; Captain M'Kenzie, ditto, troops merits particular attention.

ditto, severely ; Capt. Davidson, ditto, ditto, The whole remains of the Army of Por- slightly; Lieut. Fraser, ditto, ditto, severelya tugal are collected between Valladolid and Lieut. James Stewart, ditto, ditto, slightly; Tordesillas. Their advanced guard was Volunteer, John Lane, ditto, ditto, severe posted on the 6th at La Cisterniga. The ly. Captain Dudgeon, 58th Regiment, ed allied troops moved forward on the 7th. Battalion, slightly; Lieut. Carter, ditto, ditThe enemy retired from Cisterniga during to, severely. Lieut. O'Heher, 60th Regt the night; abandoned it on Lord Welling 5th Battalion, severely. Lieut. Grant, 79th ton's approach ; and crossed the Pisuerga, Regiment, Ist Battalion, severely. Lieute and blew up the bridge. They were closely M‘Donald, ditto, ditto, severely, since dead. followed through the town by Col. Ponsonby, with detachments of the 12th Light

UNSUCCESSFUL ATTACK ON BURGOS. Dragoons. They returned along the right of the Pisuerga to Duenas. When General

War Department, Downing Street, Foy moved towards Astorga, the army of

Oct. 11. 1812. Gallicia retired. Since his march on the

It appears, by a dispatch received this Douro, they have advanced to the Esła.

morning, from the Marquis of Wellington, The Empecinado has informed Lord dated Villa Toro, 27th ult. that, on the 22d, Wellington that General Villa Campo had

his Lordship directed an attempt to be made taken prisoners 1000 men, who had been

to storm the exterior line of the enemy's in the garrison, and had evacuated Cucuca,

works at Burgos. The detachments of the after the surrender of the Retiro.

Portuguese troops, who attacked on the

flank, were so strongly opposod, that they STORMING OF FORT ST MICHAEL. could not make any progress; and the atDowning Street, Oct. 5.

tack in front by the British was not perse

vered in. The Messenger Neates arrived this

Marshall Soult left Granada on the morning with dispatches from the Marquis 15th ult. and, it is said, marches by Caraof Wellington, dated Villa de Toro, near

vaca upon Valencia. General Ballasteros Burgos, September 21, 1912. His Lord

entered Granada upon the 17th. ship had been joined on the 16th at Pam

The town of Consuegra surrendered by plica by three divisions of infantry and a

capitulation to General Elio on the 22d. snall body of cavalry of the army of Galli

Total British loss 1 Major, 2 Captains, cia, under the Captain-General Castanos.

1 Lieutenant, 1 Ensign, 2 serjeants, and 47 On the 17th, the enemy took a strong posi- rank and sile, killed_6 Captains, 4 Lieutetion behind Celada del Canino, from which they retired in the night.

nants, 1 Ensign, 10 serjeants, and 217 rank

and file, wounded. The enemy having left a garrison of 2,500 men in the Castle of Burgos, conti. nued his retreat through that town to Bre

Major Lawrie, 79th foot, Ist battalion. viesca, leaving some stores, and a large

Captain Scharnhorst, 2d line battalion, quantity of wheat and barley. On the morn.

King's German Legion. ing of the 19th, the Marquis of Wellin on

Lieutenant Hansing, ditto, ditto. passed the river Arlanzon, and the enemy's

Ensign Cullen, 42d foot, Ist battalion. outposts were immediately driven in. At

Captain Williams, Royal Engineers. night the horn-work which they had construeted on the hill of St Michael, command. Lieutenant M‘Kinnon, 1st battalion 420 ing part of the Castle, and which they had foot, severely.




Lieutenant Rossing, 1st line battalion, and was expected at Madrid by the end de King's German Legion, severely.

September. Captain Breymann, 2d ditto, ditto, slight- Malaga was evacuated by the French on ly.

the 27th of August, the garrison whereal Captain Fraser, lst battalion Coldstream marched to join Soult. Guards, severely.

It is calculated that the forces of Soolt, Ensign Hall, Ist batt. 3d Foot Guards, Suchet, and Joseph Bonaparte, exceed slightly.

40,000 effective mens Lieutenant Stewart, 61st foot, acting Engineer, severely. Captain Williamson, 1st battalion 420

THE NORTHERN WAR. foot, severely. Lieutenant Walton, 2d ditto, 24th foot,


OF MOSCOW, &c. Captain Dancey, royal artillery, slightly. A pitched battle has been fought in Rus

Captain Kenny, 9th regiment, acting en- sia, the result of which has unfortunately gineer, dangerously..

been dreadful to the cause of that country. Captain Marshall, 1st battalion 79th foot, The 18th, 19th, and 20th French bulletins slightly.

present a picture of the horrors of war, per. laps unparalleled in history.

After the actions of Smolensk and Valenti CAPTURE OF SEVILLE.

na, the Russians continued to retreat, follow. Downing Street, Sept. 23. 1819.

ed by the French, until the 5th September, It appears, by a dispatch from Major. when they were come up within a position General Cooke, dated Cadiz, 30th August, with their right on the Moskwa, and their that on the 27th, the city of Seville was ta- left on the left bank of the Kolagha. The ken by assault, by the corps under General force on each side amounted to 130,00 La Cruz and Colonel Skerrit. It was de

On that day seme skirmishing took fended by eight French battalions and two place; and the next was chiefly employed in regiments of cavalry. The enemy left be- reconnoitering, and in preparations for the hind them valuable captures of horses, bag- dreadful battle, which was fought the day gage, and money. Their loss has been very following ; and which is thus described in the considerable, several officers, 200 prisoners,

EIGHTEENTH BULLETIN OF THE GRAND and two field-pieces, were also taken.

ARMY. The rapidity of the moveinents of the allied troops prevented the destruction of the Emperor was surrounded by the Marshals

On the 7th, at two in the morning, the bridge, which would have rendered success extremely difficult. Nothing can exceed

in the position taken the evening before the good behaviour of the whole of the als At half-past five o'clock the sun rose witálied troops, and the joy of the inhabitants.

out clouds—it had rained the preceding

evening. “ This is the sun of Austerlitz, The loss of the British consisted of Lieu. tenant Brett, royal artillery, and one man

said the Emperor. Tho' but the month of

September, it was as cold as a December in killed; Lieutenant Lewellyn, of the 95th

Moravia. The army received the omenregiment, and 12 men wounded.

the drum beat--and the following order d General Maitland with his army had, on

the day was read : his landing, marched into the interior, but

“ Soldiers, behold the field of battle you subsequently fell back upon Alicant, in con

have so much desired, henceforth victory sequence of the junction of Joseph Bonaparte depends on you! It is necessary to us; it with Suchet, at Valencia. General Mait. will give us plenty, good quarters for the land remained at Alicant on the 5th Sep. winter, and a speedy return to your country. tember.

Behave yourselves as you did at Austerlitz, When Soult abandoned the siege of Ca- at Friedland, Vitepsk, at Smolensk-and diz, he collected his troops and marched

that the latest posterity may speak of your upon Granada, leaving a sinall force in Se. conduct this day with pride that it may ville, which, as has been already stated, was say of you, ' He was at that great battle undefeated and driven out of that place by the

der the walls of Moscow.'· troops under Colonel Skerrett. Soult left

At the Imperial camp on the heights of Bo Granada upon the 15th Sept. and effected a rodino, Sept. 7, at two o'cloxk, 4. M." junction with Suchet on the 20th, at Jumil. The army answered with reiterated acels la. Ballasteros, following Soult closely, mations. The ground on which the army entered Granada on the 17th.

stood was spread with the dead bodies of the General Hill was at Toledo on the 23d, Russiang killed the preceding day.

Prince Poniatowsky, who was on the nine in the morning, attacked on all sides, right, put himself in motion to turn the fo he could not maintain himself there. The rest on which the enemy rested his left. enemy, encouraged by this advantage, made The Prince of Eckmuhl marched on the his reserve and his last troops advance to try skirt of the forest, the division Compans at his fortune again. The Imperial Guards form. the head. Two batteries of 60 cannon each, ed a part of them. He attacked our centre, commanding the enemy's position, had been which formed the pivot to our right. For a constructed in the night.

moment it was feared that he might carry the At six o'clock General Count Sorbier, who village which was burnt; the division Friant had armed the battery on the right with the advanced thither; eighty pieces of French artillery of the reserve of the guard, com- cannon immediately arrest, and then annimenced the fire. General Pernetty, with hilate the enemy's columns, which stood for 30 pieces of cannon, put himself at the head two hours in close order, under the chain of the division Compans, (4th of the 1st shot, not daring to advance, unwilling to recorps,) who skirted the wood, turned the tire, and renouncing the hopes of victory.head of the enemy's position. At half-past The King of Naples decided their uncertainsix General Compans was wounded, at se- ty. He caused the 4th corps of cavalry to ven the Prince of Eckmuhl had his horse make a charge, who penetrated through the kiled. The attack advanced, the musketry breaches which our cannon shot had made commenced.

in the condensed masses of the Russians, The Vice-Roy, who formed our left, at- and the squadrons of their cuirassiers; they tacked and carried the village of Borodino, dispersed on all sides. The General of Diwhich the enemy could not defend, that vision Count Caulaincourt, Governor of the village being on the left bank of the Ko- Emperor's pages, advanced at the head of logha. At seven the Marshal Duke of El- the 5th regiment of Cuirassiers, overthrew chingen put himself in motion, and under every thing, and entered the redoubt on the the protection of 60 pieces of cannon, which left by its gorge. From this moment there General Foucher had placed the evening be- was no longer any uncertainty. The battle fore against the enemy's centre, bore upon was gained. He turned upon the enemy the centre. A thousand pieces of cannon the 21 pieces of cannon which were found spread death on all sides.

in the redoubt. Count Caulaincourt, who At eight o'clock the positions of the ene- had distinguished himself in this fine charge, my were carried, his redoubts taken, and has terminated his career. He fell dead, our artillery crowned his heights. The ad- struck by a bullet ; a glorious death, and vantage of position which the enemy's bat- worthy to be envied. teries had enjoyed for two hours, now be- It was now two in the afternoon; the longed to us. The parapets which had been enemy had lost all hopes; the battle was occupied against us during the attack were ended, the cannonade still continued; the now to our advantage. The enemy saw the enemy fought for retreat and safety, but no battle lost, which he thought had only com- longer for victory. menced. A part of his artillery was taken; The loss of the enemy is enormous ; from the rest was withdrawn to his lines in the 12 to 13,000 men, and from 3 to 9000 Rusrear. In this extremity he attempted to sian horses, have been counted on the field restore the combat, and to attack with all of battle ; sixty pieces of cannon and 5000 his masses those strong positions wbich he prisoners have remained in our power. We was unable to protect. Three hundred have had 2500 killed, and thrice that numpieces of French cannon placed on these ber wounded. Our total loss may be estiheights, thundered upon his masses, and his mated at 10,000 men; that of the enemy. soldiers died at the foot of those parapets at from 40 to 50,000. Never was there which they had raised with so much labour, seen such a field of battle. Out of six dead and as a protecting shelter.

bodies, there were five Rusrians for one The King of Naples, with the cavalry, Frenchman. Forty Russian Generals were made various charges. The Duke of El- killed, wounded, or taken; Gen. Bragration chingen covered himself with glory, and dis- was wounded. We have lost the General played as much intrepidity as coolness. The of Division Montbrun, killed by a cannonEmperor ordered a charge of the front, the bail ; General Count Caulaincourt, who was right in advance ; this movement made us sent to occupy his place was killed by a masters of three parts of the field of battle. shot of the same kind, an hour afterwards. Prince Poniatowsky fought in the wood The Generals of Brigade Compere, Plauwith various success.

zonne, Marion, and Hurat, were killed ; seThere still remained to the enemy his re- ven or eight Generals were wounded, the doubts to the right. General Count Morand most of them slightly. The Prince of Eck. marched thither, and carried them ; but at muhl has received no injury. The French October 1812.


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