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Side 10 - The sin of Judah is written with a pen of iron, and with the point of a diamond : it is graven upon the table of their heart, and upon the horns of your altars ; whilst their children remember their altars and their groves by the green trees upon the high hills.
Side 14 - ... invisible. These animals are of a great variety of shapes and sizes, and in such' prodigious numbers, that in a short time the whole surface of the rock appears to be alive and in motion. The most common of the worms at SCALY-CLAWED CRUSTACEAN. Loo Choo was in the form of...
Side 11 - Insect lover of the sun, Joy of thy dominion ! Sailor of the atmosphere; Swimmer through the waves of air; Voyager of light and noon; Epicurean of June; Wait, I prithee, till I come Within earshot of thy hum, — All without is martyrdom.
Side 4 - For direct self-preservation, or the maintenance of life and health, the all-important knowledge is— Science. For that indirect self-preservation which we call gaining a livelihood, the knowledge of greatest value is— Science. For the due discharge of parental functions, the proper guidance is to be found only in— Science. For that interpretation of national life, past and present, without which the citizen cannot rightly regulate his conduct, the indispensable key is— Science. Alike for...
Side 12 - ... the relations of the sexes, and the relations of parents to children. The superstitions, also, from the more important myths down to the charms in common use, should be indicated. Next should come a delineation of the industrial system: showing to what extent the division of...
Side 4 - The question which at first seemed so perplexed, has become, in the course of our inquiry, comparatively simple. We have not to estimate the degrees of importance of different orders of human activity, and different studies as severally fitting us for them; since we find that the study of science, in its most comprehensive meaning, is the best preparation for all these orders of activity.
Side 3 - Men read books on this topic, and attend lectures on that ; decide that their children shall be instructed in these branches of knowledge, and shall not be instructed in those ; and all under the guidance of mere custom, or liking, or prejudice ; without ever considering the enormous importance of determining in some rational way what things are really most worth learning.
Side 3 - The births, deaths, and marriages of kings, and other like historic trivialities, are committed to memory, not because of any direct benefits that can possibly result from knowing them ; but because society considers them parts of a good education — because the absence of such knowledge may bring the contempt of others.
Side 4 - Necessary and eternal as are its truths, all science concerns all mankind for all time. Equally at present, and in the remotest future, must it be of incalculable importance for the regulation of their conduct, that men should understand the science of life...

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