Scripture Knowledge of Pupil Teachers.

Some difficulty is experienced by Pupil Teachers in obtaining an entrance into the Training Colleges, from the want of Scriptural knowledge." MAJOR'S SCRIPTURE MANUALS, OLD TESTAMENT, 2/- ; NEW TESTAMENT, 2/- ;

PRAYER BOOK, 2/-; Complete in one vol., 5/-, Provide a complete course of Scriptural knowledge, and have met with the highest praise from the Examiners. MAJOR'S NOTES OF LESSONS, OLD TESTAMENT, 2/6; NEW TESTAMENT, 216, :

Also provide for the same want.

Copies of the above will be sent, post free, for half the price (in Pust

Office Order or stamps) from H. MAJOR, LEICESTER.

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Standard IV.... ls. 4d.
Standard I. ... ...

V. ... )s. 6d.
II. ... ... 3d.

,,,. VI. ... 2s. Od. III. ... ... Is. " Original and useful, clearly printed, and strongly bound; I have no doubt of their success."-Mr. SPENSER, Board School, Nottingham.

«The way the author'trains the children to observe and think in the Crown Readers through these lessons, surpasses anything I have ever seen in a First Standard Reader. I believe they will make a really good preparation for a Second Standard course."-J. READ, Board School, Leicester,

Just published, post-free 6]d., haljpenny stamps preferred, THE ACROSTIC HISTORY OF ENGLAND IN RHYME,

From 55 B.C. TO 1880 A.D. Invaluable to Students, Acting Teachers, Pupil Teachers, Candidates for the Civil w Service, and others. s

, in W. SWATMAN, Naunton, Andorersford, Cheltenham.


New Code, 1880. THE CROWN READERS.

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· The Crown Readers present the following distinctive features:

1. They are printed from new type, the Primer and Standard I. being particularly bold and distinct, to suit the eyes of very young children.

2. The series is ILLUSTRATED, but not so excessively as to limit annecessarily the amount of space for the Reading Lessons.

3. ORIGINALITY is a main feature of the series, as recently Readers have been plentifully brought out as mere reprints of writers whose copyright has lapsed.

4. The powers of OBSERVATION of the children are sought to be trained in the Crown Readers, which contain a large amount of knowledge of common objects and natural phenomena, leading up to the study of scientific subjects.

5. The matter is carefully graduated to suit the varying capacities. of the Standards.

6. The Readers are also Spelling Books, the difficult words being placed at the head of every lesson, and also at the end of the book in the advanced books of the serics..

7. A middle course has been steered between the inadequate and the excessive sizes of different sets; and while ample variety is furnished, there is no more offered than each Standard can fairly get up during the year.

8. Sets of questions are appended to each of the Lessons, where this is desirable, for the cultivation of intelligence in the children, and to test and train their attention.

9. Copious Dictation Exercises are given in Standard I. 10. The binding of the series throughout is strong and durable."


And all Booksellers. " IE

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Original Articles on Educational Topics ; Parliamentary, Training Col. leges, and Board School News affecting Pupil Teachers; Reports of Science Lectures; Reviews of Books; Scraps and Items of useful information on Literature, Education, Science and Art; Questions set in Pupil Teachers' Government Examinations ; Questions proposed and

answered by Pupil Teachers, Popular Science Papers, &c.

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Price 2d., by post 2 d., or ls. 3d. for six months; 2s.6d. a year,

IN ADVANCE, FROM H. MAJOR, B.A., B.Sc., Editor, Sherwood House, LEICESTER.

Post Office Orders payable to H. MAJOR, Leicester, not Nottingham. LONDON AGENTS: MOFFATT, PAIGE & Co., 28, WARWICK LANE.

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SCIENCE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Model Answers to Questions already set by Science and Art Department for several past years: Elementary, 6d.; Advanced, 6d. Special terms to Science Teachers and others, for quantities.

Exactly adapted since the advance in the Specific subjects to these subjects of instruction in Day Schools, and used in this direction in some of the largest Schools in the kingdom with great success: Acoustics, Light and Heat.

Physical Geography.
Magnetism and Electricity.

Theoretical Mechanics.

Physiography (Elementary and Applied

Advanced, in one). Mathematics

Inorganic Chemistry (Advanced Animal Physiology.

I only).

SCIENCE QUESTIONS (only), 2d. each subject. Inorganic Chemistry,

1 Acoustics, Light and Heat. Mathematics.

Animal Physiology.

Magnetism and Electricity. . LEICESTER CLASS REGISTER, 1s.; Summary, 58, 6d.; Pronounced by the Educational Press and practical Teachers to be the best

got up Register in the market.


Algebra, 6d. and 8d.
German, 9d. and 1s.

Botany, 1s.
Political Economy, 9d. and ls, Animal Physiology, 18.

Mechanics (Natural Philosophy), 1s.


A. Physiology ... Elementary, 1s.; Advanced, 18. 6d.; Complete, 2s.6d. P. Geography... , Is.; , 1s. 6d.:

28. 6d. Mathematics ... , 18.;

18. 60.; , 25. 60. I. Chemistry ... , 18.;

ls. 68.: , 25. 60. Special terms for quantities. Mrs. Buck's DOMESTIC ECONOMY, 1st Branch, 1st Year. “ Clothing and Washing,” by Mrs. Buck, price 3d.; to meet requirements of New

Code, 1880.
Specimens post free, at 25 per cent. discount, direct from





Moffatts Pupil Teacher's Course. ---Candidates, 28. 6d.; Year I., 29, 6d.;

Year II., 3s.; Year III., 3s. 6d.; year IV., 48, *.* Editors have been selected for writing these books who have special qualifi. cations for the task.

These books contain the whole course of instruction for Pupil Teachers. They are carefully and fully written. Examination Papers in each subject are set, and practical hints to Pupil Teachers are given.

* We can give very high praise to this compilation. Books of this kind are not generally very well done, but the present work is excellently drawn up. Pupil Teachers will not need other books." The National Schoolmaster. Moffatt's Reprint of Pupil Teachers' Questions set by the Education

Department in 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1879, with Answers to Arithmetic and

Algebra Price 1s. 6d. for each year. ... These are a reprint of the official questions given by H.M. Inspectors at the Monthly Examinations of Pupil Teachers.

" It is just the sort of book a teacher finds useful for preparing for examination. Save in one or two minor particulars, the questions are as applicable to Scotland as to England."-The Educational News. Moffatt's Answers to Scholarship Questions, 1878 and 1879. Price 29.

each. These books contain full and complete Answers to all the Scholarship Questions, with particulars of Training Colleges, and instructions and hints

for Candidates. The Schoolmaster says—"To those looking forward for the scholarship examinations this will be a friend in need." Queen's Scholarship Questions, for 1870-1-2-3. Price 1s. Queen's Scholarship Questions, for 1874–5–6–7. Price 18. Queen's Scholarship Questions, July, 1878. Price 6d. Queen's Scholarship Questions, July, 1879. Price 6d. Queen's Scholarship Questions, July, 1880. Price 6d.

With Answers to Arithmetic, Algebra, and Mensuration. “No better exercise for those preparing for a Scholarship will be found than in answering these questions” Moffatt's Outlines of Grammar and Analysis. Price 9d. Moffatt's Outlines of Geography. Price 1s. Moffatt's Outlines of English History. Price Is.

* These books will be found useful for Pupil Teachers, Students in Training, and Candidates for the various public examinations. How to Teach Arithmetic. Illustrated in a series of Notes of Lessons.

2s. 6d. By T. J. Livesey, author of “Scholarship Answers." This book

takes up seriatim very fully every rule of Arithmetic. The Schoolmaster says—"The work will be specially useful to Pupil Teachers and students in training." Moffatt's How to Teach Reading, Illustrated with Notes of Lessons.

1s. 6d. This book takes up very carefully every system of teaching reading,

and enters fully into the whole of the subject. "This is a very interesting book, and is evidently the production of a master-hand.”—The Irish Teachers' Journal,

“We confidently say it is the best book on the subject we have met."-The Irish Educational Journal.

MOFFATT & PAIGE, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, LONDON.

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