Studies in the Theory of Descent. By Dr. Aug. WEISMANN,

Professor in the University of Freiburg. Translated and edited by RAPHAEL MELDOLA, F.C.S., Secretary of the Entomological Society of London. Part I.—“On the Seasonál Dimorphism of Butterflies," containing Original Communications by Mr. W. H. EDWARDS, of Coalburgh. With two Coloured Plates. Price of Part. I. (to Subscribers for the whole work only), 8s; Part II. (6 coloured plates), 16s. ; Part III., 6s.

Sugar Beet (The). Including a History of the Beet Sugar

Industry in Europe, Varieties of the Sugar Beet, Examination, Soils,
Tillage, Seeds and Sowing, Yield and Cost of Cultivation, Harvesting,
Transportation, Conservation, Feeding Qualities of the Beet and of

the Pulp, &c. By L. S. WARE. Illustrated. Svo, cloth extra, 215. Sullivan (A. M., M.P.). See " New Ireland.”

Sulphuric Acid (A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of).

By A. G. and C. G. Lock, Consulting Chemical Engineers. With

77 Construction Plates, and other Illustrations. Royal Svo, 21. 125. 6d. Sumner (Hon. Charles). See Life and Letters. Sunrise : A Story of These Times. By William BLACK,

Author of “ A Daughter of Heth,” &c. 3 vols., 31s. 6d. Surgeon's Handbook on the Treatment of Wounded in War. By

Dr. FRIEDRICH ESMARCH, Professor of Surgery in the University of Kiel, and Surgeon-General to the Prussian Army. Translated by H. H. CLUTTON, B.A. Cantab, F.R.C.S. Numerous Coloureå

Plates and Illustrations, Svo, strongly bound in flexible leather, 1l. 8s. Sylvan Spring. By FRANCIS GEORGE HEATH. Illustrated by

12 Coloured Plates, drawn by F. E. HULME, F.L.S., Artist and Author of “ Familiar Wild Flowers ;' by 16 full-page, and more than 100 other Wood Engravings. Large post Svo, cloth, gilt edges, 12s.6d.

TAUCHNITZ'S English Editions of German Authors.

Each volume, cloth flexible, 25. ; or sewed, is. 6d. (Catalogues post free on application.)

(B.) German and English Dictionary. Cloth, is. 6d.; roan, 2s,

French and English. Paper, is. 6d.; cloth, 25. ; roan 25. 6d.

30 Sampson Low, Marston, & Co.'s List of Publications. '
Tauchnitz (B.) Italian and English Dictionary. Paper, is. 6d.;

cloth, 2s. ; roan, 2s. 60.
- - Spanish and English. Paper, 1s. 6d.; cloth, 25.; roan,

25. 6d.
- - New Testament. Cloth, 25.; gilt, 25. 6d.
Taylor (Bayard). See “Studies in German Literature.”
Through America ; or, Nine Months in the United States. By

W. G. MARSHALL, M.A. With nearly 100 Woodcuts of Views of
Utah country and the famous Yosemite Valley ; The Giant Trees,
New York, Niagara, San Francisco, &c.; containing a full account
of Mormon Life, as noted by the Author during his visits to Salt Lake
City in 1878 and 1879. In I vol., demy 8vo, 21%.

Through the Dark Continent: The Sources of the Nile : Around

the Great Lakes, and down the Congo. By HENRY M. STANLEY.
2 vols., demy 8vo, containing 150 Full-page and other Illustrations,
2 Portraits of the Author, and 10 Maps, 425. Seventh Thousand.
Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo, with some of the Illustrations and Maps.
I vol., 125. 6d.

Tour of the Prince of Wales in India. See RUSSELL.
Trees and Ferns. By F. G. HEATH. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt

edges, with numerous Illustrations, 3s. 6d.

Two Friends. By LUCIEN BIART, Author of “Adventures of

a Young Naturalist,” “My Rambles in the New World,” &c. Small

post 8vo, numerous Illustrations, gilt edges, 75. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5s.
Two Supercargoes (The); or, Adventures in Savage Africa.

By W. II. G. KINGSTON. Numerous Full-page Illustrations. Square
imperial 16mo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 75. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5s.

INDER the Punkah. By Phil ROBINSON, Author of "In

my Indian Garden." Crown 8vo, limp cloth, uniform with the

above, 3s. 6d.
Up and Down ; or, Fifty Years' Experiences in Australia,

California, New Zealand, India, China, and the South Pacific.
Being the Life History of Capt. W. J. BARRY. Written by Himself.
With several Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 8s. 6d.

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Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. Part I.

Ditto. Part II. Hector Servadac .. The Fur Country .. . From the Earth to the

Moon and a Trip round | it . . .

i Michael Strogoff, the li.

Courier of the Czar . . Dick Sands, the Boy li.

Captain . . . . . . Five Weeks in a Balloon . Adventures of Three En

giishmen and Three

Russians . . . . .
Around the World in

Eighty Days ..
A Floating City . . . .
The Blockade Runners is
Dr. Ox's Experiment ...
Master Zacharius ... Il
A Drama in the Air . .?
A Winter amid the Icell
The Survivors of the

« Chancellor". . . . Martin Paz ... . THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND,

3 vols.: Vol. I. Dropped from the

Clouds . . . . . . Vol. II. Abandoned .. Vol. III. Secret of the Is.

land . . . . . . . The Child of the Cavern . The Begum's Fortune. . The Tribulations of a 12

Chinaman . . . . . THE STEAM HOUSE,2 vols.:-1 Vol. I. The Demon of Cawn-l,

pore · ·. :: : $ Vol.II. Tigers and Traitors |

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CELEBRATED TRAVELS AND TRAVELLERS. 3 vols. Demy 8vo, 600 pp., upwards of 100 full-page illustrations, 128, 6d. ; gilt edges, 14s, each:



Sampson Low, Marston, & Co.'s List of Publications.

W ALLER (Rev. C. H.) The Namies on the Gates of Pearl,

and other Studies. By the Rev. C. H. WALLER, M.A. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. -- A Grammar and Analytical Vocabulary of the Words in the Greek Testament. Compiled from Brüder's Concordance. For the use of Divinity Students and Greek Testament Classes. By the Rev. C. H. WALLER, M. A. Part I., The Grammar. Small post 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. Part II. The Vocabulary, 25. 6d.

-- Adoption and the Covenant. Some Thoughts on

Confirmation. Super-royal 16mo, cloth limp, 25. 6d. Warner (C. D.) My Summer in a Garden. Rose Library, is. - Back-log Studies. Boards, Is. 6d.; cloth, 25. - - In the Wilderness. Rose Library, is. - - Mummies and Moslems. 8vo, cloth, 125. Weaving. See “ History and Principles.” Wills, A Few Hints on Proving, without Professional Assistance.

By a PROBATE COURT OFFICIAL. 5th Edition, revised with Forms

of Wills, Residuary Accounts, &c. Fcap. 8vo, cloth limp, Is. With Axe and Rifle on the Western Prairies. By W. H. G.

KINGSTON. With numerous Illustrations, square crown Svo, cloth

extra, gilt edges, 7s. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5s. Woolsey (C. D., LL.D.) Introduction to the Study of Inter

national Law; designed as an Aid in Teaching and in Historical

Studies. 5th Edition, demy 8vo, 18s. Words of Wellington : Maxims and Opinionis, Sentences and

Reflections of the Great Duke, gathered from his Despatches, Letters,

and Speeches (Bayard Series). 25. 6d. Wreck of the Grosvenor. By W. CLARK RUSSELL, Author of

“ John Holdsworth, Chief Mate," " A Sailor's Sweetheart," &c. 6s.' Third and Cheaper Edition.

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