By way of distinctive contribution, a number of new tunes have been written especially for the Elmhurst Hymnal and a number of other tunes hitherto found only in German collections are here made available.

5. Both hymns and tunes have been drawn from a wide range of sources, from the most ancient Christian hymn extant, down to the present. As the sources are indicated with each hymn and tune, when known, a little attention to this detail cannot but impress the Sunday school with a sense of the unity and continuity of Christian worship in all ages and countries.

6. The text is printed with the music, in clear type, so that it is easy to sing new tunes correctly. Alternate tunes frequently appear on opposite pages.

7. Orders of Worship have been specially prepared, and enriched with additional responsive readings, to provide suitable liturgic exercises at all times of the year.

The preliminary work in the preparation of the Elmhurst Hymnal was done by a committee consisting of the Rev. Messrs. F. R. Daries, H. Katterjohn, E. Kockritz, J. Kulbartz, Otto Mayer, Theo. Mayer, J. Pister, 0. Reller, H. L. Streich, and Prof. C. G. Stanger, Messrs. A. Baltzer and J. Andres, Miss Lydia Speidel, and the chairman. The final selection and arrangement were left to Messrs. Baltzer, Stanger and P. N. Crusius. In consultation with this committee of three, the Rev. Carl F. Crusius has done the editorial work for the entire book. Mr. Baltzer and Prof. Stanger have read proof, and Mr. Baltzer has also prepared a number of the indexes and seen the book thru the press. The topical index is by the chairman. To the Rev. Otto Mayer the committee is indebted for the preparation of the orders of worship, and to President H. J. Schiek of Elmhurst College for opening and closing prayers. The editors take pleasure also in acknowledging their obligation to Professor H. Augustine Smith of Boston University, who was present at several conferences, and gave the committee the benefit of his expert knowledge and broad experience.

The Elmhurst Hymnal fittingly appears in the golden anniversary year of Elmhurst College, which has sent forth in the fifty years of its existence above a thousand Christian ministers and teachers, and in the last six years has become the seat of one of the largest summer training schools for Sunday school teachers in America. To the college and the summer school the Elmhurst Hymnal owes its name, and to the students and graduates, present and future, of these two institutions it is dedicated in the cause of Christ and His kingdom. Elmhurst, Illinois,

PAUL N. CRUSIUS, May, 1921.

Chairman, Editorial Committee.



To the authors, translators, and composers of hymns and tunes, and to the owners of copyright material used in the Elmhurst Hymnal ;-particularly, for the free use of tunes written especially for the Elmhurst Hymnal by Miss Lydia Speidel and the Rev. Carl F. Crusius, Rev. H. Katterjohn, and Professor C. G. Stanger, the editorial committee desires to express its sincere appreciation. The committee also wishes to make special acknowledgment to the Rev: J. H. Horstmann and H. Katterjohn for the use of translations, to the Rev. Otto Mayer for the preparation of the Orders of Worship, and to the Rev. Carl F. Crusius for his editorial labors.

Every effort has been made to give due credit. If, in spite of all precautions, errors or omissions have occurred, the chairman of the editorial committee will deem it a favor to be apprised of the fact.

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