Three Letters on the Game Laws

The Pamphleteer, 1818 - 45 sider

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Side 22 - Court to be holden for the purpose of the election shall be present, according to the form of the statutes in that case made and provided...
Side 33 - The first that impeaches shall be shot. We have sworn not to impeach; you may think it a threat, but they will find it reality. The game laws were too severe before : the Lord of all men sent these animals for the peasants as well as for the prince.
Side 8 - ... way of the offender an almost irresistible temptation to commit the very offence of which it enacts the punishment. If the object of a good and fair law is to prevent the commission of an offence, it is difficult to speak in terms of measured indignation concerning statutes, which at one and the same time both promote and punish the same crime. To be both unjust and ineffectual is...
Side 3 - I do not, however, wish to disguise my opinion, that it is the extent of these last •which imperatively calls for the interference of the Legislature, and of all persons who have the least regard for the welfare of their country. The extent and progress of the evil cannot be conceived by those who are not conversant with the lower ranks in the country villages. From extensive observation and inquiry, I believe in my conscience, that...
Side 38 - 10, if a man start a hare in his own ground, he has a property in it ratione soli. In limitation, and to a certain degree in derogation of the common law, a variety of Statutes has subjected to penalties persons who, not having certain qualifications, shall even upon their own lands kill any of those wild animals which come under the denomination of Game.
Side 39 - Committee to be the state of the Laws respecting Game, as they at present stand. The various and numberless statutes which have been enacted upon the subject, and to which your Committee have not thought it requisite to allude, have not been unobserved by them; but seeing that they are merely supplementary to those to which your Committee has made reference, they have not felt it important to enter into a detail of their enactments. "Your Committee cannot but conclude, that, by the Common Law, every...
Side 38 - Hen. VIII. c. 8, a penalty upon selling Game was first enacted ; but this was a temporary law, which was suffered to expire, and the sale of Game was not again restrained till the 1st James I.
Side 30 - ... that by the future adoption of some measure, founded upon the principle recognized, as your Committee conceive, by the common law, much of the evils originating in the present system of the Game Laws, may be ultimately removed. «* Upon mature consideration of the premises, your Committee have come to the following RESOLUTION : « Resolved, "THAT it is the opinion of this Committee, That all game should be the property of the person upon whose lands such game should be found.
Side 39 - ISO/, (to- which are added other descriptions of personal qualifiertions); and- petsons not having such qualifications, are declared to be persons not allowed to have or keep game dogs, &c. The 22 and 23 C. II. c. 25, was followed by 4- and 5 W. and M. c. 23, and the 28 Geo. II. c. 12, which enacted penalties against unqualified, and, finally, against qualified persons, who shall buy, sell, or offer to sell, any hare, pheasant, partridge, &c. Similar penalties are therein enacted against unqualified...
Side 38 - Reports, p. 876, it is laid down, that for hawking, hunting, &c. there needeth not any license, but every one may, in his own land, use them at his pleasure, without any restraint to be made, if not by parliament, as appears by the Statutes 1 1 Hen.

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