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July 1st, 1881.



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Original Articles on Educational Topics ; Parliamentary, Training Col. leges, and Board School News affecting Pupil Teachers; Reports of Science Lectures; Reviews of Books ; Scraps and Items of useful information on Literature, Education, Science and Art; Questions set in Pupil Teachers' Government Examinations ; Questions proposed and

answered by Pupil Teachers; Popular Science Papers, &c.

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First Steps in English Composition
Stewart's Standard Geography

First Steps in English Composition
Stewart's Scholastic Geography (with maps) ...
Stewart's First Grade Free-hand Drawing Cards
Stewart's Book of Music—An easy Grammar of Music

First Steps in English Composition ...
Stewart's Home Lessons-Geography of Europe
Stewart's Date Book of English History
Stewart's First Grade Free-hand Drawing Cards
Stewart's Book of Music-an easy Grammar of Music


First Steps in English Composition ... .. ...
Analysis of Sentences, by JAMES CURRIE, M.A. ...
Complete Key to Exercises in Morell's Grammar and

Analysis ..
Steele's Notes of Lessons-Oral Teaching ...
Stewart's Euclid - Book I.
Stewart's Geography and History of British Colonies
Stewart's History to Accession of Henry VII. ..
Stewart's Book of Chemistry
Stewart's Mechanics
Stewart's Animal Physiology
Stewart's Physical Geography ...
Stewart's Botany ...
Stewart's Book of Music-an easy Grammar of Music


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Currie's Practical English Grammar
Complete Key to Morell's Grammar and Analysis ...
How to Parse
First Steps in English Composition ...
Euclid, to end of Book I.- Algebra to Simple Equations (inclusive)
History-from Accession of Henry VII. to present time ...
Science Subjects (see end of third year)
Stewart's Book of Music—an easy Grammar of Music
Stewart's Book of Harmony for P. T.'s Examinations in Music

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Frst Steps in English Composition
Meiklejohn's Book of English-Source and Growth of Language ...
Euclid, Book II.-Mensuration and Algebra, to Quadratics
History from Accession of Henry VII. to present time
Book of Music-an easy Grammar of Music...
Currie's Elements of Musical Analysis ...
Currie's Common School Education ... ...

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Pupil Teachers' Examination Papers.

May, 1881. CANDIDATES.—Males.—1, If half-a-dozen herrings are sold for 3 d., what should be paid for 27, and what for 99 herrings ?

2. What is the cost of 2 tons 2 cwt. 1 qr. 7 lbs. at £8 14s. 4d. per cwt. ?

3. If £11 45. 2 d. be paid for 5cwt. 3 qrs. 14 lbs., what is that per qr. ?

4. Find the value of one hundred and four Cheshire cheeses, each weighing 184 lbs. at 6 d. per lb.

FEMALES.—1. Make out the following bill:-6 ounces of Berlin wool at 5s. 6d. a lb.; 4 dozen hooks at 3s. per gross; 1lyds. flannel at 1s. 2 d. per yard; 1. doz. collars at 7 d. each ; 16 pairs cuffs at 9s. 6d. per doz. pairs; 15 pairs socks at 9s. 4d. per doz. pairs; 7 pairs gloves at 2s. 11 d. per pair; 131 yds. ribbon at 1s. 11d. per yard ; 6 doz. collars at 8 d. each ; 127 yds. calico at 11 d. per yard.

2. Find the value of 10445 at £1 17s. 8 d. each.
3. 29 tons 6 cwt. 3 qrs. 19 lbs. at £11 13s. 4d. per ton.

4. 485 tons of coal were purchased at 15s. 9 d. per ton; in transit they were injured so much that they were worth only 10s. 6d. per ton; find, by practice, the loss incurred.

1. Point out and parse all the verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the following:

“And in the nights of winter,

When the cold north winds blow,
And the loud howling of the wolves

Is heard amidst the snow;
When round the lonely cottage

Roars loud the tempest's din,
And the good logs of Algidus

Roar louder yet within."-MACAULAY. 2. Mention some nouns that are used only in the singular, and some that are used only in the plural, and account for this limitation in each instance.

1. Describe a trip from Lordon Bridge to Ramsgate and back again, keeping to the south side of the river in going, and crossing over to the north side in returning.

2. Describe the physical features of Northumberland, distinguishing carefully the different parts of the county. If you can, draw a map.

3. Name the University towns of Great Britain and Ireland, and say what you know about each.

PUPIL TEACHERS AT END OF FIRST YEAR.—MALES.—1. What is the value in £ s. d. of .4952 of 3 half-crowns multiplied by 12:3932 ?

2. Divide 7 miles, 4 furlongs, 28 poles, 2 yards, 0,5 inch, by 276, and prove result by multiplication.

3. A bankrupt is able to pay of of his debts to his creditors. One of these, A., receives £1,224, and another, B., receives £3,978. What som did the bankrupt owe to A., and what to B.?

4. If 3 oz. of gold be worth £12.0297, what is the value of a nugget weighing 1.683 lbs. ?

FEMALES.--1. A house worth £1,125 is insured for three quarters of its value, at £2 5s. per £100; how much is the annual premium?

2. If I can walk 5 miles in one and a half hours, how long will it take me to walk 1,320 yards ?

3. If the fourpenny loaf weighs 14 ozs., when wheat is 63 shillings a quarter, what should be the weight of the sixpenny loaf when wheat is 84 shillings a quarter ?

4. If a hundred men working ten hours a day can dig a trench sixteen feet wide, eight feet deep, and forty yards long, how many men in the same time, working eight hours a day, can dig a trench 17 feet wide, 3 yards deep, and 30 yards long?

1. Between what different kinds of words does the preposition express the relation? Give examples.

2. Give the possessive cases of the pronouns, Thou, He, She, It, Who,


3. Point out and parse the pronouns in the following passages :

“He that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts,

Benighted walks beneath the mid-day sun;

Himself is his own dungeon."-Milton. And one spake on this manner, and another spake on that manner. Then arose Coifi and said: "Tell us, O King, what this new law is.''

1. Where are the counties of Caithness, Renfrew, and Peebles ? Say what you know about each of them.

2. Draw a map to show the course of a traveller from Geneva to Marseilles, and then along the coast to Gibraltar.

3. Describe the physical features of Belgium, its rivers, chief towns, and industrial occupations.

1. Give the dates of Egbert, Alfred, Canute, and Harold II.

2. Write out a list of our Sovereigns from William II. to John, with dates.

3. What kings filled the English throne at the beginning of the eighteenth and at the beginning of the nineteenth centuries? Make a list of the sovereigns who reigned between them, and show their relationship.

PUPIL TEACHERS AT END OF Second YEAR.—MALES. - 1. At 3} per cent. per annum simple interest, how much will £6,050 produce in 73 years ?

2. In a school of five hundred children, 24 per cent. are presented for examination in history, and of these 26:6 per cent. fail. How many pass ?

3. A certain sum produces in six months, at 18 per cent. per annum, simple interest, 19.4175 shillings. What is the sum ?

4. If I buy 2 tons 3 cwt. 3 qrs. of sugar for £120, and pay £2 10s. for expenses, and then sell the sugar at four guineas per cwt., what do I clear per cent. ?

FEMALES.- 1. Divide 2+3 , 4+3}
2. What number added to +12 will produce 327?
3. Find the value of of a bushel- of a peck.

4. If of an estate be worth £1,003 17s. 1d., what is the worth of of it?

1. “Mahomet made the people believe that he would call a hill to him. The people assembled. Mahomet called the hill to him again and again; and when the hill stood still he was never a wit abashed, but

said, 'If the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill.'”-Bacon.

(a) Analyse the subordinate sentences in the above, and state to what class each belongs.

(6) Puint out the conjunctions in the above, and show what is the use of each in the context.

(c) Parse the words in italics.

2. Conjunctions have no power of governing a case. Is there any exception to this ? If so, what is it? Give an example.

3. Mention some verbs that are used both as principal verbs and as auxiliary verbs. Give examples of both uses in the case of each verb,

1. Describe the physical features of Belgium, its rivers, chief towns, and industrial occupations.

2. Give notes of a lesson on “British Possessions in the Pacific.” Draw a map or sketch maps to illustrate your lesson.

3. Name three or four native races who are subject to British authority in our foreign possessions; and describe the character of each.

1. Who was Boadicea ? Give some account of her revolt and overthrow.

2. When and how did Egbert of Wessex become King of England ?

3. Where is Runnymede ? Describe the event which makes it famous in our history.

1. Write out the particular enunciation (only) of the third pro. position of Book I.

2. From a given point to draw a straight line equal to a given straight line.

3. Two straight lines AB, CD, intersect at D; show that the bisectors of the angles AED, BEC are in the same straight line.

PUPIL TEACHERS AT END OF TÆRD AND Fourth YEARS. MALES.-1. What percentage of 1.5 tons is (a) 1 cwt? (6) 1 quarter? (c) 1 lb. ? Give answers in decimals.

2. The cost of maintaining a certain school is £110 a year. The Government Grant amounts to £29 10s., and the school fees to 17 of that sum. What percentage of the expenditure is met by (a) tho grant? (1) the fees? Give answers in decimals.

3. If Railway Stock, bought at 28 per cent. premium, pays 7. per cent. on the investment, what per cent. would it pay if bought at 10 per cent. discount ?

4. If I invest in 4 per cent. Stock standing at 77, at what rate per cent. shall I receive interest on my money? FEMALES.--1. Divide •0625 by 1.75; and express as a decimal.

124 2. A, after doing ths of a piece of work in 30 days, calls to his assistance B, and together they finish it in 6 days; in what time would B do it alone?

3. Reduce 1 fur. 30 po. to the decimal of a league; and 7 guineas to the decimal of £5 10s. 11d.

4 Required the expense of painting the outside of a cubical box, whose edge is 3.5 feet, at 1.3s. per square yard,

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