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Election of Office Bearers, 1878-79,

Opening Address. Session 1878–79. By the President, Professor


On the Action of Light on the Iris. By William Ackroyd, F.I.C., ,

&c. Communicated by Professor M.Kendrick,

On a New Variety of Ocular Spectrum. By John Aitken,

On the Principles of the Logical Algebra ; with Applications.

Part I. By Alexander Macfarlane, M.A., D.Sc.,

Note on

Ulodendron and Halonia. By D'Arcy Wentworth

Thompson. Communicated by Sir Wyville Thomson,

Notes on some Experiments with the Telephone. By James Blyth,


On the Measurement of Beknottedness. By Professor Tait,

Preliminary Note on the Measurement of the Thomson Effect by

the aid of Currents from the Gramme Machine. By Professor


On the Disruptive Discharge of Electricity. By Alexander Mac-

farlane, D.Sc., and P. M. Playfair, M.A.,

Laboratory Note. By Professor Tait,

On the Action of Heat on the Salts of Trimethyl-sulphine. No. III.

By Professor Crum Brown and J. Adrian Blaikie, B.Sc.,

Experimental Deterinination of the Electromotive Force of the

Grainme Magneto-Electric Machine at different Speeds. By Pro-

fessor Tait, .

On the Law of Cooling of Burs. By Professor Tait, .

Note of the Distribution of Temperature under the Ice in Linlithgow

Loch. By J. Y. Buchanan, M.A., .

On the Principles of the Logical Algebra ; with Applications.

Part II. By Alexander Macfarlane, M.A., D.Sc., ·

Remarks by the Vice-President, David Milne Home, LL.D., on de-

livering to Professor Heddle the Keith Prize,

Chapters on the Mineralogy of Scotland. By Professor Heddle.

Chapter V., :

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